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  1. No this is not a limited edition. The only thing is that you get the Tamiya Toothbrush with this kit for the first batch. Subsequent batches will not have the colorful item. From my understanding, the stores stock smaller quantities because of the high cost of ordering and shipping the kits. I suspect they may not want to pre-order until they ascertain what the demand is like.
  2. Easy decision IMO. Bruiser hands down - retina display or whatever
  3. That's still a good price. If it's any help, the kit, including the outer brown box, weighs about 6 kilos (my bathroom scale isn't the most accurate). It looks heavier than it is though. Hope you get yours soon.
  4. Make no mistake, this is one of the most expensive kits from Tamiya. It outstrips anything from TRF and is probably only eclipsed by a Leo2 full option. Not everyone will be able to afford it and not every store can afford to stock a lot of them. I would think that if they sell enough, then they could move production out of Japan and maybe even re-re the Mounty, and then prices should fall. With the Avante, they started releasing the black special but I do see a lot of stock left in the stores these days, like the Scorcher and Buggy Champ at promotion rates. Maybe they might release one of those metallic special editions (*yuck*) for the Bruiser to increase sales?
  5. Less than that ... (much closer to what Skottoman estimated) although I was right about the retail price. Seeing the thing in the flesh helped push me over the edge too
  6. Finally, I have a NIB and get to build one of these after more than 30 years ... cost me my year's budget for RC but I don't care ... love it!!! Get yours soon guys ...
  7. Yes I am aware that RRP/MSRP does not equate to actual street price 99.9% of the time with Tamiya Based on the price of say the Hi-Lift for example (MSRP 45,000), street price is USD 439.99 @ Tower, it seems probable that the eventual street price for the Bruiser could be near the USD 850-950 mark. Some sellers might get a better bulk discount, hence taking pre-orders at various prices, but we are talking about a relatively large kit here, so bulk orders could be costly to stock (especially for shipping), unless you're a large scale Tamiya distributor bringing in stock by the container load where the smaller margins made on these big kits could be offset by the higher margins to be made selling those hard to get spare parts. And some of these sellers might just do this for a couple of kits and then list them as out of stock, just to gauge interest to know how many kits to order, then revise the price accordingly. ... I'm just saying you know ... just my opinion.
  8. Don't want to rain on anyone's parade ... but I was shocked when I saw the MSRP for this over the weekend ... around 89,700yen which is about USD 1,130. So TamiyaUSA pricing is not far from there. Realistically, I think it could be around USD 950 retail when it hits the shelf, which, sadly is way out of my budget (as tempting as it may be to have the opportunity to build a Bruiser). I can think of many things I can do with that kind of money. I am hoping the exchange rate gods favor us and make it cheaper when it finally hits the shelves early March. Edit: 89,800 yen to be exact.
  9. Let's just say my source is quite credible ... we shall see in due time
  10. There's a rumor that Bruiser will be on the shelves by March 2012 ...
  11. Interesting post from Tamiyablog ... Here's the source clicky Tamiya, producers of plastic and resin kits and accessories for modellers, have released a set of print advertisements featuring conspiracies around Elvis Presley, Roswell, the Moon Landing, JFK’s assassination, and Marilyn Monroe’s death. “Tamiya Put It Together.” Although I think it's probably a one-off ... How can I get a set? Anyone from O&M?
  12. New release annoucement from Tamiya Japan --> ClickMe
  13. This was posted on Tamiya USA too. Clicky Interesting bonus parts too ... A new addition to the M-05Ra chassis R/C series line-up is the Renault 5 Turbo Rally, which was developed based on the popular Renault 5 in order to race in the World Rally Championship. Specs and Features 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit. Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Matte-finished gold-plated wheel x 4pcs.) Polycarbonate body. Rally-tuned M-05Ra chassis features greater ground clearance and suspension strokes compared to the standard M05 chassis. Rally spec allows you to enjoy driving on both on-road and flat-dirt surfaces. Rally block tires included Short wheelbase specification (210mm). Includes 540 type brushed motor
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