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  1. Wow, that was the first RC I ever owned! Had a bunch of fun with that, bought an insanely expensive motor, upgraded the MSC .... basically spent a fortune on it lol ... Thanks for the memories!
  2. Well less than 10 hrs to go, 12 watchers and 2 bidders ... what do people want these days, stuff for free? The receiver cost 35 ... this is going to be another bargain for someone. 2 bodies, 2 decal sets, 2 wing parts ... **** you, credit crunch! Oh yeah - it's item no. 160301986440, if anyone wants to check it out.
  3. I never joke about money If you want to make a sensible offer then feel free, I'd rather someone from here took it than it went to someone who'd just thrash it into walls. Plus I'd rather not pay ebay's final valuation fee, har har! Geoff McScrooge
  4. Cheeky! Well the first went for 100 which was a blow. I know its a buyers market at the moment so I know I won't get anywhere near what this one owes me. But yes if any TC member here wins the 2nd car, how about a 5% discount. PM me your username on here and I'll do that. Geoff
  5. One sold, one to go. Jagermeister project now up for sale with all running gear and EXSPEC transmitter. I've stated it as a UK auction but if any international members from TC want to bid I would honour their bids. Postage obviously would be higher. Geoff
  6. Can't help with the PS-56 but for all those who are saying they can't get PS paints in the UK, I get all mine from Fusion Hobbies http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Tamiya-PS-Pol...-Paint-s/49.htm HTH. Geoff
  7. Hiya After seeing what the LHS had in stock yesterday I've decided to sell up and go for bigger and better! So both my 934's are going to be for sale. First is the Kremer Vaillant green version (ebay item 160300360480) and in a week or so the Jagermeister orange version, soon as my TRU-02 comes in. Hopefully a UK member from here will take them, and give them a good home. Good luck Geoff
  8. Brilliant, I'll do that later. Thanks!
  9. Some Antics stores still have them but their codes are all wrong for some reason, and the paints they had in Coventry were mainly in the dull range of colours.
  10. I've got a pair of TamTech Porsche 934s, I've built one in the green paintwork with Kremer decals but I want to do the other in orange with Jagermeister decals. I found a seller who has a shell, wing parts, and decal sheet but he's told me the shell is essentially the same as the one I've got. So I wondered if anyone knows, or has for sale, a Jagermeister sticker set and wing parts? I could always paint the wing orange if thats what it takes. I've sourced a Tamiya spray paint for the body, I think it's PS-7 after looking at the range of colours available. Many thanks Geoff
  11. Definitely helped, thanks theres some stuff to think on. I don't know if these small TamTech batteries can be obtained in other mAh values though. I remember running the TL-01s on 2400s. Need to get searching on the net
  12. Hi I've built a TamTech 1/12 Porsche, and its looks good and I've been adjusting the tie-rods and stuff to get better handling .. but it's not very fast. I had TL-01's a few years ago and I seem to remember them being much quicker than this. I changed the motor and the gearing and they went faster than I could control them But the GT-01 just doesn't seem to have that zip. I've read on here about brushless motors and stuff but I really don't know what that means. Where would be a good start to getting more MPH out of my little car? The booklet says it has a 64T Spur and a Type 370 motor and I'm running a 500 mAh TamTech battery. The dumb part about this is, they're just going to sit on a shelf a lot but I want them to be fast if I take them out for a blast. Geoff
  13. Same here, it was such a bargain I don't want to let it go. What I think I'll do, is get a Jagermeister body and decal set, then build myself a family of 934s ... All shelf queens! Just need to find out what code orange to get for the body paint and I'll be happy
  14. Yep that's the adapter lead that came with the battery, does the trick great. I had the car in the back garden at midnight checking the tracking on a very narrow path that went through the lawn... Those LED units are super bright! I've had to hold them in place with putty to stop any back-glow lighting showing inside the car, very please with this project so far. PS - c_a_r_t_e_r - I thought 50 was cheap for my original kit. Last night I found one in USA for $46 ... about 27 O.O ... even with $65 postage that works out to around 60 all in! With the spare radio gear I have I could have that up and running, woo hoo! Thinking of using a Jagermeister body and sticker set though, build up a family of Porkers
  15. Well here's a funny thing. 15 minutes after my last post I got a call from the shop who told me there were no more TamTech batteries available ... "Hello, we have your Tamtech battery here it's been in stock for two weeks, are you collecting it any time soon?" Me = "Erm, sorry but you told me there were none available, and I stood in the shop while you searched in the delivery box and checked the computer and told me that." Them = "Oh no, that can't be right, we'd never say that." Me = silence ... wth? Anyway I called in, and they had one in stock, even had a slow charger and adapter lead to go with it, all for 20, so I am now finally powered up and ready! When I've painted my 934 wheels I'll put a couple of pictures up, with the light unit installed it scares my two kittens Thanks for all the suggestions and help on this. Geoff
  16. I didn't even know it was possible to get Tamtech adapter plugs ... A lot of the places I've tried just can't get hold of Tamtech gear, I've even been told the Tamtech batteries had been "discontinued across the board" !! So I think adapters will be even harder to find ... I need to do a bit of digging on the internet for international sellers who can supply me with stuff, the local shops don't seem to have a clue Thanks taliesin for the suggestions PS - There was just enough power in the battery last night to power the LED light unit I've installed - I love it, haha
  17. That's what I thought, but I expected it to at least have smoked or something - unless it had some sort of breaker, and I can't see a fuse. So I guess I'm left with recommendations on where to get another UK voltage charger for my battery. Anyone, please?
  18. I don't think sticking a UK plug on it will do it any good - its a 110v charger (unless I've read what you meant wrongly - I'm at work and have to do things fast!) The trickle charger was plugged into a shaver adapter and then plugged into the wall - a 3 pin UK standard plug. When I first plugged it in, the red LED came on and it seemed OK, so I don't know - I'd have expected it to have blown immediately, or have a load of smoke pour out of it, not just decide to die without a fight. I still have the TSU-02 servo, 102BK ESC and a transmitter left over, which I was planning on selling on ebay. Would they be of help to you? I just got tired of waiting for bits to start appearing on ebay and went for the Expec complete pack, so I've got those parts left.
  19. Hi all, I am a new member, not sure if you have an Introductions part to the board, if I find it I will put a bit more info about myself ... But for now I have a bit of a problem, I've been building a 1/10 TamTech GT-01 Porsche 934 that I found on ebay for 50 (bargain) and have been sourcing all the extras, servo, ESC, radio gear and so on. It was all taking way too long and I finally found a seller in Hong Kong with a complete Expec system, so I bought that, and it came yesterday. Finally! I have everything I needed! I finished building the car last night (did the body and stickers while waiting for bits to come from ebay), but in my hurry I think I might have broken the battery charger ... it's the 2-prong style US type, and I thought all I needed to do was plug it into a shaver adapter and I'd be charging my battery. When I came back to it 2 minutes later the red LED had gone out - and that's not supposed to happen. Have I blown something? There was no smoke, nothing was hot, no bad smells ... and I'm now power-less with a shelf-queen 934. Any advice on this is really appreciated, after all the cost and effort I'd hate to see it stuck on a shelf and then get sold at a loss. If I need a new charger, where can I get a UK type one? I really don't want another foreign one going toes-up on me. Geoff
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