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  1. @ Mad: did you cut the wheel wells on your F-150 to make them bigger? id love to make mine a better trail truck, maybe a light trialer (since im heavy in to trials with the moto and bicycle). could you PM me with some of the most important things you did to it? i might have to put my original can in instead of my extremely hot 17T that i tear around with right now. now i just need the friction plates for the rear diff, kinds stripped out the ball cups and the plates. know the best place to find the plates that has reasonable price and shipping to the USA?
  2. hey! my montero looks like that one in the second to the top pic, except min is all stock. nice builds!! if it rins anything like the real montero off road itll be hard to stop!
  3. my other hobbies include: -Mountain biking -Observed trials, moto and bicycle -computer gaming, games like Rainbow six Vegas, Tom Clancy games and Crysis! (FPS games) -eating -sleeping -archery -competitive rifle shooting, i can put at least 3 rounds through one hole at 50 yard with iron sights. -competitive combat pistol shooting very fun stuff, and very practical. -listening to music -building computers/modding mine i think thats about it.
  4. i see that Portland state sticker you got there. you a fellow Oregonian?
  5. lol well im 17 and in high school (as a senior) full time. next year is college for me. as for my job, i am a bicycle builder at a local bike shop.
  6. well, in order of #1 to #3 Tamiya! Duratrax the Traxxas i use my tammy for all the cool rally stuff then my duratrax for jumping and i dont have an traxxas ATM. tamiya models are just soo realistic and cool looking.
  7. ill be doing a lot of that soon. i love that little truck and its very good off road. kinda pains me to drive it because its in suck good shape for a Nissan in my area plus we get snow and mud and that nasty stuff they put on the road to melt ice but all it does it rust bumpers. it roars when you get near red line too.
  8. i got to add a band to my list; Kalmah is epicly awesome!! some of the best metal i have ever heard, possibly the best.
  9. wow, i likey that Golf. just play around with GIMP, youll get it. its even easer if you have a tablet PC or a watcom pad or something of that sort that you can use your hand to do the work, not work through a mouse.
  10. WOW! a fellow trials rider!! sorry to hear about the injurys, seems alot of people do that when riding trials. just curious, what make is the frame? mod bike? 26"er?
  11. @ mighty_imp- very nice! i finally got some pics of my Nissan. theres a bit much red. i love the Boss deck in it though!
  12. i just got my own car!!!! its a 1986 Nissan SE pickup with the V-6. gets about 21MPG. 5-speed, no A/C. its silver and red. red interior, its a bit too red inside. lol. got the off-road package. bought it with 83,000mi on it! ill upload a pick when i got one.
  13. well....metal. the main bands i listen to are: Job for a Cowboy Lamb of God Amon Amarth sometimes Dissection nothing much mellower.
  14. LOL. @ twinset, it would still be down force, just with the plain you are driving on upside down. its like saying that people in the US use down force and people in China use up force because they are "opposite" of each other. the up force would lift it off the ground, i believe, just like a plane. that wouldnt be pretty.
  15. wow! that looks very good and very well done!
  16. im sorry, im must have missed the part where i stated what the best motor sport is. my bad. (as you can till im a bit *******y tonight.) those of you who know a bit about the F1 stuff, is it true that an F1 car produces enough down force to theoretically drive upside down? why do you need that much down force?
  17. here was a topic on this, i think in this section too. im too lazy to try to find it and link you to it. many people seem to put them in things like balloons and plastic baggies. what not use some silicone seal and seal the entire thing up? next time i want to run in water/wet areas or snow ill try this. this should be a good way to not have it over heat due to being stuck in a baggie or something.
  18. im not a big drifter fan but those sure do look nice! how in the world do you guys keep stuff like spoilers on your R/Cs? my last R/C car had a tough time keeping the shell on because i bashed the mounts off. any one have any action shots? can you really drift those things like you can a rally car and such?
  19. sorry but i gotta say F1 racing is boring to watch. rallying and off road racing is more enjoy able to watch. my $0.02.
  20. thats beautiful! im soooo jealous. looks like it woulds be an awesome off road basher, at least thats what id use it for.
  21. wow!!!1 thats the definition of scale R/C. just WOW!
  22. maybe be it want to be be built and bashed or N.O.B. ( New Out of Box)
  23. i remember mine. it wasnt too long ago, may be 5 years. it was a RTR Duratrax Evader that i hopped up a bit and would do 40MPH before i stripped the motor and ESC out for my tamiya.
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