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  1. So a blackfoot extreme is the way to go then? he wont want to upgrade it so thats why i though of starting on a higher spec like the f350 or cr01
  2. well speed isnt everything like, and he knows that, he will want it to climb like a billygoat too, and i dont think the 2wd would be enough, would it~??? How about a Superclodbuster, although it seams expensive and basic, but dual motor 4wd should be pretty piffy????
  3. Hi, im gonna get my brother a good offroader for christmas, it needs to be tough as nails, good offroad, but instantly driveable on road, ive narrowed it down to these three, a Unimog, a Highlift hilux and a Midnight Pumpkin/ King Blackfoot, three vastly differnet designs (and prices), its not going to be crawling over rocks constantly, it will most likely be used in forests and on rough fields, but it needs to be able to go on road too occasionally, as hes not one for keeping more than one model and it needs to be jack of all trades sadly however i dont want to get a highlift if a lesser model would do his needs, hes not a tinkerer hes a driver, he like to charge and run, not spend ages stripiping and rebuilding, At the min were using a TA-02 and a Bowler converted TL01 incase that helps So what are your opinions and suggestions??? Will
  4. probably quite alot to do with companies not allowed to use solvents in any products anymore thanks to the EU.
  5. Right first offroadish experiance, the cars got plenty of revs in the motor but little torque, ie it wouldnt pull itself upp a slight incline from stopped, should i get it rebuilt or get a new motor? how are modelsport uk at rebuilding motors? Its a 17t Koyosho stock motor from about 2001 vintage, never been touched, used for a year then car was shelved for past 6 years. Thanks
  6. Oh c**p, im sorry didnt know about the no ebay links rule, duely noted for the future though, thanks very much mate
  7. Will These be a direct fit onto the tl-01? and the pajero tyres to suit?
  8. Well I dont intend to run it intentionally through puddles, it may happen, ive been running it in very rough conditions to be fair on it, much more than it was probably designed for. 1: Gravel hockey pitch, very very wet, locked steering a few times, but a quick clean sorted that, stones got into the rear gearbox and shredded it to pieces, sourced a cover for it and sealed it all up properly after fitting a complete set of new gears. 2: Tarmac car park, damp, but went fine, no problems atall 3: All weather pitch, again soaking wet, sand everywhere, seriously needed cleaned but fine. Them 3 conditions along with some heavy forest mud and water, are what i think it will mostly run in after all, so what all would you suggest, i really wanted to seal off the chassis internal from the outside elements, sealing off the servos and reciever, and think ill make up a motor protection plate as suggested
  9. Right, ive recently resurected a TL-01 from the graveyard and want it to be capable offroad, but still goodish on tarmac so far ive got new bearings allround, ansmann racing suspension for longer travel, (seams far too hard springs in it though so going to try and source some softer ones) an old koyosho 17t stock motor its got a bowler wildcat body and pajero wheels and tyres are on the way what would you suggest to waterproof and seal off? and how would you go about it? and how would you go about makeing the diffs stiffer but not fully locked? thinking of putting mudguards into the bowler shell, much like a real cars wheel arches Any input or critism is greatly appriciated Thanks very much. Will
  10. can someone measure the width of the pajero tyres at the bead and at the tread, and the internal diameter of the tyre, thinking of fittin them onto regular touring rims, for now, then getting the tourage rims at a later date, is scarce at the min sadly
  11. Brillinat, thanks for the quick reply, im sure ill get something sorted out if its fairly close to fitting, im not worried about removing a bit of the front bumper bar, just didnt really want to start into getting new hubs and arms and spaceing the **** out of them still. thanks again
  12. see the pajero wheels, do they fit straight onto the TL01 chassis or will they need spaced out from the hubs so theres clearence? are there any rubbing issues ??? Thanks
  13. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dLvlfAyduvA = Bowler Wildcat, Its worth watching it all till the end, I really cant wait until i get this finished it should be a very fun Rally RC car, not paticularly special or fast compared to some of the others that are around, but definitly fun
  14. what shocks are 65mm long then? im after budget ones by the way
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