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  1. I'll add another "yes" to the pile for the DeSolvIt stuff. I've used it on Kyosho Lexan and Tamiya hard white plastic and it hasn't damaged either. I will say that break fluid seemed to work better on the hard plastic but it's not nice stuff to deal with. That said, the DeSolvIt does stink, outdoor use only unless you have a very well ventilated room and an understanding wife/partner/housemate! Cheers, Dave
  2. Oops. Bit of a coding fail there. Pictures updated so there's one of the bottom! CTRL+F5 if it's still showing the old ones
  3. Hi all First off, I appologise as I know this is mainly for Tamiya stuff, but you lot are the only people I know who might have any idea what this is. Got it in a trade as I thought I might be able to use some bits, but I just want to know what it is! The only text on it is some parts marked as "PEC", but my googling skills have failed me. So, here's the pictures and I await a reply with baited breath.... Thanks, Dave PS : Mods, if this isn't in the right place please feel free to move it
  4. Asked about MB Gearboxes on here, read some advice about spraying with PC paints and an airbrush and unpacked the "interesting" green Falcon that arrived today. All it needs is some front uprights, lucky they're easy to get. Oh, wait a minute..... Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi All Got an MB this week via eBay, really pleased with the overall condition and will be going in the showroom later. That said... It was supplied "RTR" with a battery, controller etc. So feeling confident I charged the battery and tried to have a "drive" indoors as it was a bit wet out. It goes and stops and steers, all quite nice. However, if you give it full acceleration it just makes a funny noise and doesn't really accelerate. I know the MB has gearbox issues but I couldn't find anything that exactly matched my symptoms. I took the gearbox to bits last night, it all looks virtually brand new, no missing teeth on either the main or counter gears and the metal differential and bevel gears look perfect. The plastic gears are marked as "Blackfoot" but I think I've read that they use the same gearbox so this shouldn't be a problem? I put it all back together and done all the screws up as tight as was reasonable, but it's no better than it was. The drive shaft Hex's look fine and not worn down, which I know is another problem they can have. Anyway, any advice on how to fix it or what's wrong? Thanks, Dave
  6. Hi Just to add my 2p, I got some of the spray from B&Q this evening. Just tried it on a old wing I had, didn't seem to cloud it, and after 5 minutes the paint was gone with the lightest or wipes with a tissue. Also tried it on an old drivers head from my Sonic Fighter, paint was coming off as I sprayed it on And the plastic is still solid Amazing. And on the spray it does say "Polycarbonate Safe" It's marked as De-Solv-It Graffiti Clean Up. I found it in the cleaning goods aisle with things like floor cleaner etc, not with the white spirit where I thought it would be! Cheers, Dave
  7. Hello I've received the above in a 'job lot' that I've brought from eBay. (Specifications can be seen here: Click on 80amp Their website has a copy of the setup documents but nothing to indicated what turn/kv motor it can handle. Reading various threads on forums and looking around on ebay it seems that 80amp should be enough to handle 5800kv fairly easily, but at the same time I can't find anything definitive. That speed would also probably eat the gearboxes of anything I have to put it in! The other thing is that it is brand new with no connectors. I realise I need to use deans or something similar for the battery but what about for the motor? Are they just a certain mm of bullet connector or do they have a special name? Any advice gratefully received! Regards, Dave
  8. That's right, I'm in Ipswich! (Chris Moyles reference, sorry for those who hate him or don't listen! ) But really, I am in Ipswich
  9. I think the 21 Turn for the Pumpkin and leave the standard shocks on then, that should be amusing Actually I have oil shocks on the front of the Pumpkin so putting them on the back wouldn't spoil it too much I don't think. I think I will go brushless with the Ansmann, should be a fairly easy swap. Are the mounting holes in the same places as standard motors on the EZRun? Plus I'll need a lipo pack and charger to go with it, of course. I mean, it'd be rude not to, right....?
  10. Thanks for opportunity to have a run out with my cars guys, was really good fun. Except the dust, which did get everywhere!! I didn't take anything home broken but there were some running repairs to the Master Smacker. Didn't break the Pumpkin which I consider a major bonus, that normally rips a wheel off if I even look at it! Having seen Brushless I am totally convinced. I can't decide if I should put it in the Ansmann (good spares availability for broken gearboxes and as you know it's already a bit broken!) or something more rough and tumble. Of course getting a brushless set means a spare 21T motor and speed controller. I'm seriously considering it for the Pumpkin, would it rip the gearbox to bits or be ok? It's fully ballraced already... I have a TA02 which I have just got an F150 style set of wheels for, but I don't know if the gearbox would take the brushless power. Any thoughts? I was so enjoying the day I went and took the Pajero out to my newly found spot at Felixstowe, I'll put some pictures up on TC later, but I think if there were only a few of us it could be a nice place to meet up on a sunny day, plus those of you with kids could bring the family and they'd have something to do There's a big market at Felixstowe on a Sunday plus the amusements and a small fairground for smaller kids. The location (thanks again Google Maps!) can be seen here : Google Street View Cheers, Dave
  11. I've just been looking at the Eastern Bashers SIG on TC. I'm going to break things on Sunday aren't I? Things like......all of my cars. Including my 1:1 if the pictures of that Metro are anything to go by!! Looking forward to it even more now
  12. About here you mean? Clicky Who needs photos when Google has been *everywhere*
  13. First off I must say I'm glad I subscribed to this topic, because I'd have looked a bit of a **** at Snetterton on Sunday wondering where everyone was. Anyway I shall be bringing: Broken Non ReRe Pumpkin (needs a little brass ball joint for the steering if anyone has one, if not, even more comedy driving) Sonic Fighter TB01 sans Shell (why? Why not!) TA02 with Merc shell, possibly preview of Mad Max shell wheels (if it dries) Pajero Metal Top 306 Maxi Ansmann Master Smacker Kyosho PureTen Alpha (selling it, need to test it!) Mondeo Diesel (1:1) It should be noted that I will probably drive about 3 of these, but I might as well stick them in the boot Batteries Charger I like my photography so I'll be snapping away and will be happy to mail photos to anyone who wants them, or I'll put them on my web site. Is there a map somewhere for those of us who haven't been before? I know red lodge but not where you guys go. Cheers, Dave
  14. Thanks to both you guys for the advice. I've been looking at Goldstar and as I have an Ansmann Master Smacker and know that the shocks are not bad considering the price, I think I'm going to try and get the right size Aluminium Ansmann ones from their site. Going to drop them a mail as it doesn't say if the measurements are of the springs or of the entire shock length. Cheers, Dave
  15. Hello Even though there has been a re-release of this kit, I'm really struggling to find parts for the shock absorbers for the semi-basket case I brought from eBay. It has two complete shocks and two that are missing the central metal rod, the rubber seals and the round caps at the bottom. Is there a part number that I should search for that is compatible (it's isn't going to be a shelf queen)? I've tried the numbers from the manual (for the original release) but to no avail! The only other bits it needs are the front red uprights, but they are nice and easy to get. Any help appreciated! Cheers, Dave
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