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  1. the only thing i really like about it is that its VERY good off road and in the snow. just not very fun to drive. mine also have an alternator problem. i dont get decent lights (through out the vehicle) if the engine hasnt gotten past 2K RPMs. not good when its cold and on icy roads.
  2. hello. Welcome! whats the TCS Edge?
  3. wow, i feel like i drive ****. you guys drive some awesome cars!!! my parents stuck me with a Montero (LOL) (US version with the auto tranny) and i dont even have my own car yet. its gonna be hard to find something cheap, with a manual tranny, 4WD thats good for snow, and good versatility for hauling bicycles and such on the inside or in the bed. any suggestions on what to look for?
  4. that could be looked at as being perverted, stalking, gay........ could ******* some people off.
  5. id just make sure its all tight and lubed up. i think thats about it. with everything tight but not very well lubed up my spur was stripped out. its just something that happens i guess.
  6. i LOVE shiny! im resisting/giving in shinying up my F150 with metal. it would be great for strength as a basher but adds lots of weight. ive broken plastic before but never metal on an R/C car.
  7. LOL. im sitting here watching a Dirty Harry movie thinking about escargot.
  8. i was too lazy to look at your choices but you will love the 58161. i have one. here is what i have with it; Charger: Megatech JuceBox Pro Peak (bough on sale, normally soething like 100USD at the time) Radio: HiTech Agrssor radio system (about 45USD) Battery" Orion ( i think) Wolfpack 3000mAh (25 USD) ESC: Novak XRS Sport reversible (dont remember price, this is the second car it has been on) Motor: 17T Team Orion (something like 25-30 USD, also second car it has been on) and an antenna hider that houses the antenna below the shell and the rest is stock. it hauls a$$ and has great range, the esc has decent features, and radio can reverse the ESC and the servo. the only problem ive had is the 17T stripped out my ball cups because i didnt know to loctite them, i need new rear tranny gears, and my left rear swing arm decided to pop out of whack and have the tire rest under the car. hope this helps!!!
  9. i live in a sandy area ( high desert). all i do to my car is i cut up a set of pantyhose and stuck it over my motor. keeps a ton of sand out. with out it my motor barely turns. i dont think you need to bag the ESC or reciever, just plug empty holes on the reciever. keep a can of compressed air handy. other wise all i can say is to just do a through clean is any thing seems to be a bit out of normal. keep an eye on your shells. my 17T in my F150 has sand blasted my shell.
  10. my old Duratrax is getting to that point. the chassis has cracks( front shock tower is destroyed and the "bumper" is gone), the gears are worn, the original set of tyre are now slicks and the current set are about half what they should be, the rims are breaking from cornering at 40+ MPH (off-road car) but all the electronics are 100%! that car was used and abused. my tamiya has sand blasted it's shell and worn out some gears but ill be replacing all that needs to be and keeping it in good shape.
  11. Welcome! Go for the ESC over the MSC. ESCs are much much better. yes, you can get ESCs that can handle 2 motors. I believe the Novak Super Duty, The Rooster, and The Goat Crawler ESCs can handle 2 motors. im a bit of a Novak fan ( i run an XRS Sport Reversible in my tamiya F150) and i dont really know what other brands make. you couls always get an E-Maxx ESC as well. if you have a dual motor ESC all you should have to do is put in in place of the MSC then wire it up, hook up power and GO! (not 100%, i have always run single motor). As for a discharger, i would think you need one unless your serious in to racing. if ou just a basher, you car should be enough of a discharger. Have Fun!
  12. This one is a couple years old now. im now 17 and will be going to college in the fall ( yes, ill be 17 when i first go in to college) in the pic im riding the world's greatest moto sport, Observed Trials! EDIT:most recent image i have of me. LOL.
  13. have you tried fixing it with duck tape yet? i have had a similar problem, i have singe marks on the under side of my Duratrax shell from heat, its also slightly melted.
  14. my family should be getting rid of the acura because its no god to us in the winter and getting a gold 2000 Audi A6 2.7T with the bi-turbo and a 6-speed tranny!!! i hear the quattro systems are amazing in the snow! this one has every option that you could buy on an A6. that audio system sounds great and i love the heated seats in the cold weather package.
  15. i have AVG and norton. both are annoying but norton is the most annoying. i like spybot the best. i would say boot times are faster because the app isnt ding anything. disabling stuff like that makes for faster boots. (try using spybot and disabling adobe apps that start at boot. your boot will be much faster)
  16. lol. that "ute" looks like fun! i kinda want something like that for my first car.
  17. your normal! i too hate buggies. trucks are the way to got. thats why i love my f-150 Rally Truck!
  18. nice cars! i love the montero, i drive one (1:1) that appears to be the same year as your shell is styled as. mines a 1997. hope your R/C has more go than the real thing!
  19. you will love your truck when it gets to you! thanks for the advice on the clicking, but there are no cracks and all is tight, id still be racing it, in front wheel drive, if i could fix the clicking. i found that my spur gear is a bit worn in places and i think my plate cover on the back is starting to wear on the inside since the spur gets stuck up there when the cover is taken off. id love to put brushless in it or my stadium truck. be and insane rallyer with brushless and my stadium truck would jump like no other with that too. ultimately id like to get 3 brushless ESCs, a brushless motor, and a standard sized motor mount for my 1/18 scale car then run brushless in all of them! thats insanity at its best!! little children stay away! hehehe
  20. NICE! now i just need to get me one of those hi-lifts.
  21. i put a 17T in my F150 rally truck and well..........oops. not as fast as my old duratrax was with the same set up but much more power! i decided to make it 2WD and see what it could do like that. i stripped the ball cups and the part in the diff that they meet, literally almost lost my right rear end when a screw came out allowing my drive shaft to leave and fly away and my wheel to fold under neath my car. i think i need a new set of gears too be cause they now click no matter what. think i started stripping the spur.
  22. i have a TA F150 rally truck that i use mainly. i live in a sandy area and the only mods i have done are plastic guards that act a wheel wells that were made out of a couple milk jugs. seems to keep dirt and stuff out of the tub in both forward and reverse. i havent gotten much snow this year and my car is out of commition ATM.
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