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  1. been messing with this for some time now and getting no where, if i plug all plugs i get nothing if i unplug ch 3 or ch 4 it will start up dosent matter if i set the subtrims if i plug witch ever one iv taken out into ch 5 or 6 it still runs
  2. thank you for the help, ill have a play with the settings from the link and post back think you again Andy
  3. Hi all, has any got there tamiya turck with MFU working with a Spektrum DX6i Andy
  4. LOL, i went to Hunters Hill Quarry today, and found out that 2.4g is no good for going under water it losses signal , so i think i will have to put polystyrene blocks on inside so it flotes and i dont lose signal
  5. outback, on about doing that too, now you've got me thinking take shell off fit boat to it iv got 6ch radio, just not sure how good it will look
  6. dont foreget to water proof every think coz if that bomb hole fills up, we will have to send a diver in
  7. pics added and has bearing, will leave servo on and has no motor as in pic Andy
  8. Does it include a body sorry no Any pics mate i post some in a bit is it a black or silver chassis ? its black Andy
  9. Hi, iv got a mini m03 rolling chassis for sale sold Andy
  10. Hi, junfac do a 4 link for them http://www.junfac.com/shop/index.php?main_...products_id=250, BiggusDitchus has it on his Andy
  11. Hi all, the place at parbold is it off Bannister Ln / Whittle Ln, just had look on google maps looks good
  12. we had a good day, we left about 3.45 as it was only three we had scale run here are some pics and vid Andy
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