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  1. Today I signed in to tamiyaclub for the first time in 6 months lol. Now Summer is finally gone and I’m getting my head around a huge career change from Geology and its wide open natural spaces to Mental Health Peer Support and hospital offices and home visits..I feel its time to get back into one of my hobbies :RC.. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago while camping down on the Darling River to de-stress on why I had been so exhausted every day doing a seemingly “easier” job: the sheer amount of social interaction was the new factor plus 100% mental effort instead of the balance of 50/50 with physical work I had before..I work in a team of 20 people so even if I don’t have a lot of client appointments I’m still interacting with 4 times more people than I was used to full time whereas in my casual Geology job even that number was sporadic and only happened when a drilling program was running. And I’m not exactly a social butterfly most of the time. Anyway, great to be back .. looking forward to bashing my favourite creek bed with my old Blitzer first I think, until my thumbs build up their driving skill again lol, I’ve also bought a little 1” square Cop Cam video camera to play with doing some basic filming and Go Pro -ing so that should be fun.
  2. Novastar

    Tamiya Striker Overkill

    Driving lights are a nice touch to keep with the military theme
  3. Novastar

    RC and wild animals

    I’ve had a large Kite Hawk swoop down to try and pick up my Blazing Star once, must have thought it was a white rabbit
  4. Novastar

    Which car would you keep?

    Nothing wrong with sentimentality, I have my Grandfather’s toolbox where I keep all his tools he left me and the best condition Ulmia wood plane (he was a master cabinet maker) but my most loved possession part from lots of memories is his Edelweiss ring which he was awarded for his time in the Gebirgsjager (German mountain troops). I still wear it today. I can’t imagine parting with either the Vette or the MGB..
  5. Novastar

    Best RC deal of your life?

    I guess the most memorable good fortune I’ve had buying RC stuff was the D5 front end part for my Dyna Storm which came with a broken one. Scored this by buying a TR15T stadium truck chassis off eBay for next to nothing, grabbing the part and then selling the rest for parts needed by a fellow member.
  6. Novastar

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Looking forward to getting back into some RC fun and maxxing some of my buggies and the rally Repsol out on a similar oval here - the grass though in this case is almost non existent, it's mostly red/brown dirt now.. I just have to be wary of doggie mines
  7. Novastar

    Who is into Skateboarding?

    Awesome Biz73 ! My thoughts exactly on how long I'll be skating too. I did have designs on a mini ramp for my backyard but neighbours would be an issue.. Been riding Independent trucks for most of the time too, wish we had the hollow axle/hollow kingpin ones back in the day.
  8. Novastar

    Who is into Skateboarding?

    Definitely into skateboarding and have been ever since the mid eighties.. we have a basic metal ramp skatepark here but we are in line for a newer better designed cement skatepark. I've always preferred street skating though, theres a nice banked drain I session frequently..My first pro board was a black Caballero street with green dragon graphics. Most of the younger set in BH like their scooters but there are a few who skate.
  9. Novastar

    Dungeons and Dragons?

    Some of the best days of my High School years were getting together with 4 or more friends and playing 1st & 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tabletop with dice, paper, the books, some "Monster in my pocket" miniature toys and lots of imagination and laughs. I've been working on and off on a 2nd Edition (yes I'm old school) homebrew world ever since and have amassed several hundred dollars worth of official AD&D miniatures and numerous AD&D books. Definitely want to DM a massive campaign with my mates one day.
  10. Novastar

    Aussie words... thongs?

    Another expression for useless : Couldn't find your a*se with both hands Unattractive: Ugly as a hat full of a*seholes The other day: usually means sometime in the last week Down the road: could be anywhere within 5 kilometers on the road mentioned Also state inhabitants can go by various nicknames such as: Western Australians can be called Sandgropers South Australians: Crow Eaters Northern Territorians: Top Enders From Tasmania: Apple Islanders Victorians: Cabbage Patchers and Queenslanders: Banana Benders
  11. Novastar

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Finally a vintage Avante I've had her for a little while but wanted to replace the cracked original tires before adding to my garage.. and yes my first shelf queen
  12. Hahaha love the voice over.. I have to admit I was expecting the "Avante" to be 6 times that size !
  13. Awesome realistic work once again