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  1. That really looks nice! What a great job. Is the Autobot symbol a decal or is it painted? If it is a decal where did you get it?
  2. Sorry, didn't realize the rule. Won't happen again. Next time I'll pay better attention.
  3. I've come across these in my search for Fox wheels. I'm just not willing to pay $103 plus shipping for wheels. No links to live auctions, unless they're your own
  4. Thanks terry for the recomendation. I just ordered the astral dishes...since they were in stock. There were no pictures, but aren't these the Desert Gator wheels? I have extra hex adaptors, but I tried some DF-03 wheels and they seem to bind on the rear arm...same with hot shot wheels...these won't bind? Thanks again for your help.
  5. This restoration project is coming along. However, I am wondering if there are other wheels that can fit on the Fox? Is there anything "modern" or readily available? Hopefully offered from Tower Hobbies? Ideally in white or chrome. I'm afraid if I run the car with original tires and wheels they will crack.
  6. This car looks great. What dampers and shocks did you upgrade to? I just built a re-re and put a sidewinder 4600 brushless in it...almost too much power for the car... at least with the stock dampers.
  7. Thanks for the information. I was afraid that was going to be the case. Luckily I was able to find a Fox D part tree on E-bay. I have another question, what purpose does the metal clip thing that is labeled "tie rod guard"in the manual actually serve? The ones on this Fox are coroded a bit. I could easily clean them up, but they seem like a useless part.
  8. I just got another Fox off of E-bay. It turns out is is missing a few parts...dissapointed it wasn't in the description...so this is going to turn into a restoration project. The major part that it's missing is the servo parts from the D tree. How critical is this? Would I be able to use some of the spare parts from a rere hotshot or boomerang? I think I have a couple of extra servo savers...
  9. Thanks guys, you are a tremndous amount of help and knowledge! I cut a piece out of the plastic and it didn't have a film on it. The plastic has a slight yellow tinge to it from age. I forgot I had a can of PS-14 metalic blue and PS-12 silver left over from my DF-03MS project. I might go with that. I noticed there is a repo body on E-bay, might have to pick one of those up, just in case I screw this one up. Also, this car has an older 540 motor in it that has a plastic cap. The wiring looks ok, but the metal on the can looks slightly corroded with age. Did those older engines have any more rpm than the stock 540's that come with say a rere Hotshot? I'm thinking about switching out that motor, I have a few unused 540's from my Hotshots. This is a really cool car, I was surprised at how big the car looks compared to the frog or Hornet 2WD's. This also came with the front stableizer hop up too.
  10. I just got a Fox off of E-bay and it came with an original body and wing. My question is, the body seems like it doesn't have that protective masking film on the lexan. Did the bodies from the 80's have that masking plastic, or do I have to mask the entire outside body before painting it? Also, what is the box art blue paint used for the Fox? The car looks as if it has never been run, but it is equipped with a modern ESC the TEU-101BK, it doesn't have the heat risistors attached and were not included with the car, are those an important part? This is my first real vintage car. I have plenty of Re-Re's and "modern" buggies, this one just seems much different. (in a good way) Thanks for your time.
  11. jstunner

    "sears" Lobo

    Thanks for the input guys. This is certainly the car I had as kid. Actually my friend had the black one, and I had the red one when I was a kid. I was always envious of him as I had wanted the balck one. Well, now thanks to E-Bay I can now fullfill that "want". LOL It's a fun car, but a bit difficult to drive because you can only steer the car when you have the acceleration stick engaged either forward or reverse. It took me a few tries to manuver this thing around. It has a "turbo" boost on it and a switch on the bottom which switches from high to low gear. I think the switch just moves a gear into place. Kind of cool for a toy. It's a rather quick car for what it was. With fully charged batteries, its just as fast as a stock Grasshopper with the 380 motor in it. Here are some pictures of the car. Enjoy!
  12. jstunner

    "sears" Lobo

    Thanks for the info! That pretty much confirms my childhood memories. Thanks for the tip too, I just purchased a black one on E-bay. Hopefully it will get to me in good condition. Anyway you can take a picture of the red one? Is it numbered "27" and has "Shell" stickers on it? I can't remember what was on the wing. I remember the one I had, the wing broke off on it.
  13. I have a DF-03MS with a Mamba Max 5700 in it. I had to use the 23T pinion and the 85T spur with the slipper to keep my engine from getting too hot. The car is insanely fast, and just about uncontrollable with a lipo. I actually run it now with a Nihm pack and have 0 heat issues. The car is a lot of fun, but I have been blowing through wings and tires with it. I think if I were to do it over again, I'd just get the 4600KV Sidewinder instead of the Mamba Max.
  14. jstunner

    "sears" Lobo

    My first RC car was a "Sears" Lobo. I think this was made by Nikko. I think it came in 2 colors red and black, one had a transmitter freq of 49 and the other was 27. It used to take 8 AA rechargeable batteries. I had the red one as a kid and my neighbor had the black one. Was this a Lobo 1? Do these cars exist any more? I just can't seem to find any information on the Lobo 1's. I can't even find a picture of them. Does anyone have any info on these. I would love to buy one for the sake of nostalgia. Thanks for your time.
  15. I'm not sure about the wheels, but i have purchased a few replacement bodies for mine. Here's a Grasshopper body from Parma: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXNAV2&P=K There's always the stock body too: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXLDV9&P=K Hornet stickers: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXLDX3&P=K
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