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  1. Oh WOW...I can't believe my eyes haha...can't wait to get one!
  2. That's a lot of pics! But that is one sweet looking truck!
  3. Got mine a week or two ago, we were lucky to get them in earlier here. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49746
  4. How about the other way around, would the HPI bodies fit on the M03's? I know the WB would be correct, but the HPI chassis looks pretty low.
  5. I really like this chassis, it looks very nice. Does it have the same wheelbases as the M-chassis?
  6. Mmmmm...Tamiya goodness... ESC and LED kit included!
  7. Been out of RC for a year or so, now I am back with Tamiya's new rere and the good old Hummer! And I've got some questions on the tire choice. I am looking at the 1.9's from RC4WD like the Dirt Grabbers and the Mud Slingers. I was wondering if there would be any clearance issues using these tires on the CC01 and TA02 chassis? Any modifications I would need to use these tires? Also, I noticed 3racing released a winch, would this fit on the Jeep body? Thanks!
  8. Doing the happy dance right now Always wanted this kit... And TADA the new Jeep!!!! Thanks TAMIYA!!!
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