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  1. Hi it is just a basic esc taken from a maverick scout rtr crawler but it does give much better control of which speed than the standard 3racing control unit that usualy comes with these winches
  2. Im looking to buy a new air gun so to keep the wife happy this has to go it will come fully rtr with 2s 4000mah lipo battery, mtroniks waterproof esc, tekin 45t motor, tower pro high torque steering servo, futaba 40fm 4ch radio, 2sets of wheels/tyres (beadlocks with proline flat iron tyres and landrover style with rc4wd trail busters weighted and glued), 3racing winch with its own propper esc( not fitted) and a pro peak elite charger with adapters for most battery's and a mains power supply. I would like £280 for the lot posted in the uk pictures can be found at ukrcrc.com in the scale projects section under landy trayback. I'm not interested in spiltting this up and the price is already quite cheap so I will not haggle. If you have any questions please email me at gbhowland@hotmail.com Thanks difflockxc (Graham)
  3. Hi guys I have family get togethers all day new years eve but could do either the day before or new years day if these don't work for the rest then I'll try to catch up sometime in the new year.also Where were you thinking of having the meet? Pennenden heath/ the warren or somewhere else . If the meet is definately going ahead I'll bung it up on ukrcrc and see if we can get a few more guys from there to come along. Hope to see you soon Cheers difflockxc (graham)
  4. Hi guys I know it's short notice but there is another meet at the warren this Saturday (8th October) it is mostly a scale trials meet but feel free to bring along whatever you like so long as it's not nitro I'll be there from 12.30 ish and there is going to be at least 2 others from ukrcrc hope to see you there Cheers graham
  5. Ok as there is some interest from here and ukrcrc I'll be at the warren Ashford on Saturday 1st from 10am ish onwards look for the mid Kent sharpening van and that will be me hope to see you guys there Cheers Graham
  6. Hi guys hoping to have a bash at the warren Ashford on the 1st October from 10 am ish onwards is anyone up for this it will be an off road meet and please no nitros as the locals dont like them and tend to complain. let me know what you think asap and if there's enough interest I'll advertise the meet elsewhere and see if we can get some extras from ukrcrc/ scale4x4rc to come along too Cheers Difflockxc (Graham)
  7. How do guys just thought I'd let you guys know there is going to be a small scale trials/ challenge comp at the warren next sat (the 20th) details can be found on ukrcrc under reject scalers. I know it's short notice but if you have a scaler and would like to compete or even just fancy coming along to watch you will be very welcome Cheers Difflockxc (Graham)
  8. I picked these up a litle while ago with plans on making another scale rig with them however another project has come along and these are no longer needed so I'm looking to trade them for a 45-55t motor and a waterproof 2s lipo capable esc The axles are in good order with their original remote diff lockers working, they have been converted to run std 12mm hexes and are about the same width as tlt axles The rc4wd tranny is an r2d and looks hardly used I will also include the robbe gearbox but it does appear to be quite well worn If the right motor/esc combo is offered then I may also include a set of scale 1.9 wheels and Tyres If you are interested or would like pics please email me at gbhowland@hotmail.com Thanks for looking Difflockxc (graham)
  9. Well easily the most ppl at a Kent bash for a long time as far as I saw a good day was had by all, I certainly enjoyed getting out and havin a play we realy must do this kind of thing more often . Sadly I forgot my cammera so don't have any pics but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to make up for my ineptitude
  10. My vote has to be Saturday morning as I can't do Sunday or sat afternoon (families eh who,d have em) however if everyone else wants to do sunday then I'll just have to miss this one and try to catch up with you guys latter on in the new year
  11. So which location and day are we going for as i can't do the Sunday but don't mind on the venue for Saturday just need to know a bit in advance as I have put the sat warren meet on ukrcrc and will need to let ppl know if there is a change of plans just checked met office and the forecast at the mo is saturday cloudy dry about 5 C or Sunday cloudy dry 3C and windy
  12. Hi guys sorry for not replying or being about for ages. i'd defo be up for a sat morning gtg at the warren. if ppl decide that's what we are doing then can someone post it on ukrcrc too (can't do any harm more the merrier me thinks) and I'll do my best to be there with my landy bodied axial scx10 . Hope to see you guys soon difflockxc (Graham)
  13. hi guys i have managed too get in contact with chris but he is away that weekend and i now have to work that day too so it looks like this one will have to go on hold for a little while
  14. looks like the 28th it is then. shall we say 10.00 at the warren and see what we want to do from there. has anyone heard anything from chris lately or are you still lurking around on here c,mon get ya xcs out and have a play cheers difflockxc
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