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  1. I can't believe tamiya would do this to such loyal lovers of there products. I will never buy another rerelease kit or part or anything else from tamiya. Unless its a vintage part from an individual. Tamiya needs to step up and make the products we need. If they don't want to make them, they got no right telling others they can't. Whats a matter tamiya? Afraid someone else is gonna make a dollar off your name. What about all the tamiya loyal people on this club and all the money they have spent making you rich. I think tamiya is the one who is not loyal! I feel betrayed
  2. Does anyone know what happen to the repro stickers. No body is selling them anymore. What happen while I was out enjoying my summer.
  3. Well bud, I know you got all the body parts and stickers you need for this now. And just in case you need the color description. Its PS-54 cobalt green for the body and TS-34 camel yellow for the front air dam. The PS colors are made for lexan bodies but the only difference is the flex agent that they add to the paint so it doesn't chip off a flexible lexan body. It will work just fine on the styrene body. And make sure to get two cans of the green, if your painting the inside of the body too. I can't wait to see your car with its new body. Its gonna be so sweet. I wonder which one of us will finish first?
  4. Got bored after watching for 2 minutes and nothing was being driven.
  5. I love your monster beetle. I alway's thought they looked great. Welcome to TC
  6. I wanted to let everyone know that I received my Items back in the same condition that they were in and compensation. I would also like to appoligize for any rude comments that were left in showrooms on my behalf. I consider my dealings concluded with the other party and hope no ill well. Now, lets get back to building some new showrooms
  7. I have still been sending D-spec emails trying to get him to return my items and/or an email. Has anyone else heard from him lately?
  8. I plan to remodel the entire down stairs half of my house. Can't really start the project until spring. Its just cold right now.
  9. I am trying to make a new monster truck SIG. It will be called (bullhead/clodbuster and custom monster trucks) Or somthing like that. I am having alot of trouble constructing the banner. I got some cool pics to add into it. But just can't get them to fit right. And then theres the lettering on the banner. So I know theres someone out there with mad computer skills that wouldnt mind building this banner for me. Here are some pics I wanted in the sig. Please help Theres one more picture I want added to my banner, Its the first pic in my gravedigger showroom http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...6&sid=26773
  10. I use 320 to start with. It does leave little scratches, but primer fills them right in. Paint does not. I use 1500 grit for between coats and for my very last coat. I cut it down with 6000 micro-mesh. Then polish to glass like finish. I use the 1500 mostly. 320 only for stripping paint. Brake fluid works better.
  11. Perfect! Also a higher C rated battery can be charged faster at a higher charge rate. I love lipo power and brushless systems. I put them in everything. But I have OCD when it comes to RC. Ha, ha, ha. So don't most on TC. I fell right at home
  12. That is absolutely spectacular! I would never have thought that would work. Just the right boat. Just the right snow conditions. But it worked. AWESOME!
  13. Nice little video. If I was in the race, I would want to be at the controls of the hornet. With a pistol grip of course.
  14. I love this thread. I have gotten some great advise. Now I need to give it a try.
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