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  1. get well soon man. probably my scariest is when i had a round explode on me in a machine gun. nothing like full auto then BOOM! and having something explode inches from your face.
  2. what movie is it where a guy drives a nitro R/C car under vehicles to blow them up and assassinate the occupant? it has a very long R/C and real car chase scene where the driver of the R/C car is fallowing the R/C car and it's victim in another car. and inspector gadget has R/C stuff in it.
  3. whats a GCSE? when i lived in cali i have to take the CHSEE, or California High School Exit Exam and here in oregon i took the SAT and ACT. is the GCSE like any of these?
  4. welcome to both of you! i like your little mini you got there, CMROSS.
  5. well, wrong country, thanks for the link though!
  6. my dad used to ride an aprilia climber 280. awesome bike but the inverted forks liked to blow out and soak the front disk brake ad the brake pads. was the first modern trials bike i ever rode.
  7. wow, ZZ Top is still a band! i have a couple of their albums on 8-Track! where is it anyways.
  8. try autoGK or super. aautoGK does very good work but not speedy, not even on a very fast computer. super s a bit faster and still is good quality. autoGK---- http://www.autogk.me.uk/ super----- http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html the super website is a pain to navigate.
  9. its a toyota so im sure itll do 500,000! in my area there are a ton of old toyota pickups with 200-500,000 miles on them that still run great. just look a bit beat up. lol.
  10. well, im from the USA! any one else from oregon? im from central oregon.
  11. i hate those 10 year old kids that are like that. thats why i dont have teamspeak, the little brats (not subies )will have to type it. hehehe.
  12. wow! im glad i dont drive that far in a weekend. no cruse control is a killer. it had 85,000 on it when i bought it and ive just been driving to school and back every day, 40 miles each way. ive had it for a month or two now.
  13. thats one of the coolest things i have seen this year. i wonder if i can find my old 2500mAhs and use them to charge my archos.
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