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  1. Pintopower

    Bruiser Battery Holder

    It’s almost hard to believe that on a vehicle as well-made and well designed as the re-release tamiya bruiser and tamiya mountain rider that a rubber band to hold in your battery was deemed acceptable on a $1200 radio controlled car. No problem, Ampro is here for you. As this upgrade has been installed and tested on the HG P407, we are looking for somebody with an original re-release bruiser to confirm fitment. Please reach out if you’re interested and in the continental United States. The vintage bruiser will be looked at next. These will be on shapeways as soon as the installation video is complete and posted on our YouTube channel.
  2. Pintopower

    Thundershot Chassis enclosed battery holder

    Lets do it. Email me at
  3. Pintopower

    3d Printed HotShot Chassis

    This is one of the best upgrades I have ever seen. Freaking awesome.
  4. Pintopower


    Top 10 Most Influential RC Car for Ampro Engineering:
  5. Pintopower

    F150 Blackfoot Front Fender Extension Panel

    Oh man I was going to make a mold too...then I said to, I dont want to. Too lazy. And here we are. Yours looks perfect!
  6. Pintopower

    Thundershot Chassis enclosed battery holder

    I want to hug you. I was working on this for the HS and was becoming enraged. So I am ok with $50 on SW for this part since I need it to run at the track. will this fit the Hot shot? I know so little about these car variation. Second, you could upload the files to and people could buy the STL files from you and then print them at home. I am working on setting that up right now. Let me know as I really want some!
  7. Pintopower

    58028 Toyota Hilux Operational Rear Light Panel

    Let me see it when it is done! I want to feature some of these builds! email me at
  8. Pintopower

    58028 Toyota Hilux Operational Rear Light Panel

    Jenny, I have seen your builds and I am flattered! Wait a minute, you are in California! Since when! I have stuff for you! Email me:
  9. I mean I could go into detail as to why I made this but I really don't think i need to. Haha!
  10. For those of you that need more detail and...well...lights. 026001-01 58028 Tamiya Hilux Tail Lamp Panel 026001-02 58028 Tamiya Hilux Tail Lamp Lens Set
  11. Sure is. I dont think I can post a link here though, usually it gets pulled. It is in the pumpkin section on my store, part number 070005-01. I needs a metal rod inserted along the pivot point Oh don't worry about it, it just means that I need to design better one (take a hint Tamiya...cough...cc01....cough). The reason I do not like the metal reinforced one is that it will simply cause a break elsewhere and as you say, it should be more flexible. I need to do an install video on that soon.
  12. Hello, have the lenses for your FAV / Wildone light buckets been removed from shapeways? I cant seem to find them anymore.


    1. Pintopower


      Hey there, you should be able to see them here: 



      Let me know if you cant for some reason. 

    2. Superluminal


      Hello - Front light buckets and rear light housings are there but not the clear lenses for each of them.

  13. Like what @s-pcs said, the driveshafts will not stay in any time you have anything other than the stock motor and stock shocks with appropriate inner spacers. They are a miserable fix to the hex drive rounding problem. It is why I did this to stop them falling out.
  14. So the reason these keep breaking with PLA and ABS (not to say that SLS is perfect by any means) is that the guy that pilfered my design tried to "modify" it by molding in the lower shock mount. This is not how they were supposed to work. When I designed this suspension set, the structural analysis showed a stress concentration at the shock mount that I was able to mitigate by using the stock metal Tamiya lower mount. On top of that, this design was intended for SLS nylon, and not ABS or PLA. The design will change depending on the material used. Now I print these in the new HP material and they are pretty solid. Really, these needed to be molded in a soft ABS like the stock arms are made of. The tires are way to big for these arms to be so rigid but that is where we are right now. I also designed a metal reinforced version (that I disagreed with heavily but people wanted it) but I still run my original nylon ones on my Pumpkin. Here it is at the track, annoying everyone around me. You can see the original prototype set up: