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  1. Hello. Does this help at all. The manual that comes with it is pretty naf. Hope it helps.
  2. You got a winch, nice. Brilliant pics mate. Nice video too.
  3. Option 3: Give it to me. Do the rest of it first. You cant tell if you like it or not until the paint has gone on and its done. (I like it)
  4. You can use araldite to lock them up permanently. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Araldite-Precision...7119&sr=8-5 But if you want to ever remove the lock then use a hot glue gun. You can pick it off bit by bit if you ever want to. Just don't use any grease
  5. here you go... http://shop.ebay.co.uk/items/?_nkw=tamiya+...e&_osacat=0
  6. Dont bother with the ansmann's. Like HBM said if you think its fast now wait untill you get a good motor. The sport tuned motor is a 23 turn so your ESC will take it. But to be honest its not that much quicker than a stock silver can. Your ESC can handle motors down to 13 turns as it is the mc330cr. If you want your battery to last a decent amount of time go for a 19 turn motor. They have a good balance of power and run time. The venom one in the link is a good one. If you want maximum power and are not fussed about run time it comes in 15 turns And in 13 turns. Hope it helps
  7. New chargers a alot better than old ones. Now with a decent charger, a fast charge will amout to the same run time as a slow charge. This is the charger you want to get. http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...mp;ItemID=28791 I have one and its great. I always charge my battery's so they are done in 1 hour. So for a 4500mAh pack charge it at 4.5 amps. The charger above lets you control how much current you put in.
  8. Fitted all my gear with deans connectors this morning.
  9. Sounds like your pinion has gone to me. The teeth should look like this /\ and not like this /l. If they do its why the noise is louder in reverse.
  10. Does your remote have servo reversing? basically just a small switch that says "N" and "R". Slide it to the other side for channel 2. That will sort the steering. Is it a ESC or a MSC. (electronic speed controller.) (mechanical speed controller)
  11. I agree with TA-mark. The only reason I would buy a CC01 Touareg is to build a custom off roader. The pajero looks great though.
  12. Got my TT01 going today. Its been sat in the garage for about 1 and a half years with no electronics or gears in it. And amazingly I got a TEU101BK to work first try.
  13. The VLB of course. Who came up with the idea at tamiya of putting a VAN on top of a off road chassis that cant go around corners to save its life, and rolls over when you go backwards and turn.
  14. You are insane and totally wrong. I think you will find the front suspension is TWO big blocks. But seriously, thats just your opinion and I think the frog is a great car. It manages to have almost as much character as a lunchbox, but it can go around corners.
  15. No you are not odd. I am not very keen on the new style buggy's like the gravel hound and rising storm type. However I think the vintage buggy's like the Hornet, grasshopper and frog look great. Especially my frog.........
  16. Wow thats awesome. I wish I had the time and money to make a custom build. Just awesome, top work.
  17. I use a side cutter, a file and many years of airfix building experience to get a perfect cut every time. Practice makes perfect.
  18. Its very tempting to put a ezrun in my frog. But its fast enough with the sport tuned motor and I know anything faster will destroy the gear box. When I get my slash though that will get the meanest brushless set up around! because I know it can take it.
  19. "shelf queen" the two words make me cringe. But my cars are always cleaned after use.
  20. Me too. And is it just me or is the forum being a bit slow this morning?
  21. Don't worry dude, its totally normal. Mine did it, after two battery's they will be smooth as silk.
  22. It does clean them a lot. My CR01 has only ever been this clean when it was new!
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