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  1. Hi I'm after pumpkin light lenses please. UK only. Many thanks.
  2. That's just nuts fun but not really what I'm looking for.
  3. Hi I'm looking for longer run times really all my cars are tamiya so battery needs too fit in that same style 7.2v nimah So I believe I need a 2s lipo battery. Not forgetting a little more speed .
  4. Very interesting information and thank you all for your time. I don't really have a budget but though it mite be around £150 for battery , charger ,esp , motor , safety battery bag. Most likely buy from model sport as I have brought from them in the past. I have brought a few kits from tamico and had not one problem with them. Very fast delivery.
  5. I'm located in Solihull in the Midlands.
  6. mad maz

    Pumpkin MK1

    Yeah spot light I did think about not even using them and just have roll bar. I shall check what decals I have .
  7. Thank you for your advice and yes I'm looking for a hole new power system.
  8. Hi so it's been quite a while and I want to move over and buy a lipo set up, battery and charger and all the necessary parts I need including motor and ESC. Not looking for extreme power just around 15-17t . I have gone through a few threads but it's a mind field . So links for what I need would be much appreciated. I want this set up for my blitzer beetle . All my models are tamiya.
  9. mad maz

    Pumpkin MK1

    Got front and rear end done today along with roll bar and lights. Am unsure on decals should I leave as is or get decals on ? Suggestions welcome.
  10. mad maz

    Pumpkin MK1

    Hi been a long while but got a MK1 pumpkin shell that had never been painted. I was not sure what paint scheme so went with this. Not finished yet but this is as far as I got.
  11. This is true , £25 please send pm as not on here much .
  12. I am open to sensible offers please. Paypal gift
  13. Hi clod mk1 grill and tail gate for sale ..
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