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  1. Well to be honest it probally wont ever get run with them smaller drift tyres, as it brings the bodywork down to low to be honest. Would have liked to stick another body on it to run with but the clip mounting at the front and the extra width of the chassis is giving me a problem finding a shell wide enough but hey what ya gona do lol
  2. What with rushing around friday, and Mothers day this sunday just gone I didnt get a chance to look at it with a clear head. But Im gona have a look at it sometime this week, I'll umplug all the plugs maybe spray a little WD40 on them check the crystals and then take it from there. I might also pop into TJD models in Dartford as its only up the road and just have a word with them, I'll report on what comes of the problem as soon as I know myself. Thanks for the helpful advice so far, cheers
  3. Well I ordered a set of 1/10 drift wheels with the hope of trying my hand at 2wd drifting (which after looking into sounds near on impossible lol) but was abit upset to find that once they had turned up they where a little on the small side The wheels and tyres on come upto the same size as the standard Sierra wheels!!! So fitted them losened the suspenion off and look at that baby scrape the deck.... Couldnt use it like that unless it was in a indoor carpark or something as smooth but as she aint a running at the moment doesnt really matter. Out of interest anyone know where you could get slightly bigger tuner style wheels? Your notice I removed the race decales as they looked abit dated and some where damaged, Im looking forward to getting her running and taking some pic's + vid's But for now here's couple of pic's, enjoy
  4. Hi and welcome to TamiyaClub.com enjoy your stay
  5. Pretty rare one that I dont remember ever seeing the Cav HKS touring car. Im sure some would say don't build it as the rarer kits do hang onto their value but if it was Me.... Id build it, shelf queen it and if you wanted to run it get a spare running body, I have seen Cav bodies on eBay so you could even have a running Cav shell. If you do build it post some pic's up!
  6. Like mentioned unless its NIB (New In Box) then kits/cars are hard to put a value on. What one person is happy paying another would be unhappy paying. I think maybe you done the right thing advertising on here as no matter how good eBay is sometimes its a case of timing and making sure the right person not only wants it and is on at that time but finds it. Alot of people advertise items very badly and miss making the right amount of money. Dont forget you can set a reserve on eBay and if it doesnt reach that resever it doesnt sell, only problem is you still have to pay for the listing so swings and roundabouts really Hope you get what you want for it
  7. Made up your mind abour colour yet?
  8. So Ive got abit of time on my hands at the moment and Ive finally got round to looking at my Stadium Thunder. When I bought it I knew it would need at least a set of crystals but seein as I didnt have any laying about I put it off. Pair of crystals came through the post this morning, charged a battery up and fished out my handset.... As soon as you turn the power on the motor runs which is fine just the speed control needs adjusting only problem is the handset doesnt seem to control the car. Ive checked both crystals are in ok, all the wires into the receiver seem ok but still no joy. I know its not the handset as I mainly use one handset and change the crystals as Ive only got the 3cars - and its in working order. Apart from the reciever in the car, could there be anyother reason for the handset not effecting the car? Thanks for your help
  9. Well Ive been looking at the HPi ready to run kit with the AE86 shell which comes in at a good price, I know the its not a same scope to expand the equipment as in kit based cars but for the amout Id use it, its looking pretty good.
  10. So basically the long and the short of it is just to sourch a 4wd platform Thanks for all your imput and advice
  11. As part of the resto/clean up work on my RS500 Ive just ordered a really nice looking set of new wheels with drift tyres, I was wondering if anyone has had any success with drifting 2wd chassis. All the Drift platforms are 4wd for obvious reasons but it the real world its 2wd for drifting, I imagin its not impossible just alittle harder than the 4wd. Any views opions or even pic's/vid's would be great
  12. If its not a super rare model Id simply track down at least one set of decals and maybe get a spare set if you intend to keep that model for a long time If its a rare model I wouldnt like to say
  13. Top stuff, I must say I am a fan of Box Art finishes but with some of (including yours) custom jobs I gota say its the way forward. The finishes are just outa this world - Keep up the great work
  14. Got a problem with my RS500, its been in my loft for quite sometime and although its been out the loft and cleaned Ive only got round to testing it..... For some reason I cant get the motor to run, but its not the motor as Ive hooked it up to a battery and its fine. The speed servo moves freely and seems to be making contact but just no joy in getting the motor to turn. So if the motor is fine and the servo moves freely what else is there inbetween? I cant seem to see any broken wires, the car was running fine before it went into storage. Any help is greatly accepted
  15. Great project, look forward to seeing it come along. What are you using to build the inner wings? At first glance it looks like card board which is fine for shelf queen and limited use. Like I said tho great project
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