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  1. Evening All Having been away from TC for so long my Google-fu has grown weak. Can anyone point me in the direction of the vintage Sand Rover with the How To Scorcher front and rear end conversion? Darned if I can find it. Cheers Lee
  2. Nice work! I've had enough painting 40k, just takes up too much time. Still got 10k points of stuff to sell, gonna take a lot of bubble wrap to pack that lot lol.
  3. Sold a truckload of my old rpg books and 40k stuff (bit bored of it tbh) and bought myself a vintage Sand Rover project to go with the Scorcher. Time to get back to on the resto tip - it's been a while (a good few years).
  4. The original Blackfoot mods page by member Taz-NZ: http://homepages.xnet.co.nz/~taz/blackfoot/blackfoot.html I went through a number of these with my MB years back. How I wish I'd not sold that...full CRP gubbins, Thorp diff, universals. Makes me want to cry.
  5. Got a couple of rc's sitting in the garage and I need to move them on to fund other nerd stuff so will throw them up here first. I haven't got pics to hand (am at work) but if anyone's interested I'll email em over obvs. Open to offers. Scorcher - in good shape, but missing original steering. Has a black motor in it, could be a Sport Tuned I think (I haven't actually taken it out since I got it a good while ago). Shell is in decent nick, no major splits or cracks but no window glass. Have a new electrics box, new F/R tyres, and a set of Pargu Speedline rims. Wild Dagger - running stock cans, but has some nifty upgrades: CVD's all round, EMAXX Big Bore shocks on FibreLyte custom shock towers, ali front knuckles, ali wheel hubs, waterproof Quickrun dual motor ESC. Currently waiting for new steering arms - have been trying to find a servo saver that will take a couple of the M4 Dubro rod ends so it's a bit more robust but as yet I haven;t got round to sourcing anything. Shell has a few cracks on the front but otherwise runner status. Was going to put it back to stock but lord knows where the spares are so I'm selling it as is. Inc box/manual. Drop me a pm if interested. Based in UK.
  6. I really (I mean really) want and RSR just like that. It's stunning.
  7. Been thinking about this myself, just simply as an alternative to spending loads on (YB1) track scenery for my 1:32 slot build in the garage (it's for my boy. Honest) and any odd rc parts I fancy. Shapeways is great but some of the prices seem a bit on the steep side. I've been looking at the (YB3) Anycubic Ultrabase, seems like a cheap clone of the Prusa I3 that's available on Amazon. I obvs don't mind the fact it's a kit and it seems to have good reviews, although I need to do a bit more research (YB4), however I suspect you could get a milion different views and they'd all say something different. There are loads of free CAD plans available on Thingiverse which would suit my needs (YB1 again). I don't want to get into my own CAD designs as I don't have the time or inclination to learn myself, so it's more about being able to download a plan, print it and then use it. For (YB2) £250 inc filament it seems like a relatively low cost investment and if I don't get on with it I can always sell it on and not end up too far out of pocket I guess. I noted after I wrote my response I'd pretty much covered all Yogi's points so went back and referenced them - seems like a fairly sensible way of approaching the whole 3D print issue iyam
  8. Another +1 for MadBull. My 9yr old daughter and 4 yr old son love it. Tough as nails, cheap to repair, runs well on pretty much any terrain thanks to the big tyres and it's got a hard body which will take a fair amount of road rash.
  9. Bailed me out Took some pics on my phone, then realised I can't load them to tcphotos (iMac still in a box from house move unfortunately). Not coveted myself in glory but if any one wants me to email the pics of them fitted to my Twin Det drop me a pm. Otherwise they look exactly like this above!
  10. All - apols, said I'd take pics of mine but haven't yet. Will do it this eve and load up to my newly resubscribed tcphotos.
  11. I have a very nearly new Mavic Pro drone with the Fly More combo (backstory - can tell interested parties later but I’d be amazed if this has seen more than 30 minutes of action). Before I list it on Ebay* I thought I'd put it up on here and see if anyone is interested. Drop me a pm if so. (* I need to check with TPTB - see backstory)
  12. Not sure, the emails with Fibrelyte back in 2014 just refer to carbon but the website lists them as either carbon or carbon/fibreglass composite. Found the old thread but must have been Photobucket pics as now dead, will grab a couple of new ones this eve and post them up.
  13. Yeah, somewhere - will dig 'em out (or take some new ones if nec). Leave it with me.
  14. I've got Fibrelyte on my Twin Det. Really nice bits of kit, def recommend them.
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