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  1. I totally agree. I was posting a very custom build years ago but...yeah, rather not get into it.
  2. This is a great point. Those cars are covered in molded parts. who knows. I love the thread on your MF01x. Just outstanding! I am surprised they allowed you to place it in the build series. When I used to do this, everything was removed since it was printed. Just total nonsense and one of the many reasons I really don't come here much. Seems things have changed for the better!
  3. This is a fantastic build. The engineering here is fantastic and I bet the car is transformed.
  4. Yeah they have not made parts for this car in decades....
  5. Yes, based on my spreadsheet of part numbers, I have over 3500 replacement and reengineered parts for Tamiya models alone. I have not, I know little about more modern Tamiya cars but it is something I should look into.
  6. Yeah i could not handle the terrible offset. I also wish rally legends was back. The issue with the plastic shocks it that the shaft is also plastic. This was too expensive for that nonsense. Thanks! Yes I agree. I think they did that since it was a larger scale platform. This car is very, very small. It is the same size as the Fiat Abarth 1000 (the Fiat 600 based car).
  7. Correct. That was designed to fit. There are a lot of random aftermarket parts some of the testers tried to use. These parts were rare 25 years ago, let alone now.
  8. In 2020, the gearbox pretty much fell off my FF01. I went in search for replacement parts and got a shock when I found that the hoarders, I mean collectors, wanted well over $500 for the parts I needed. Fast forward to a few months ago and after missing my FF01 way too long, I went ahead and redesigned the whole front end including re-engineering it to make it more robust. You can now rebuild your FF01 and get it back on the road where it belongs. Please note that this is a system and is not intended to be used with any factory or aftermarket parts gearbox parts. The heatsink will fit as it is not one of the plastic gearbox parts. SLS from Shapeways (there is a version without the fan mount): SLA (for display only, all holes must be tapped) FDM: Here is a prototype build/test from RC Everyday: AMPro full build: Now that the front is fixed, the rear will be redone as well since mine is totally shattered. Stay tuned. I hope this fixes all your FF01's!
  9. I love them. I am looking at a '81 Brava right now.... There are a lot of parts molded for those light on this body but given that both Tamiya AND Rally Legends did not do this, perhaps. Thanks so much! Oh yes, for sure. I made that a few months ago too!
  10. Have you ever started a project out of pure spite? The Fiat 131 and I go way back. For those of you in the US, you likely have never seen one even though they were indeed sold here. It is one of my all time favorite cars and I'm in the process of buying an '81 Brava 4 door. As such, I know how the 131 looks.... Tamiya seems to not know. Thus the start of project "Spite". While I am aware that manufacturers need to alter things on the bodies to fit a chassis, usually they will focus on important details that make are definitive for the car. The front of the 131 with its boxy grill and quad lamps are imbedded to anyone who is into rally from the '70's and '80's. Somehow Tamiya screwed that up. For example: Here you can see the grill I designed with the image of the 131 overlayed VS what Tamiya has done. Next we needed an interior and body mount system. The stock ones are way too noticeable and even protrude out of the side of the hood scoop. This was tough since the MF01X chassis is huge and left no room for any depth. Some magnets attached to the body mounting areas worked great. Seats and dash are separate since I am lazy and didn't want to mask. Since I could not model a driver, I jammed the Frog driver bases in there (I moded the arms to taper into the interior). The rear seats and speakers are not there for d├ęcor. They are needed since the rear upright is so tall, it protrudes into the greenhouse 7mm. I also made a dash with lights on the cluster and radio (this is the Stradale version) so the details were good enough for the inside. The wheels....oh the wheels....well the rear offset was increased 7mm per side to fill out the wheel arch. The fronts were 6mm (again, per side). I also like the 4 spoke campys so those needed to be modeled. Threw in some discs and we were good. There is also a faux lip (2mm in rad per side) that increased the look of the side walls. I also modeled lic plate lamp pylons, front marker lights, side repeaters, aux front lamps, and now I'm making a skid plate. Here is a comparison from the original to what I have whipped up. Here it is pretty much done with about 300 miles of lighting from MyTrickRC. I used the UF-7R: Note the lic. plate lights? Ah, dash lights: I need to take some outdoor shots but its been rainy lately. This is the second 131 Abarth that I have fixed. The first was the Rally Legends 131 in Alitalia livery. I made a grill (of course, repeaters, wheels with fake sidewalls and significant offset) and of course, lots of lights. Next, I will peel the window tint decals and scale the Tamiya interior up for this one. Side note, this car came painted and while there are weird things about it, most of the livery is actually on the inside. It is also bigger than the Tamiya, came with full electronics, bearings, oil shocks and cost LESS than the Tamiya. Everything shown will have a comprehensive build video starting with chassis assembly. I am just beside myself how well this came out and of course, I did immediately launch it of the old AMPro sidewalk jump. I did have to make a bumper/skid plate as the front spoiler would have been destroyed.
