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  1. Palfertronic

    Acoms controller help!!

    tell us more about the symptoms... No power at all? or power on but just not working? if the latter, try working the servo reverse switches a few times... If you have other Tx crystals, try a different set. Are you able to check the voltage at the switch?
  2. Palfertronic

    Vintage servo is now reversed mystery

    Short answer is, no, servo s do not all rotate the same way! Futaba and Hitec for instance, rotate opposite ways...not sure about Acoms, although i do have some.. Before servo reverse became more or less standard, there were servos that were made either right or left hand, depending on the colour of the label on the servo...
  3. Palfertronic

    "Formula Radio" - F1 drivers with R/C buggies

    Ayrton Senna was a true RC enthusiast...also flew Helicopters and fixed wing RC too.. Didnt Lewis Hamilton start off on Tamiyas at an early age?
  4. Palfertronic

    Old timer trying to get back in, Hi

    Dont dump the old 27 mhz gear just yet! I have spent the last couple of years buying up old RC cars off Ebay...after a fresh battery is installed, about 90% work straight away! Some of these are 30 -40 years old! Another vote for Quicrun 1060 ESC s...for general use, they are pretty much bulletproof! As for battery packs, I have bought 2400 mAh packs for my fleet, and they fit just fine in "vintage" Tamiyas, they are twice the capacity of your old 1200s, so plenty of run time... Welcome back!
  5. Palfertronic

    Your Man Cave

    Great subject! I am in the process of packing up my house and moving to South Africa, where I am having a new "Mancave" built for me. My new Man cave will be about 3.2m x 3,2m, and looking for some inspiration! I will have a lot of old kitchen furniture to modify into work tops and storage space, so any suggestions/tips? I will have about 25 cars plus at least 4 RC aircraft my Hi Fi to fit in there!
  6. Palfertronic

    Kids first RC help please?

    I have 4 grandsons, youngest nearly 4 and eldest 12. they all have buggies, youngest had a Madbull, and the others have grasshopper 1 s, with 380s, althought her eldest wants a 540 in his! I got them all as "loft find" pre owned from Ebay...that keeps the costs down a lot! So far just replaced a ESC and one chassis that got the suspension post broke... as long as the spares are available, lots to choose from!
  7. Palfertronic


    as well as building and driving RC cars since 1979, I have been flying RC aircraft (especially gliders) since the early 1970s.the one thing i have not seen mentioned in all of this thread is Reynolds numbers...its used to describe the viscosity of any given fluid (air being the main one) It had a great effect on aerodynamics, especially when we get down to the sizes of wing we are using on out 1:10 cars.. To make any aircraft fly, the wing must generate as much lift as the weight of the aircraft. I doubt whether the down force generated by any RC buggy is more than a few grams, 10 at most...and we would be better off just sticking a few grams of lead in the right place to sort out the balance of the car, and sort out understeer/oversteer issues. If we scaled up the our cars to 1:1 scale, they would be extremely heavy! even with a LiPo! A Nicad/Nimh would virtually double the weight of the car... 1:1 scale cars are extremely light for their size/speed, making aero packages virtually compulsory above about 100MPH/160Km/H. we have all seen the videos of Le Mans type cars lifting off at high speed! in short, aerodynamics at 1:10 scale have little or no noticeable effect unless we are going in excess of 100 mph ACTUAL SPEED... So thats about 90% of us out of this discussion already! But if it makes you feel better,...enjoy!
  8. Palfertronic

    Any bad memories with an RC car?

    Like many others here, its not so much bad memories, more regrets... I had a Porsche 935 back in 1979, ran it around for a year or 2, and then lost interest...I so wish i had kept it! Only got one phot0 of me with it in background to remind me of it... Very primitive even by Grasshopper/Hornet standards, but a shelf queen for sure! In 1990, i had an Astute too...similar story... So now i have 25 RC cars, and I will not part with any, just in case!
  9. Palfertronic

    Astute "white edition"

    Very nice!
  10. Just a quick one to say that i got refunded by Ebay this morning, no fuss, no quibble... I have never had to make a claim before, but very impressed by Ebay for sorting it... Maybe next time if i see QR1060s going for under £6 I will steer away!
  11. I ordered 4! will i see my money again?
  12. Palfertronic

    Breaking the Law

    All this thread has done, is illustrate just what a miserable, intolerant world we live in! Parks in the UK are becoming deserts, because nobody is allowed to do anything there! (for fear of annoying or upsetting someone!) in London , there is a real problem with mopeds stealing phones and handbags from pedestrians, and kids as young as 8 routinely carrying knives, yet the police want to stop people driving buggies in a park....its not as if they havent got better things to do! As for noise, i was once served with a "cease and desist" order by my local council for walking around in my flat late at disturbed the miserable old ***** downstairs! (no music, no TV on, just me on my PC!) Its just sad people saying, "I'm not having any fun, so I won't let anyone else have any either!" we live in depressing times....
  13. Palfertronic

    What is it about Tamiya?

    I agree with a lot of what is being said here, For me, its the spares support, especially the Grasshopper, Hornet, GH2 Dt02/ could make a whole car from the just spares..(although it would be an expensive way to do it!) For the younger drivers out there, having that level of spares support keeps then from getting bored, waiting for parts.. Plus the best written manuals on the market...anyone can build a Tamiya!
  14. Palfertronic

    Back to 27Mhz?

    no the Etronix one is no longer available either... How long before the Absima stick radio disappears too? Hang on to those 27 and 40 meg radios if you like sticks rather than a wheel!
  15. Palfertronic

    Back to 27Mhz?

    I have been trying to source some stick radios on 2.4GHz, as no one seems to be stocking them anymore, especially the Core CR598 rx that I have been using for the last year or so... Whats going on? I cannot get on with steerwheel transmitters, but I still believe that there is a market for stick radios... So now I am going back to 27Mhz radios, there still appears to be plenty out there on Ebay, and new xtals are still easy to get...and no compatibility issues with different brands either! Sombebody remind me why we all went to 2.4 GHz?