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  1. I've been having the hardest time trying to locate the rear Kyosho Square Block Tyres for the Turbo Optima Mid Special, mainly the rears; W-5031. I located the front W-5034 a few months ago but the W-5031 are elusive. I purchased a sort-of-new-build TOMS. It didnt come with the 2 sets of wheels/tires and body/wing; it did have the original undertray. I will be using a repro body and decals that I purchased a few years ago. Besides the TOMS was there any other Kyosho buggy that used the W-5031 tires? Any chance someone is planning to reproduce these?
  2. Real cool. Are there other Optima models available? I'd like a Turbo Optima and a Javelin. What do these cost just for the car? I have a mini-z module I can use.
  3. Is it true? Reproduction OT30 tires? http://theoptimahouse.blogspot.com/
  4. Thanks for the tips. Is the paint pen made by Sharpie? I'll look for one.
  5. Nice job! What kind of paint do you paint the tire lettering with? I want to do some tire lettering but I don't want it flaking off. It will be for a shelfer though. What is the method for removing the chrome off Javelin wheels? Are there chemicals that remove it easily without damaging the plastic? Painting tips? I got a ton of projects I've been sitting on. Seeing these photos provide inspiration.
  6. Thanks, I updated the first post to include wheels as well and anything wheel and tire related. Unfortunately, I could not change the title and add the word "wheels". As for painting the lettering on the tires, I would like to know that too. I have standard white Fastkolor paint but I am not sure if it will work properly. The white tire lettering completes the build. I read somewhere what people have used and in fact I think I may have asked the question somewhere. I am going to have to look, it might be in the box art paint thread.
  7. Hey Guys, I own 1 NIB Optima, 2 new builds with original boxes and 3 runners with original boxes. I don't have alot of room so I store my boxes in the closet on a shelf that is the same width as the boxes (6 boxes total). My NIB Optima is bubble wrapped. None of the boxes are empty because I have no room to store the contents. The other boxes are in good shape but I don't bubble wrap them. I have mine stacked from heaviest on the bottom (containing the new builds, wheels off and making sure nothing is protruding) and lightest box on top. I put the NIB at the top to protect it from getting crushed. My main concern is that over time will the integrity of the boxes weaken? They are all in pretty good shape with the exception of one and I'd like to keep them that way. Does anyone else stack their boxes? Also if you want to get technical. What is the ideal temperature etc. I leave mine at room temp (68-70 F winter and up to 80 degrees F in summer). The attic is hot in summer and the garage is cold in winter so I don't store them in there. I like to keep my boxes in good shape . Any tips and suggestions? This is a perfect time to post photos of your storage areas too. Thanks!
  8. Ok now I know there was one set of block tires for the TOMS, front W-5034 / rear W-5031. I have the original box, no manual, but there are no part numbers on the box so I want to confirm with someone who knows. Looking closely at the box, the second set of front tires have pin spikes like the OT-66 tires.
  9. I know the rarest and expensive Optima Tires are the Original Optima Tires (OT-30) and then second the Turbo Optima Tires (OT-66). My questions are for the Turbo Optima Mid Special regarding the part numbers. I know the kit came with two sets of wheels. The fronts were narrow and the rears were the standard size (now wide). Also they were yellow wheels. (Personally, I like white, chrome or the Pargu wheels but I like to stay true to the original box art) 1. Did both complete sets of wheels contain identical sets of tires or were they different? I know one set had a different tread pattern, like square knobs. 2. If both sets of tires were different, what are the part numbers for the front and rears of the first set? The front and rears of the second set? Thanks in advance!
  10. Just thought I'd start a general Kyosho Optima tire and wheel Q&A thread since all the threads were for a specific model. All general tires and wheels questions here.
  11. For the black pin stripe on the Optima, Turbo Optima and other cars, would it be OK to use pin stripe tape on the outside of the body? Has anyone painted a thin black pinstripe line close to perfect from the inside of the body or do a majority of you use tape? If so what tape do you use that won't let paint leak underneath. I am thinking of "cheating" and using pin stripe tape on the outside of the shell. The black pinstripe line adds is that extra detail that separates the really nice bodies.
  12. Check out this thread. The responses should help you. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46832
  13. It depends. How long has it been run and what parts are missing or need replacing. Just going by the photos with the original box, manual and current condition of the car; no original motor (240ST?). I would have to say $135-$150USD. If you had everything it came with and it had very little wear on the body, tires, chassis and you had the original motor I would say about $250-300USD or more depending on other factors such as a new build or unpainted, uncut body. Now a NIB Turbo Optima Mid SE is 10X that amount from what I recently gathered. Congrats Retro R/C!
  14. I was watching that auction. So you were the one that won this A recent NIB Turbo Optima Mid SE for $2022USD. I'm curious as to why these sell for that much? Is it that rare?
  15. Very cool. It turned out really nice. Is that a JConcepts 6" rear wing? How does it handle? Are you still using the original dog bones or universals?
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