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  1. welcome, nice cars youve got there
  2. iv done a similar thing to what your doing, firstly i would like to point out you wont get full steering lock with the bumper on (incase you havent found that problem yet) but if you take the bumper off you run a very high risk of breaking the chassis just behind the front wishbones hence i sujest making a plate to go in place of the bumper, and the toe in is too much with upgraded suspention (whitch i assume is why you need ajustable steering arms), other than that it looks a very neat job
  3. as-17s arnt bad but i broke 2 over 3 days, i use these now: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12832 (its a good site free p&p too), metal geared, faster than as17 and only a cuple of quid dearer
  4. looks like you had fun, looks a decent coating of snow you got there to, wish i had snow, just finished moding my tl01 for offroad use yes mr wether thats the que to snow...... lol
  5. heres the link to the site, show the link to your dt department an see what they say, theres only about 5 or 6 teams so itl be good to get new teams edit: i forgot to put the link in lol http://www.4x4inschools.co.uk/
  6. hi, every monday i stay behind after school and do "4x4 challenge" with my mates where you build a chassis, wishbones shock towers etc and use ready made difs and hubs to make an rc 4x4 and enter it in the yearly compertition, and seen as were about the 15th team to do it parts are becoming scarce becuase of the lost/stolen bits so i wonder if anyone could say what kit there from, this is the only pic iv got at the moment: the dif has had one of the mounts sawn of for some reason lol any help apreciated
  7. 1500 is the capacity mesured in mili amps, so its 1500mah, the higher the number the longer the runtime
  8. i have a similar problem with my sport tuned, i was driving and it stoped, when electric is put in teh motor, nothing happens, as if theres no circuit, and electrics definatly getting to the motor tabs, i never fixed it so it just sits on the shelf
  9. i use industrial gear greese but doubt you can buy that nowadays, vasalene is good, clean, and does the job
  10. just to add to the pinion thing, does anybody know of the cheepest/best place to buy pinions?
  11. a speed tuned is the fastest you can run with that esc, you could get this - http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...mp;ItemID=31291 and run a much faster motor.........
  12. i orderd a sidewinder and 5700kv combo, took them 3 months but it did arive
  13. iv was given my first rc (tlo1) from my dads friend, (hes 90 now and he built it to see if he could still do anything), i found a 5 cd changer complete with amp andtape deck at the side of the road, all works, i found a 240 to 12v transformer, ooo and i found a sighn that says "BP ADMIN" (i asume somone nicked it from his carparking space an chucked it in the ditch)
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