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    I have loved RC cars since birth! My first RC car was a Nikko Dune buggy and soon after a pair of badly used Tyco Bandits that I fixed up. Then, I acquired a used RC10 when I was 10 (1990) and then a horribly used and abused Hornet when I was 11 (Its restored now). My first new RC Car was a Midnight pumpkin. It has hundreds of miles on it and I still take it everywhere with me (yes i'm still a kid). On the other side of things, I am a Mechanical Engineer at a technology firm in California. All of my colleagues think I am a weirdo for driving RC cars at lunch and not driving a $100,000 car like they do (lemmings). I am very passionate about my Family, my 100 year old house and my full size cars. That's a long list (in order of acquisition)... 1979 Ford Pinto Wagon 2.8 (restored) 1977 Ford Pinto Wagon 2.8 (restored) 1980 Ford Pinto Sedan 2.3 (restored) 1978 Fiat 124 Spider (restored) 1974 Ford Pangra Wagon (restored) 1980 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon (restored) 1979 Fiat 131 Sedan (in progress) 1980 Fiat Strada (Original) 1984 Fiat Ritmo Cabrio (Original) 1976 Mercury Bobcat Runabout (nearly done) There are also two trucks: 1980 Toyota Hilux 1987 Ford F250 If anyone is in the San Francisco area in California, hit me up! I told you I love cars.

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  1. The RC4WD Scale Challenge in California a couple of weeks ago guest starring @JennyMo
  2. I agree. Other than a molded black body, it is the same pumpkin that was in production 30 years ago. Another pointless "edition" from Tamiya. Summarized best by JennyMo.
  3. Ok, I am tired of this thing breaking every time I look at it. As of now, it is easier to tell you what i have not re-engineered. The trans. The main tub. Rear Cage That is all. Rear arms are on the way from Shapeways. Everything seen is on shapeways and myminifactory. Install videos are on the Ampro Youtube channel and some are being uploaded as they are complete. The front end, front towers and upper and lower braces were made a few years ago and the rear arms will be in soon.
  4. I knew it was you! Thanks man and go ahead and email me. Wait...is the old problem still in existence?
  5. So i have spent an hour searching for this post. I think it was @mongoose1983 that originally found this but there was a picture of a custom real (1:1) Hilux that had the same bed as the 58028 one. Does anyone one know where that is on this site? I hate wasting your time but i really need that image for a video. Thanks!
  6. You did such a good job on this! Incorporating the Watanabe paint scheme was really killer too!
  7. Yes, you are spot on. They created the scaler, the short course truck, the buggy and the touring car. Now they make the dancing rider (ok, i love that thing), the Dyna head, the comical series and of course, the ridiculous and pointless recolors. Its called paint people. Use it. All I know is that my Trailfinder 2 is the scale Hilux I always wanted any my Traxxas Bronco is a masterpiece on so many levels. That kinna makes me sad.
  8. Last weekend, I attended Proline by the Fire in Apple Valley, CA, which is a scaler and crawler event. The event had hundreds of people there (ranging from 500-900, depending on who was asked) and as usual, I had the only Tamiya off roader. Sure there were a couple CC01’s on the rally stage but out of every single car there, I had the only High Lift and the only Bruiser (technically it was the P407). I am used to this disappointment but what I am not used to is seeing a Tamiya booth there! Surely they would have some beauties there like the ridiculously overpriced Mountain Rider or the Tundra, the F350, CR01 or even a selection of the scale bodies that Tamiya has created! No They had some rally cars. Anyway, I have largely forgotten Tamiya as I am over them creating nonsense anymore but this time something happened. One of the Tamiya Reps came running over when they saw project Lunchbox. “This! They need to see this! They need to make this!” Paraphrasing of course, I don’t have a photographic memory. Basically, he was explaining to me how Tamiya USA is begging Tamiya Japan to make something to enter the scaler market. Tamiya Japan simply has zero desire to take such a leap. As someone who has designed and overseen mass production of dozens of products, I am aware of the financial burden of an endeavor like this has on the company and I have seen some die with the launch of a misguided product. There is no room for Tamiya to make a mistake so the fear (I hope) that management has is valid though I do not think that fear is a problem. I strongly believe that it is a lack of desire. They are doing well in the domestic market and see no reason to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D and manufacturing of something that is not popular in Japan. Never the less, the rep begged me to let him borrow Project Lunchbox and Project “why hasn’t Tamiya bothered to do this and why do I have to do everything”, also known as Project Ted, to take to Tamiya USA for a presentation to Japan. Personally, I think this will go nowhere but I am willing to try. Good luck old friends, if anyone can remind Tamiya how its done, you two can. Please, no questions here on how I made these cars as this section is not appropriate for that and I do not want this post moved. I will cover that on my youtube channel.
  9. Proline by the fire 2019 was amazing. Here is a little vid I made of it with some of my fleet. The Tamiya showing there was abysmal. I had the only High Lift, there were three CC01's (all for the rally stage) and Tamiya USA brought a bunch of rally cars. Brilliant.
  10. It’s almost hard to believe that on a vehicle as well-made and well designed as the re-release tamiya bruiser and tamiya mountain rider that a rubber band to hold in your battery was deemed acceptable on a $1200 radio controlled car. No problem, Ampro is here for you. As this upgrade has been installed and tested on the HG P407, we are looking for somebody with an original re-release bruiser to confirm fitment. Please reach out if you’re interested and in the continental United States. The vintage bruiser will be looked at next. These will be on shapeways as soon as the installation video is complete and posted on our YouTube channel.
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