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  1. Thanks for the parts B.M.T. Cheers, for the reserch everyone! I will replace the "Hubs" this afternoon, just have to get a front dogbone now and i'm running. Yippie!!! Brett.
  2. Thanks Guys, I recieved two uprights yesterday but i'm not sure now if they will be any good. I think they might be from a re-boomer (Darker blue plastic). Are the bearing seats a different size on the new Boomerang? Could just try them but i would rather find out before i pull it down to repair it. Cheers, Brett.
  3. So if the Boomerang is not worth anything, why is it so hard to get parts for it! If i can get the parts i need I will keep it and run it in vintage class. I would rather keep it, but having trouble getting parts. At the moment, i need a new drivers side bottom rear "A" arm and a body shell. Anyone have these parts? Or any parts for that matter. I'm sure i'm going to brake more parts so any parts will be appreciated. Cheers, Brett.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to trade my "Wild Willy 1" almost rolling chassis for a Tamiya Boomerang 08 version roller. The Willy is in great condition and very clean. Missing parts are 4 tyres, one foam insert, one front rim, bumper bar and the body. E/Me: brettleslie@ymail.com for pictures. Cheers, Brett.
  5. Anyone have a "C Parts Tree" 0005242, for a Boomerang? I have an original runner that i race in vintage and i need these parts. The original "C-1" parts i have are old, brittle and one is broken. Thanks, Brett.
  6. I have a few cars, though i would call myself a restorer not a collector. I don't have anything in boxes because they were made to be assembled and run, that is a car kits reason for existence. I love bringing the older cars back to life after they have given their all to the previous owner who afterwards just chucked it in the shed or worse still, simply threw it out in the trash. Hording as opposed to collecting is all about greed, i have it you don't, you want it, you can't have one, I bought them all, if you want one get the card out, just joking, you can't have one, i'm in control. Collecting to me is about the reliving past happy times, one of each car is all that is needed, if it's not built yet it's in the line waiting. I like my cars to move on when restored to make way for new projects, that way others can enjoy these cars also. Feel free to Jump up and down screaming! I don't care. Cheers, Brett.
  7. " Proper Collector " Hmmm...........Well! I don't know what a Proper is. Does anyone here have any Proper photos? What are they used for and why do people collect them? Why does everyone keep refering to R/C cars when the question was about something called a "Proper". Great question Retro! Hope we can get to the bottom of it. Cheers, Brett.
  8. I have a Wild Willy that is almost a roller in very good condition. It's missing one front wheel and 4 tyres, a bumper and the body. Otherwise it's all there. I am in Seaforth, Sydney. Asking $70 for the Willy plus postage or pick up is ok! If you want pics, give me your email address and i will send them to you. Cheers, Brett.
  9. Missing a dog bone, body shell and TX, otherwise it's complete and original, right down to the radio gear. The car is in very good condition, tyres are excellent. Asking $200 AU for it, or swap for RC10B4 Roller. If you want pics email me at brettleslie@ymail.com Cheers, Brett.
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, I am selling my Nichimo Spirit FF vintage front wheel drive electric buggy. It came out in the mid 80's so it's more than 25 years old and is definatly a collectors car (rare as hens teeth). The car is in excellent condition apart from a missing dogbone and it has no body shell. Acoms reciever plus servos are original and included. It has a Tamiya sport tuned motor plus the original silver can motor that came with it. The tyres are perfect and look like new. I have spent many hours restoring this car to get it to this state and will miss looking at it very much. I doubt it has been driven more than a few times. Add a dogbone,TX, Battery and it will be a runner. These cars are exremely hard to find, do a google search and see if you can find one! I am only asking $200AUST for it plus postage. If you want this car for your collection, please PM for more details. Pictures available via Email. Cheers, Brett.
  11. Do you have a dogbone and a body shell for a Nichimo "Spirit FF"? I picked one up from the council clean up and it is complete apart from those parts. Cheers, Brett.
  12. Thanks James, Thinkin' outside the box! will let you know! Cheers, brett.
  13. I have a Tamiya Boomerang and i wan't to put shorter shocks on it. At the moment they are about 100mm long, this gives me 35mm ground clearance. I want to replace the existing shocks with 90-95mm long shock's, that will drop the rear end to 20mm ground clearance and lower my centre of gravity. Any thoughts on shock types around that length? Cheers, Brett.
  14. I have an incomplete Tamiya Wild Willy that I am parting out. If you need a part let me know, I just might have it! Cheers, Brett.
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