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  1. So how was the "competitions judging based on" LOL. I am not surprised who won as the rules are all tuned to "that" side I believed. LOL
  2. What is "those"? Care to elaborate abit? That is good news as got a few projects definitely can use it as getting original MFU too ex leh?
  3. So will you be coming out with the MFU too? Hopefully it will be affordable?
  4. http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_8209261/tm.htm Wow Tamiya's competition is hot on the heels. Hope Tamiya will further lower their battle unit.
  5. Yes go for the 4vwd. Just too bad they don't come with 6 channel as I've got lots of ideas what I can do with all those extra channels.
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