  11. Someone looking for me? If I owe them money, I have no idea who that devilishly handsome AMPro guy is....
  12. Sorry I rarely come here and check my mail. amproengineering@gmail.com
  13. Yeah it really is. We used to spend many a night hanging out in his garage messing with the cars. I miss him. I made a little video when I was with his son talking about him and some of his cars. Glad to see the care and talent for his passion didn't skip a generation. https://youtu.be/D2l2e83ZTRY
  14. Sorry for not replying here, I seldom visit any more. MIP is still heavily selling the ORV diff. The initial build we estimated at 500 was a bit...off. 10,000 units later, it seems we were right that the stock diff is trash. The issue with the telescopic rear axles is cost and need. 1. Cost - These will need modifications to the standard MIP diff to those who already own one. You would need new drive cups plus the drive shafts and the axle. That is 8 large parts to have tooled up, plus all the hardware associated. As MIP does all work in house, in the USA, from sourcing materials to CAD design to Manufacturing to shipping, they cannot compete with the mindset that this should cost a fiver from eBay or Alibaba. This would be costly. 2. Need - The reason that the ORV diff has sold like crazy on a car that is 2.3 million years old is that it is not a nice thing to have, it is a thing you need to have if you plan on running your ORV until the next ice age. Sure you can shim/machine/glue/add gum....blah blah blah....all a waste of my time. I need solutions, not band aids. This is the reason the MIP diff on the Hotshot was not a success. The MIP diffs on the HS were neat to have and made the car better but they were not a "need". There was a "need" for the ORV cars. Though Tamiya needs to sucker punched for somehow making axles WORSE than the hexes, there are indeed ways to keep the axles in there. Limiting shock extension is an easy way and not running a motor pulled from a Tesla is another way. I was so annoyed by it that I developed the Double Wishbone rear end so yeah, it *******ed me off too. The fact is, if this sells for $100 bucks, how many will move? $120? Don't get me wrong, it took me 6 years to convince MIP to build the Super Ball diff and I have been at it for years again about more crap Tamiya designs but there is a reason all the vintage upgrade parts come from overseas. Who knows....I mean I am going to have lunch with Eustace next month....
  15. @mtbkym01 Man that post nailed it. That shows you his madness. I cant believe I was one of the lucky ones that got to hang out at his place on a lawn chair as he showed me all these cars. He always told me to come by and grab any if I wanted to review them but I could never muster up the courage to borrow one. I mean that would be like borrowing the Mona Lisa for a weekend! Never could have done it. He did come by my house a lot in his immaculate Infinity and was just so much fun to talk to. I remember showing him these random parts to see if he knew where they were from and he was like an encyclopedia, nothing stumped him. He was so nonchalant about it too, like it was just something anyone would know. I actually did do a video with him on his Hilux and he just staggered me on his knowledge. He would have totally dismissed everything i'm saying, haha! I'm so sorry none of you got to meet him in person, it really isn't fair. So much isn't fair right now. Be safe everyone and call the person you have been meaning to for the last few months.
  16. Hey everyone, I know I don't come on here much anymore but I found out this evening by @WESTY that my friend Jim Peacock, AKA Shodog, is gone. He was involved in a motorcycle accident on the 3rd of November. If you did not know him, I am sorry for your loss. He was a maniac in the RC world with a collection that made mine look like the scrap you find in the gutter of a steel recycling yard. He was a meticulous craftsman, a skilled painter, and a great friend. All he ever talked about was his family, his plans and always posted very happy selfies on IG, showing us all how he liked to enjoy his life. I honestly cant keep typing right now. I am just blindsided by this as I have been texting him like an idiot for a while with no reply...thinking he was busy. Jim, i'm gonna miss you.
  17. OH! I think I can do this pretty easy. I am in the process of getting my cad tool situated so as soon as I do, i can whip this up.
  18. Any time! LOL yeah. I have a dozen or so more builds that are wrapping up soon.
  19. Haha! Thanks. I often do weird things like that where I will go full race....and then use the stock steering wheel. The same is true of my 1:1 cars...I have a race car with a full interior...and AC.
  20. The Sand Scorcher with a middle that it deserves. All links are in the videos and files are on MyMiniFactory as well. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Build from Scale Builders Guild: SBG Scorcher
  21. Na. more. You can print the big stuff at home on myminifactory. That will shave half or more off the price. ScaleBuildersGuild did that.
  22. Hey Terry, what was the part? Sorry man, I have had lots of stuff in progress on the Tamiya front also. The KBF is getting a whole new front end and the Hornet...well....i redesigned the whole car. Remind me what you sent and Ill try and get it done. You sometimes have to remind me. email me at amproengineering@gmail.com
  23. Hey everyone, me and a few friends are headed out to Lake Kawaeh (where the west coast RC4WD scale challenge was) on October 2nd for some trail driving. I cant make it to Proline BTF so I was a little bummed about that. If anyone wants to go, you can camp there, go for the day or get a hotel near there. Sites are open at the moment. I am not planning anything at all, just hanging out and driving around. If you are interested, I made a video from 2019 so you can get a small glimpse of what it was like there. We will be there from the 1st to the 3rd. RC4WD 2019 West Coast Scale Challenge Here is the link to the camp website: Campground for Lake Kawaeh Hope some of you can join!
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