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  1. I dont have another pack, best get myself one. Cheers dude!
  2. Tried it again today but with no joy?????
  3. Ok guys, when I first switch the charger on at the wall socket the red light blinks as it should do. Once the battery is connected it still blinks and when I press the start button it still just blinks? No green trickle light or both green and red fast charge light??
  4. Hi guys, having problems with my charger and its only just over a year old? It wont charge when I press the START button and yes the fuse is intact. Its the one with the two lights, red, green, trickle, fast. Means I cant play with my Keen Hawk in the snow......boo hoo Have there been any faults with them as the supplier I purchased it from aint selling them anymore??
  5. Get a DF03!!! You wont regret it. Great build great fun and if you fancy chuck in a ez-run brushless for the most enjoyable experience ever! (not as good as a bj tho lol)
  6. make sure you're underpants are tight as its terrible getting sand in you're crack!!!!!!!
  7. Well guys, Thanks for the advice, lots of thinking to do.......... Mad Ax, cheers for your time too, think i'm gonna have to try and get my hands on the old classic MB. Been following a few on the bay, funny prices for a completed one....... What sort of price would you get a chassis for? I'd rather do it my way as old Frank used to always tell me. It's the building it part I enjoy the most. What others have the same chassis as the MB?
  8. Thinking truck guys, which one? clod, moster beetle, lunchbox?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeh but thats a bit greedy, How do I explain getting 2 new cars to the mrs??
  10. Ok guys, here's where I stand, I have a df03 Keen Hawk at present and am looking for a new toy. Do I go for a monster truck or a touring car for my next project? I only bash my dfo3 and would be the same with the monster truck but, I'd love to race the tourer but live in Edinburgh and not sure of any such clubs??? Help needed. Always fancied a truck though...................... cheers guys, Mr Haggis
  11. Ta Terry, can you tell me what will give longer run times? nitro or brushless?
  12. Hi guys, looking for some help with regards to my next project. I purchased my first rc at the end of last year, a DF03, added a few hop ups, slipper, pinions, diffs etc and a EZrun 9T brushless setup. Now looking for a truck but not sure re nitro?? The T-MAXX 3.3 looks great (I know it aint Tamiya, sorry) but I also love the Super Clod,(when I was 14 my mate had one, sooooo jealous) but I know that the Clod is a snail out of the box. Are there any brushless setups available for the Clod, is it worth doing? or do I spend my hard earned cash on a T-MAXX or even the E-MAXX? Only gonna be bashing and dishing out abuse so looking for reliability as well as speed too. Any help, pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Can anyone tell me roughly what length of run time you'd get from a nitro t-maxx compared to my df03? I'm lucky if I get 10 mins with an ansman 2300 battery and thinking maybe a nitro buggy would give longer run times?? Any advice would be appreciated very much guys.
  14. Hi mate, I love the look of the revo 3.3. Seen a few vids on youtube but the price scares me!!!
  15. For sure dude!! You're still GEEK #1 lol Happy new year!!
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