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    r/c models. Both cars and aeroplanes.<br />mid/highpower rockets are fun too :)<br /><br />
  1. NP! Btw, I recently changed the picture.. no need to email me the image , as I found another way around hehe.. //Kenneth
  2. Greetings fellow "Boomys"! I´ve replied to BadWagons email, and well.. the image WILL be replaced soon , Not to worry! Well the image that I found and used ain´t that good I know, but then again it is what I found and used. And my skills in PS or similar is some what limited. Therefore I didn´t make a new one. Anyway.. I´ve made my decision of the new image, and my decision is final. Take care boys and girls! And no I´m not angry or offended or anything.. Just happy that the SIG are alive ,and have grown alot since I started it. Regards /Kenneth "Kenta78" Benjaminsson
  3. Thanks for the info Mark! Ill have a look in Ebay then Regards /Kenta78
  4. Hi! I want to buy one or two pinion gears for the Manta Ray, #58087 the original from the 90:s =) 16T and 18T , but any will do if its under 21T Please send me a pm if you might have one or two for sale. and offcourse how much itll cost , I live in Sweden. Kind regards /Kenta78
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