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  1. 2nd or 3rd in Hythe? Will check with Mrs. Should be ok! hope you all had a good christmas! 28
  2. Glad you like pm sent re files. Maybe one would make a good desktop shot?
  3. http://s518.photobucket.com/albums/u347/u9...mview=slideshow
  4. Andy/SteelRat! Thanks for a fun day bashing at the quarry! Got some nice pics of the sesh: Looking fwd to the nxt one! 28
  5. Cool Steelrat! Will be there. Ashford is even nearer for me so looking fwd to it
  6. Hi guys, I'm up for this on the heath sunday 10am? will bring the fd and erevo.
  7. Cheers Steelrat. High AND low gear eh? If I opt for high, does that mean grass is a no-no? -with an ST540.
  8. Hi there. Yep the wheels and tyres are from a Dark Impact. I was running brushless for a while and the old wheels kept cracking under the power. These ones are tougher, have foam inserts in the tyres and have a grippier compound. I did need to get some hex-type adaptors to get the wheels to fit though as the original FD adaptors are not compatible. 28
  9. Hi all, Its been a while. I hope you are all in fine form I have been busy with working a new job and having a kid too; 8MontholdKid. I got a bit dissolutioned with all my Tamiya models breaking on me -all my fault- might I add! As I wanted more speed, more power and bigger and bigger jumps LOL! So I bought an eRevo to take all the punishment I wanted to dish out. However, although massively capable, the revo is characterless and has no charisma. I have really missed building Tamiya kits, and my restored Monster Beetle -which I sold on ebay to get the revo. I see the Sand Scorcher has been re-released and I have asked 28yoWife if I could have one...seems to have the green light As a relatively new guy to Tamiya, I don't remember this one from the 1st time around. My first question is whether this kit is good value for money? It seems a little pricey, although the metal parts must add some robustness to the package. I am planning to use it on grass only, in summer with a sport tuned motor...no punishing this time! I see the Rough rider comes in at a similar price. Any major differences except looks? Also. Does anyone think that the Monster Beetle will ever be re-released? -Go on, humour me! Cheers 28
  10. Mooter, good luck with this one and keep us informed of the outcome. I will definitely avoid your seller as ultimately, people buy from people, and I would rather my money went to someone else. Look fwd to seeing pics off the MB build! 28
  11. Anyone up for a bash on the heath sunday morning?
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