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  1. Sammo

    TA02 RWD FRP Speed Run Build

    Nothing recently. Work has taken over my life in the last few months so I’ve barely had time to scratch my ******* let alone build anything Once life is back to normal I’ll be back on it though
  2. Sammo

    M chassis body shell/bsr m rage

    I’ll take this. PM me your PayPal details 👍🏼
  3. Sammo

    FF01 FRP Speed Run Build

    Ok, so yesterday I decided to have a go at fitting the Tech Racing Rear Stabiliser Kit that I bought from @Juls1 very recently At the last update the rear of the FF01 was looking like this; Although this worked the negative camber was quite severe plus the angle of the rear tie rods was causing movement in the rear wheels. I was hoping the Stabiliser kit would sort this out. I forgot to take a picture of the complete kit, however here’s the label And the appalling instructions! Aside from the fact they’re in a language I don’t speak I also reckon that the bottom half is missing Anyway, I cracked on and pretty quickly figured out what went where. I also found a couple of pictures online of this kit fitted which helped a lot. Annoyingly it soon became apparent that to fit this you had to relocate the rear shocks, otherwise they would foul the Stabiliser bars. Seeing as I don’t have the materials to fabricate new shock mounts I thought I’d at least use the rear tie rods and brace bar from the kit until I can sort out something for the bars Annoyingly most of the screws had pretty much welded themselves into the rear shock tower. It was a cheap Chinese part with badly cut threads in every hole. I ended up stripping the heads off a couple of screws so decided to cut my losses and replace it with the original plastic rear shock tower. With the plastic shock tower fitted I got on with building the rear tie rods and getting them and the brace bar fitted. Amazingly just by having those bits fitted it’s eliminated a lot of the movement from the rear wheels which is great. The tie rods being the correct length have also meant I could calm the negative camber down a bit! Once that lot was fitted I made up some adjustable tie rods for the front using leftovers. With all that done I’m now pretty much satisfied with the chassis so it’s time to start getting the electrics in ready for a test run. The Motor has been fitted for quite a while so I thought I’d solder some terminals onto it. Then I slipped on the extension cables. By now it was bed time so I refitted the body to make sure nothing had changed (which it hadn’t). So that’s the end of another productive day. Next is to fit the ESC, buy some 3S battery packs and take it for a shake down run
  4. Sammo

    FF01 FRP Speed Run Build

    They did indeed. Thanks for sending them so quickly
  5. Sammo

    FF01 FRP Speed Run Build

    Blimey, it’s been a while since I updated this thread! I haven’t done anything to this car for ages. A serious lack of funds, having to take on a second job and general lack of motivation have meant it’s been sat on my desk gathering dust for months! Thankfully I had a day off work today. The plan was to do things to my actual car, however it started to pour with rain after a few hours so I had to come indoors and find something to do instead. I decided it was the FF01’s turn to have some more work carried out
  6. Sammo

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I’ll get the shell out of the box and take a picture later. It’s not the best but I’ve definitely seen worse.
  7. Sammo

