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  1. I haven’t done anything R/C related for quite a while. Life has got in the way a bit and hobbies have had to go on the back burner. I’ve even sold off a couple of “future projects” because realistically I won’t get around to doing them all However, during the week I managed to get myself a sickness bug, which meant a couple of days off work. Once the sickness had stopped I decided it was R/C time (or should that be Tamiya time?). I dragged out one of my “future projects” and gave it a dust off For those that don’t know. It’s a TA-01 with an HPI chassis upgrade. Rare as a rare thing apparently Once it was cleaned up I set about cutting out my new body from L&L Models ready to go on. Then it was the nerve wracking part of making the post holes and getting them right! Luckily I managed it! That’s about as far as I got. The cut edges still need smoothing down, it needs masking and painting obviously and I need to rebuild the shocks for the chassis. I love it though
  2. How much shipped to the UK for the stabiliser set?
  3. Managed another half hour today I got a battery charged up and had a look to see what’s what. Well it runs I guess I need to get it on the floor and see how it moves under it’s own steam! I’m scared haha!
  4. Once again I’ve not touched this in months! I’ve also realised that it’s been two years since I started building this and I’ve still not powered it up Well I still haven’t but this afternoon I got a couple of hours free to at least fit the electrics and tidy the wiring hehe. In an effort to just get it moving under its own steam I’ve fitted an LRP speed controller that I bought a year or so back. It’ll be man enough for the motor that I’ve fitted and I can concentrate on further upgrades once it’s up and running Potentially I’ll get another spare hour tomorrow evening so I’ll get a battery charged and see what happens Fingers crossed we’ll have some movement.
  5. Afternoon, As per the title, I need a set of body posts for a TT01 chassis. Bought a scrapper from eBay to build up and the posts are all I’m missing. Thanks
  6. Sooooo, I’ve been contemplating modifying my Group C chassis to fit a touring car body to it, however I was also aware that it was easier to modify an F103GT to achieve the required wheelbase. I just couldn’t justify the cost of buying a kit. Anyway I eventually had a word with myself and bought the kit
  7. I’ve got a few R/C bits on eBay at the moment. Some Tamiya and some not. Have a look https://ebay.co.uk/usr/sammo12345
  8. I can buy a shorter T Bar for the F103GT to bring it down to around 250mm. The body I’m fitting is 251mm wheelbase which would make it near perfect.
  9. Evening, Now I’ve actually been hankering after an F103GT to mount a touring car body on to but just can’t justify the £160ish to buy a kit. However this evening I was having a look through my “project” chassis pile and found a Group C chassis that I forgot I had! I know in their shortest factory wheelbase they’re 260mm but does anyone know if there’s a way of getting it down to 250mm so I can fit the body I’ve got in mind? I know it’s not ideal when I really want an F103GT but needs must and all that! Cheers, Sammo
  10. Today I won a BNIB F103GT chassis kit on eBay. I got it for a good price including the postage from Australia to the UK. A few hours after winning it I got a message from the seller saying they’d gone to post it and the postage was 3x as much as they’d quoted on eBay and that they wouldn’t be able to send it I looked into a few options myself including getting a friend of a friend who’s currently in Australia to bring it back with him in a few weeks time. However the seller then messaged me again saying it was all too expensive and they were going to refund me. Five minutes later I was refunded! I’m not a happy bunny at all about this.
  11. Popped to the local car boot this morning with my Daughter for a wander about. Spotted this and kept it in mind then at the end wandered back to see if it was still there. It was and they wanted £5 for it Never one to pay the asking price I offered £3 and the deal was done Its a Ripmax Jackal. A little 1/18 scale buggy thing. It needs a new front shock mount and I need to find a battery that will fit but I reckon my Daughter will quite enjoy it
  12. Nothing recently. Work has taken over my life in the last few months so I’ve barely had time to scratch my ******* let alone build anything Once life is back to normal I’ll be back on it though
  13. I’ll take this. PM me your PayPal details 👍🏼
  14. Ok, so yesterday I decided to have a go at fitting the Tech Racing Rear Stabiliser Kit that I bought from @Juls1 very recently At the last update the rear of the FF01 was looking like this; Although this worked the negative camber was quite severe plus the angle of the rear tie rods was causing movement in the rear wheels. I was hoping the Stabiliser kit would sort this out. I forgot to take a picture of the complete kit, however here’s the label And the appalling instructions! Aside from the fact they’re in a language I don’t speak I also reckon that the bottom half is missing Anyway, I cracked on and pretty quickly figured out what went where. I also found a couple of pictures online of this kit fitted which helped a lot. Annoyingly it soon became apparent that to fit this you had to relocate the rear shocks, otherwise they would foul the Stabiliser bars. Seeing as I don’t have the materials to fabricate new shock mounts I thought I’d at least use the rear tie rods and brace bar from the kit until I can sort out something for the bars Annoyingly most of the screws had pretty much welded themselves into the rear shock tower. It was a cheap Chinese part with badly cut threads in every hole. I ended up stripping the heads off a couple of screws so decided to cut my losses and replace it with the original plastic rear shock tower. With the plastic shock tower fitted I got on with building the rear tie rods and getting them and the brace bar fitted. Amazingly just by having those bits fitted it’s eliminated a lot of the movement from the rear wheels which is great. The tie rods being the correct length have also meant I could calm the negative camber down a bit! Once that lot was fitted I made up some adjustable tie rods for the front using leftovers. With all that done I’m now pretty much satisfied with the chassis so it’s time to start getting the electrics in ready for a test run. The Motor has been fitted for quite a while so I thought I’d solder some terminals onto it. Then I slipped on the extension cables. By now it was bed time so I refitted the body to make sure nothing had changed (which it hadn’t). So that’s the end of another productive day. Next is to fit the ESC, buy some 3S battery packs and take it for a shake down run
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