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  1. Thanks to Matt Hicks for my Wild Wendy 2. A mate asked me if I told my wife I was getting a mail order girl !!! Well here she is. If anyone has a Wendy version 1 they would like to part with, please send me a message.
  2. Just seeing if someone has some Marui Shogun 1/10 Rims / wheels. My shelfer took a 2m drop when the kids were playing in the garage, of course no one owned up to it, so all four got no TV for a week. I only need 2 rims but will always take 4 just in case the kids play in the garage again !!! Have attached a pic of the rims I need. Thx for looking,
  3. I have been buying / restoring and reselling the 1/10th Marui collection for about 10 years now and I finally thanks to Philippe from Belgium got a hold of the very rare 1986 Marui Catalogue which contains the RC9 Mitsubishi Jeep. Obviously from the pic this model was built, but by the fact that in 10 years I have never physically seen one, they must never have been produced. For what reason we may never know, I might even email the Marui Co in Japan to see if they can shed some light on the history of this mysterious model.
  4. How rare are the Windscreen Brackets for the Willys Wheeler M38 !! If anyone has a spare RHS one to sell, please drop me a message
  5. Does anyone have any quality GENUINE decals or know where I can get some for the Wild Willy M38 and Willys Wheeler? How's that BIG BROTHER ??
  6. Well after all my years of being involved with the Marui range I have finally found that the 9th Model that was intended for production was a Mitsubishi Jeep. Thanks to a guy having an old 1986 Marui Catalogue that I found on the RC4ON website. Just goes to show that you can't believe everything that you read on Wikipedia. They could be partly true in the fact that it was not produced due to copyright issues, Marui must have been very good at disposing of them all, because I have never seen one in my time of collecting, I even wonder if maybe the 1986 Marui catalogue was also never meant to be distributed. However it does seem odd that Marui did produce three Mitsubishi Jeeps in the 1/18 scale series. Maybe someone involved with Marui in those days could shed some light onto the reason this Model was never released ????
  7. Thank You oh wise one! you have done well. I can sleep now. I wonder how many are out there???
  8. Just got this one on ebay in a sellers RC clean out. Have no idea what it is, can anyone help. The only brand name is on the speed control and radio. SPICA. Runs pretty good, just need to overhaul gearbox and front steering.
  9. Thanks for the reply, my spur gears are all stripped, so I am after complete diff sets; spur gear and bevel gears. Let me know if you find any.
  10. Hi Marui Fans I was just wondering if anyone knows of any dedicated Marui RC car web sites? My first introduction to these cars was on the internet via vintagercweb.com and darrynsretrorc.rtox.com (Thanks Brian & Darryn), later I also found rcmagvintage.com an RC magazine web page that has excellent old articles, ads and even some manual scans (You just need to read French, but pics are great) Three years on I now have 35 Marui cars from the 1:10, 1:14, 1:32 scale collection. When i have finished restoring the last few I will set up a showroom. Have attached a pic of my Hunter & Shogun Teams. Also if anyone has a pic or knows anything about the failed Kit #9 Mitsubishi Pajero, please let me know. I was speaking to a wise old Hobby shop owner who told me that it was stopped from production due to copyright problems. Look forward to hearing from all you Marui fans (That sounds strange being on a Tamiya web site) Thanks Mark
  11. Thanks I will use that, but I am after the Red Galaxy Kit #5 in the set, its the only manual I dont have. All the best
  12. Here is my wish list to complete my Marui collection. Red Galaxy manual(original or colour scan copy), White landcruiser decals (high resolution scan would be OK), Samurai decals (high resolution scan would be OK), Blue landcruiser decals (high resolution scan would be OK), Shogun decals (high resolution scan would be OK), Driver for a Coors T Bird Speed control unit for Coors T Bird/Ninja/Shogun 2 Hunter/Galaxy Drivers Hunter/Galaxy differential sets 3 sets of roll bar driving lights for the Big Bear. If anyone would have any of these items to sell, please email me. Thanks
  13. Just wondering if anyone has an English version (real or scan) of the Red Marui Galaxy? Thanks
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