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    A few weeks ago I picked up this FF02 to add to the collection. It was very cheap and well worth the hours drive to collect it Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of it so here’s the box. I decided to strip it down earlier today because in all honesty it was well manky! With every screw I removed more dirt and stones fell out With the two chassis halves apart I found the gears had been stripped. Luckily I have plenty of brand new gear sets for the early M chassis cars which also includes the FF02 With a new gear set fitted it was starting to look a bit better already. The previous owner (who’d owned it from new) had left the original plastic bearings fitted. That’s all well and good but he’d fried one of them so badly it had also melted a front wheel hex to the point I couldn’t get the wheel off! Cue lots of levering and trying not to damage the wheel. Unfortunately it wasn’t coming off so brute force was required which has knackered the wheel! After replacing all the knackered plastic bearings with metal bearings I had a rummage and found another set of wheels to chuck on for now. They came on a rolling chassis I bought and they look terrible That’s it for today. It’s gone back in the box and I’ll have a think about what to do with it
  8. Afternoon, I’ve been going through my piles of NOS parts and other bits and decided to clear out some of it. Im located in Epsom, Surrey, KT19 UK. All prices include UK postage. I’m happy to post abroad but the buyer will need to pay the full postage costs. 1. Tamiya Mercedes SLK Body Set - 50756 - £45 posted. This body set has been cut and painted. The stickers have been stuck and it’s been a shelf Queen for the last few months. It comes in the original Tamiya body set box with the remaining stickers, Tamiya postcard and the door mirrors. 2. Acoms Techniplus AP-201 2 Channel Radio Control System With Receiver, Servos & Crystals - £45 posted. This is a complete system which is boxed, however it is used. It is all in good working condition, however it all may have sign of use. Included is the transmitter, receiver, two servos and Orange Band 3 crystals. 3. Riko Power Mains Fast & Slow Charger - £16 posted. I’ve owned this for a very long time but since moving over to Lipo it’s not required. It’s in good working condition and comes in the original box. 4. Tamiya Ni-Cd 1400NP Battery Pack - £10 posted. This came with a used kit I bought recently. The previous owner told me it was working, however I don’t have anything running Tamiya plugs so haven’t been able to test it. 5. Tamiya Ni-Cd 1400SP Battery Pack - £10 posted. Another battery pack that came with a used kit. Again I have been told it is a working pack but is untested by me. 6. Tamiya 9465177 Original Midnight Pumpkin/Lunchbox Screw Bag C - £2.99 posted (6 available) 7. Tamiya 9465281 Original Avante Screw Bag D - £ I honestly don’t know what to price this at so I’m open to offers. I’ve googled the part number and can’t find another for sale across the globe. 8. Tamiya M-Chassis Bushing Set Hop-Up - 53236 - £9.99 posted. 9. Tamiya M-Chassis 4x65mm Aluminium Screw (5 Pcs.) - 53234 - £15.00 posted. 10. Tamiya M-Chassis D Parts - 50654 - £20.00 posted. 11. Tamiya M-Chassis Spare Gear Set - 50631 - £8.99 posted (5 available) 12. Tamiya 1/10 One Piece Wide Mesh Wheels (1 pair) - 53229 - £19.99 posted. The wheels have slightly yellowed due to being displayed in the sun, however you should be able to dye or bleach them white again quite easily. 13. Tamiya 1/10 Opel Calibra Wheels (1 pair) - 50634 - £9.99 posted. The wheels have slightly yellowed due to being displayed in the sun, however you should be able to dye or bleach them white again quite easily. 14. Tamiya 1/10 One Piece Wide Racing Spoke Wheels (1 pair) - 53233 - 7.99 posted (2 pairs available) The wheels have slightly yellowed due to being displayed in the sun, however you should be able to dye or bleach them white again quite easily. 15. Tamiya M-Medium Chassis A Parts (Chassis/Frame) - 50716 - £30 posted (3 available) That’s everything for now. If I come across anything else I’ll add it. Of course I am open to sensible offers on everything Cheers, Sammo
  9. Sammo

    Tamiya m01

    All of mine have been pretty similar to yours. It’s not the greatest setup that’s for sure. I know there’s aluminium steering hop up parts available which may improve things but I’ve never used them myself.
  10. Sammo

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Before they made their own cars they made parts for other brands.
  11. Sammo

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    This popped up during a routine eBay search a few weeks ago. It was a reasonable price (even with shipping and import charges) so I chucked in a last minute bid and won it For anyone who isn’t sure what it is, this is a chassis made by HPI for the Tamiya TA02. It allows the battery to mount lengthways for better weight distribution. Not that I’m going to be racing it, but it’s something rare that I fancied It May even end up being used as an FF01 if I can bare to strip it.
  12. Sammo

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    A giant box arrived at work yesterday It contained two large packages The first one is a NIB TA02 Mercedes Benz 190E Evo.II AMG - 58108 The second one is a NIB FF01 Castrol Honda Civic VTi - 58127 Both eBay purchases and both picked up for a very good price. I’ve always loved the Mercedes but never really seen one up for sale. The Honda wasn’t a kit I’d ever really noticed but I love an FF01 (this is my 6th FF01) and seeing as the same seller was selling both I couldn’t leave one behind all by itself Anyway, I’ve taken pictures and now they’re sat on top of my wardrobe with the rest of my boxed collection (some built but boxed and some NIB) I don’t think I could bring myself to build either of these kits so they’ll just be decorative.
  13. Sammo

    Classic touring cars 90s era

    I agree about the NSX’s although is it just me or does it look like Jeremy Clarkson is driving
  14. Sammo

    Do I want a truck???

    Haha that’s a sign like never before. However I’ve spent my money now so no cheap truck for me this week