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  1. I'm having the same issue, at first I thought I had a sticky key or something Resizing the window smaller fixed it for me.
  2. Well said, Falcon certainly feels like a missing link. I think their decision not to re-release it so far has something to do with the gearbox. Maybe it's the durability or just awkward assembly (mating the gearbox, suspension arms and chassis). I think Tamiya sees these lower end kits also as potential beginner vehicles, or something nostalgic fathers will buy for their kids. Striker/Sonic Fighter has the same issue with the gearbox and in addition have that weakish chassis. Plus they are no where near as iconic so I would be really surprised to see either of them before the Falcon. All 3 share quite a few parts so it could also be a rare case of molds gone missing or something similar.
  3. Just mean that I doubt Tamiya would re-release the chassis as it is since it has a significant weak spot where the front suspension mounts, there is just not enough material there. Especially given the modern electronics people might use, would just be bad PR.
  4. I got really lucky recently and found a completely intact Sonic Fighter from a skip. Was complete with the electronics too and had no damage to the chassis. Other than being really dirty it is in great condition, just needs respray (and possibly some sanding+putty for the underside), new tyres and decals.
  5. Not sure there are any more big re-releases they could do, something like Porsche 959 perhaps but the licensing could be problematic (although there is the Celica). My guess is something like Hot Shot 2 or Super Sabre. Easy piece, they don't need any particular improvements and they have the molds ready. Striker chassis I doubt it, they would have to heavily modify the front end of the chassis and even the drive train is not all that durable, maybe a modified Falcon?
  6. Remember the ball bearings too, they cost next to nothing these days.
  7. You The part is different in Striker and Sonic Fighter since Sonic has oil shocks, you specifically want the Sonic Fighter one? I would like to keep the shock tower for now, the project will be totally useless without it if I ever come back to it. I could loan it to you though if you just need it as a sample
  8. Great looking build and your pictures are really high quality. A pleasure to see those shiny clean parts in high definition.
  9. Great you got your money back and the seller should have had pictures of the underside. But I must say it doesn't look all that good in the original listing either.
  10. Can these be uploaded by standard (non paying) members. I have few old catalogues and many Marui manuals I could scan at some point.
  11. These really need some sort of brace on the lower chassis where the front suspension and steering are located. They are really fragile there. In addition to that you have the typical Falcon gearbox problems. For now I have given up hope to run one but I do have a Sonic Fighter wreck with which I would like to do something with.
  12. Not sure if this belong here or in the vintage section. I have always liked Ko Propo radio gear, back when I was a kid I always wanted one but couldn't afford it, henceforth the legend of Ko Propo started to grow in my head and it almost was my preferred radio brand before I had even tried one, I also like how narrow their consumer market is, they only make mid to high end transmitters, receivers and servos for surface RC vehicles, that's pretty much it. For the past almost 20 years I have almost exclusively used Ko Propo gear and due to the nostalgia I started collecting some of the older ones. It's fun just to play around with them and try to restore them. I have tried to google a lot but it seems pretty difficult to find good resources in English, I have also tried some Japanese keywords. I wonder if there is some cool stuff available I haven't managed to find. Like histories, catalogues, ads etc. Like these images but in higher resolution and/or translated to English https://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?t=5886 So far I have found that on their Japanese site they have more catalogues available than on their English site but it still only goes down to early 2000s.
  13. Looks great, these Marui super wheelies are really fun, and good for scale builds and super detailing too. For running I would stick with a standard silvercan and get some tyres that are more easily available and you can save the original tyres for shelf etc.
  14. Even the modern Kyosho stuff has plenty of engrish, let alone the old Japanese manuals. Haven't seen typos on parts before though
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