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  1. Thanks for the comment. Just ran it in the dirt for the first time today. It was 95* outside so I figured i go out and enjoy it. It was flying all over the place. I would like to see a bit more traction so I may be in the market for some new tires to go with my HPI five stars. Thanks for the setup tips. Works great.
  2. Well i Just got my CVA's in yesterday from Tower and I was wondering how you guys set them up? Mainly which piston and spring did you use? Stiff or soft spring? 1,2 or 3 hole piston? Thanks
  3. MY LHS just sold me a Orion method 19t motor and now it flies. So much fun. Wheelys for days.
  4. Thanks, I thought it was the 19.99 one from tower. Just needed to make sure. Not to bad of price compared to the other motors. I think I'll try that out first and if I want to go faster looks like i may need to move up to a better ESC.
  5. Thanks for the comments! This was a really fun build. My fiance and I both worked on detailing the body. We messed up by mounting the racing stripes too high so I had to trim the "Vanessa" portion off the lunchbox sticker to get it to fit. I have been doing some research about motors and now i am torn between the Sport tuned motor and the BZ? motor. On the tower hobbies web site there at two sport tuned motors and not sure which is the right one. Are both these motors a direct bolt in? Right now I am running some off brand 3300 mah battery. I am kinda new to electric, I used to own a Nitro MGT. The last time I messed with electric was when the first RC10T came out in the early 90's and i was racing in the novice class at my LHS. Remember the old slot machine and mach one motors? Back then I was using 1600 mah battery packs with a timed charger. Boy have things changed!
  6. Thanks funny. Here in San Diego people beg for rain. It never rains here instead we get horrible fires everywhere. This really is my first build. Although I am a diesel mechanic so maybe that helps and I am currently restoring a 77 VW bus. Right now i would give anything to be there right now (in the UK) so I can see my Chargers play the Saints. Anyway just ordered a set of CVA's, and HPI 5 star front rims to match the rear from Tower Hobbies today. Next will be a new faster motor.
  7. The weather in San Diego is always nice. We get two seasons here, Summer and Spring. LOL I just got in from running it and I swear i was so scared of scratching the newly done body i was babying it the whole time. I guess i'll get over the first time I roll it.
  8. Here you go! I also just scored a set of HPI 5 star chrome rims (rear only) from hobby people today. I found them in their clearance box for only 5 bucks. Now i just have to find the fronts. The guy at the counter said they are discontinued.
  9. Thanks for the help and the links! Just put the stickers on and clear coated the shell. All thats left is chorme and windows.
  10. Thanks, when you mean short shock is there a maximum length that i need to look out for?
  11. Just bought a LB Kit about 3 days ago. Called around to all the LHS in my area and only one place had it. This is my first Tamiya RC Car and always wanted one when I was just a young buck. just about done with the kit. Just have to finish detailing the body. I ran it yesterday and i already am looking for a faster motor to replace the stocker. Anyways great forum. I have been picking up alot of ideas. Just confused about what shock to use for the 3rd shock mod.
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