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  1. thanks for the heads up, thats near identical to the losi. My only concern is the width is almost twice needed, thinking this may be nigh on impossible. Seems the redcat is more suitable with a 105mm width. Going to speak to owner of LHS, see if he can order one.
  2. Hey guys Looking to do a project crawler, dont want to give too much away if it doesnt take off and some what of a `blue moon´ tinkerer Im looking to all the crawling masters. Im looking for a crawler with the skeletal style chassis with links supporting the axles, like the thunder tiger crawler etc. Wheel base will be adjustable by the suspension links so not to much of a concern, but ideally 6inch. Width of the wheel base seems a little tricky, got to be around 4inch. Did think of the Losi micro crawler, but there discontinued, thunder tiger crawlers are far too fragile(one sat in my garage which will donate parts), so this is why im seeking advice. This will be around 36th scale, similar to playmobil. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Carl
  3. Buy a cheap one first, seeing as you only `fancy´ the idea, you may find its not your cup of tea. I bought a cheap plane, had a aerilon to control pitch, think it may of been 3 channel, £30 jobby, Loved it, but didnt get too interested though, was fun flying at dusk and watching a local owl attack it.
  4. I may have some in garage, not sure if youve already had them off me a while ago, will have a rummage and let you know.
  5. I think it boils down to price. If I wanted a scale truck, I couldnt afford the gelande2 @ £262 in one go. I bought my fj40 for £120 some 3 years ago, parts are plentiful and mods are as expensive as you want to pay(i made my own 4 link suspension for £7). The issue with new comers is parts availability, the gelande2 may be a big flop and they pull production, much like the thunder tiger crawler(has any one tried to get parts?), Tamiya mass produce plastic kits, parts are cheap, available and interchangable with other kits and you have the fan base and community to help with problems. Yes Tamiya are plastic and im glad you found a quality kit, but trying to compare plastic kit to metal is comparing a cruise ship to a speed boat. I know tamiya also do metal kits, but majority of sales would be plastic kits, think of tamiya metal kits as a prestige branch, toyota and lexus so to speak.
  6. Ive hammered my cc01 and never had a problem with the gpm universals.
  7. Carlito

    CC01 Wanted

    Thanks for replies everyone, sale pending final arrangements.
  8. Carlito

    CC01 Wanted

    Thanks for the reply but its a bit too much for what i'm after, my fault for being less specific. Ideally after a fresh, complete chassis, not fussed about a body or extra's. My fj has seen better days, screw threads are none exsistant, gears are worn and chassis has gone weak around the gearbox, it has seen alot of use and abuse. I want to spend around 80 - 100 pounds, pref with shipping, cheeky I know but you never know without asking. Carl
  9. As title, really after shelf queen, no mods, just billy basic, Reasonable price with postage to Bolton. Many thanks
  10. Thought id post this here. I rarely sell tamiya stuff but this was lurking in the garage so may be of interest to some. item number : 261209174054 As advert says, opened but never fitted or used other than to test for photo. Many Thanks
  11. Not really that clued up on CR-01's but bearings are a must(if they arent already included). I fitted a 55T motor to my CC-01, and would highly recomend you doing the same to a CR-01. I now get a much longer run time and a healthy amount of torque to the wheels. I think its a case of a couple of basic mods such as motor and bearings and from how far you want to take it, go from there. I run my FJ40 in the back garden, climbing the rocks around the fish pond, which does me fine, so its had a few mods and some home made stuff, its a great way to destress. * I know the CC01 and CR01 are different beasts but the principle is the same.
  12. My chassis is up for sale on evil bay, 261162321695 Bearings fitted, rear diff locked with epoxy, used but not abused. Only downside is the mounts for the shocks at the front have started to split but had a little reinforcement with some washers. Ideal drifter, basher or parts car. £35 buy it now. Carlos
  13. Headlights and tail lights should be 5mm. Indicators will be 3mm. Thats all i can help you with im afraid, im sure some one else will be more thorough.
  14. My dad is shelf mad, he bought me some when fixing up my house for a storage area. If you use a shelf as a base, there fine, if you just rely on the legs then your playing with fire. I use this site for some of my shelving, good quality, metal and wood, also there boltless. www.bigdug.co.uk They did 3 units for £99 some time ago and ive got allsorts of stuff on them in the garage. If, like me you have a workshop/dumping ground in your garage, they do a space saver shelving unit, 6ft wide and 3 shelves with the ability of parking a car just underneath the first, its a great idea. For budget, the plastic units are pretty good though.
  15. Got what I believe are 4 here. 1 is damaged though but I will glue it for you, may hold but may not. Been painted black and paint coming off, suitable for a runner but wont win any contests. Let me know if you want them. Carl
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