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  1. I checked, and it is a genuine Tamiya. I don't know if anyone would want to buy something this rough, but if they do, I'm open to offers.
  2. I recently obtained this "barn find" vintage Tamiya buggy. I believe it is a Grasshopper, but I'm not sure. The back wheels are definitely not stock. Can anyone help verify my ID of this buggy? It's rough, but is there any value in it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help; you got me looking in the right direction. It turns out the mystery driver is from a Marui Samurai. I found the instruction manual at this site; http://www.retromodelisme.com/, and verified on page 13 that the drive is exactly the same.
  4. I found this driver in a box of old odds & ends. I'm pretty sure that the white part is from a Marui Galaxy, but I can't ID the grey guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I have a chance to pick up this Wild One, complete except for a radio (it does have a receiver however). Sorry for the quality of the picture, it was sent to my from a phone. What are these things currently worth? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks, R2
  6. I have access to a Monster Beetle, without the original body, and the S-10 4X4 Stadium Truck w/ original body, along with another truck body, parts, chargers, Futaba and Traxxas Radios, and some batteries. Is anyone interested in any of this. If so, I will look into getting it.
  7. I'm in the US. I need to fix my profile info, but it doesn't seem to let me. I'll deal with it later. Here are the wheels.
  8. I seem to me PM-Challenged; I'm new to this forum thing. Make me an offer. I pulled the tires and cleaned up the wheels, I'll go take a better picture and post it. I have to go out to the garage anyway, since now you have me wondering about the shock size on my Hornet. I could have sworn that the backs were longer than the Falcon fronts.
  9. I'm parting this chassis out if anyone is interested. I'll probably keep the shocks if they fit my Hornet. I may list the wheels on eBay, unless anyone is interested in them. If someone wants the chassis along with the two motors (pictured below), let me know. I don't know if anyone here has an interest in other brands of vintage buggies, but I'll be listing a complete Traxxas Cat (original radio & crystals included), on Sunday night. I also have a Kyosho Raider ARR body in fair condition, along with the original manual with all but 4 pages. This is of no use to most people, but someone might have need of it. I found a box of vintage stuff that I had forgotten about. There are a lot of wheels and buggy bits and pieces, along with what I mentioned above.
  10. So, what's the least respected Tamiya?
  11. What kind of market is there for the three parts; chassis, shocks, and wheels?
  12. Thanks for the quick response. You're good, that's a really detailed ID. Would you know what Duratrax model the shocks are from? Also, how rare are the wheels?
  13. Hi, I found this chassis mixed in with a bunch of other R/C stuff. I was hoping someone might know what it is. I've been searching online, but nothing seems to match. Thanks, R2
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