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  1. Hi all, quick question. I fitted a sport tuned to by 58172 taisan ta02-sw but i must admit its simply not as fast as i thought it would be. The speed differential between the standard silvercan it was supplied with is minimal... In fact my daughters hornet on a 540 silver can whips its backside.. Any suggestion on the best pinion or gearing set to get it gong a bit faster? Cheers
  2. Thanks civilguy. Found my-atomic on eBay and have just ordered a full body and wing set delivered for gbp14. Now comes the dilemma. What colour?
  3. Sad to say its beyond repair. The mounting points at the rear are completely gone. I will continue to look. It may be bbetter just to by a junker on Fleabay and Transfer the electronics over. The search continues.
  4. Hi all, After some rather serious bashing on our local quarter-pipes this weekend, my daughters hornet is looking in somewhat of a pitiful state. So.. I thought off I go to the internet to find a new bodyshell, and that it will be easy and relatively cheap. Now I have looked quite far and have not been able to come up with a replacement body shell. Lots of super hornets, grasshoppers etc, but few and far between standard hornet shells.. Any ideas where I can get one at a reasonable price, and or whether a body shell for a grasshopper etc will fit also? Cheers
  5. Susuki rally and if you swap the rear arms over the gt01 2007 cup racer
  6. Chinny reckon was my favourite. Totally agree with all the above comments. Tracking all tamiya imports would be bowt as manageable as a chocolate teapot. Perhaps they were referring to people caught trying to import without paying import duties.
  7. No thermo I'm afraid, just a couple of blistered fingers which seem to point me to an over hot motor. All good tips and hints as usual chaps, thanks Not that bothered about the bling' its just a basher after all.
  8. Thanks mark, I don't think there is any binding and if you think that the stock set up should be ok, I will investigate further. I must admit I do not have bearings, just the items that came with the kit. I'm thinking perhaps address those first and see if that makes a difference as from the posts on here it seems no one argues against the upgrade
  9. Ok, so I updated my old silver can in my ta02sw taisan to a sport tuned motor shortly before Christmas. I have seen a definite increase in too speed however the motor is running hot. Having read all the articles about gearing and spur/pinion combinations, I open this topic to ask for help as I am so confused. I think at present I am running a 19t standard ponion as supplied in the kit. No idea of the spur. Robinson racing seems to pop up in loads of threads but they are all a little too technical for me when talking about module, dp. etc. Can anyone here recommend a best set up for general running. Just want to keep run times and moderate speed without knackering the motor or gear set.
  10. So what is the actual wheelbase of the ranger? I am thinking of converting my ta02sw wheelbase into something more rugged As I spend most of my time of non flat surfaces with gravel covering. I have already flipped the rear arms to convert it from 237 to 251mm so that I can fit a 2007 porsche 911 shell on it (original gt2 shell was busted and cannot afford the price the replacements were coming in at) would I need to purchase ta02 rear arms and shafts to get to the more standard 257mm wheelbase?
  11. Thanks had a look at their site. looks promising. . Have also just been looking further around this site and have been digging through some old threads. http://component-shop.co.uk/html/large_packs.html seems to come highly recommended.. Anyone used them recently. Im considering 3 3700mah packs+charger 500/1,000m A Smart charger for race packs, all for around 50 squiddles... Not bad in my tight money situation... Could also use the new charger on the old nicads aswell....
  12. I am looking to swap out my ageing set of nicad batteries, and I was wondering if i should just replace with new nicads or nimh. FYI - they are running my df02 cayenne, hornet, and gt02 taisan.. These cars are run on a regular basis, and it would be nice to get better run times out of them than i do with the nicads, but i dont know if nimh's will make all the difference I am expecting (i.e run times and speed). NB I am currently running 2400mah ansmann racing packs. Any advice I would appreciate.. NB was looking on fleabay today and noticed model direct selling 2x 3800mah "super power" + charger for effectively less than 20gbp delivered..anyone have any experience of these brands? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks
  13. Has anyone got an easy to follow video / photo gallery or thread talking about how to upgrade bearings? Have tried utube, but cant find anything.
  14. hiya, what receiver are you using? is it shielded? most do come with warnings to keep away from power etc but i have never seen anyone as sensitive as what you are describing.
  15. what about www.tamiyausa.com. I normally find the information and manuals I need on there. I have never seen a download limit either. just open the pdfs on your desktop from the web and then save them down.
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