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  1. Right, thanks to the tips above the chassis is now complete, so I now just have a couple more problems to fix. The first is lining up the front wheels, how do I do this? There are instructions in the but I can't figure them out. Second thing is, when I switch it on, the motor seems to rev and rev but not a lot else, I'm guessing I must have wired something wrong? Finally, should the rear where the Gearbox/Axle is be more solid? It is constantly attached but it 'flops' down when lifted up causing the springs to pop off. Thanks -Will P.S. Pictures can be provided if needed.
  2. Ah right, this is sounding hopeful then. I'll report back, thank you.
  3. Hi all, I've just started my first ever Tamiya build (a re-issue Lunchbox) but I've stumbled across a couple of problems. Now I know they're probably obvious but yeah, I can't work it out lol. The first is, I'm trying to attach the motor assembly to the rear axle/gearbox. The problem is, the long screws (BA4) are too narrow for the holes on the motor (which don't seem to have threads anyway). Am I missing something or is there actually something wrong? The second problem is, the wheel for the wheely bar doesn't seem to exist, its labelled as D10, but my 'D' parts only go up to 8. I really hope its me thats done something wrong, so please let me know. Thanks -Will
  4. Hi, yeah I noticed that it had been re-released recently but unfortunately, despite the very well priced kits now available (have they come down since the early 90's?) I can't afford a brand new one this month. Both the Frog and the Brat look the most appealling at the moment, but as you say I wouldn't mind betting that my collection will have stretched to all of the incarnations by this time next year. So yeah, if anyone has an unloved Brat or Frog laying around and wouldn't mind selling on to a new collector... I'm your man.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes cash will be deposited in return of a nice new shiny toy to feast my eyes upon.
  6. Could be interested in the Viper, but ideally after something a little more retro such as a Frog or Grasshopper etc. I'll let you know later in the week.
  7. I'm after a cheap project, the backstory is here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45836 Something based around the Frog chassis would be cool, although I'm pretty opened minded, unfortunately I'm going to tell you now I don't have a budget for much above 30-35. Thanks, -Will
  8. Hi all, just signed up, great looking site, already spent hours looking through the galleries etc. Basically when I was a kid I had the Escort RS Cosworth with the TA01 chassis, later on I aquired a Celica WRC shell along with a Calibra DTM shell, with this kit I spent many an afternoon racing my Dad's Grasshopper and later Manta Ray around the local car parks. Anyway, as time moved on, my Dad had less time and future house moves and parents divorcing means I no longer have my beloved Tamiya anymore. Fast forward to this week and my Girlfriend asked me if I would like a Nitro RC car for Christmas as I had seen one on holiday I liked (however 700 was a little steep) so after looking around I really couldn't see a design I liked, they all seemed very much the same and nothing like the exciting models I remembered. So I typed in Tamiya to google and low and behold what should pop up after a couple of clicks but Vanessa's Lunchbox, my dream truck when I was a kid. Needless to say, thats my present sorted but now I feel the need for a project, can anyone help? I'm pretty open minded but something on the Frog chassis would be cool. I can't believe I have left it this long to get into the hobby once again and it is so nice to see such a thriving community based around the Tamiya models. -Will
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