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  1. Oh wow, look at that - definitely not alone then! Who'd have thought there be duplicate forum thread issues on this topic?! Just goes to show, Tamiya smell is important.
  2. The blue stuff. Yes, I know I have a problem but is it just me? Not sure if it's nostalgia or genuinely just a great smell. No idea what the active stuff is in it - nothing else smells remotely like it.
  3. You're all right - glow ignitor(s) were the issue - all 4 of them! Made my own by replacing the battery on one and bingo - all good, and now I'm behaving noisy and smelly - awesome Buggy is currently stalling out under higher throttle - think it's maybe a bit lean. Going to richen up the HSN and have another go tomorrow.
  4. Hi All, I'm normally an electric guy, but the hot weather for some reason has made me want to blow the dust off my old Ansman Nitro 1/8th buggy from about 2002. It's in good order - last run maybe 2-3 years ago. It has a glow plug in it, and I had 3 which were unopened until today, bought new about 10 years ago plugs. None of them work (have tried with 3 different igniters, all of which are good and showing 1.2v+). They all have continuity, and show a DC resistance of 0.01 ohms - which sounds low to me, but would draw a heck of a current you'd expect to glow hot. They don't even get mildly warm. Do they normally go bad over time? I've ordered some new ones just to be certain, but would be good to get your experience of what might be wrong.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts guys - I bought an action man figure head as per recommendations. I think the scale looks pretty good. Any thoughts on how to get the neck placement right? It's a big neck hole to fill. I forgot the eyes on these heads move left to right! Would be awesome to hook those up to a servo
  6. PS - I was wondering if an Action Man head might be about the right size? A few of those on eBay and some cool motorbike helmets I've seen too....
  7. This is the last piece missing from my Kyosho ATC - kind of an important one Given finding an original is likely to be impossible - anyone have any ideas for possible substitutes? It's 1/6th scale I believe....
  8. Thanks - it's not painted though, it's alloy
  9. Pulled the masking tape off today. Couple of very small overspray issues to deal with (masking lifted in a couple of places while I was spraying) but those can be easily dealt with. Here he is with his sister (that one nearly done)
  10. Oh, ps - yeah there is nothing that beats Tamiya tape in my experience. Both for lack of bleed and in terms of not reacting with any paints we typically use (poly/acrylic etc). I tried to use decorators masking tape once and learned the hard way that it doesn't play nice with Polyurethane...
  11. Thanks - yes, I use the 2mm tape for all the initial run to create the lines and bends. That gives me the good edge you need. Bit clearer how it started maybe on the right of this pic:- Then build up with 3mm and then finish it with 10mm. Absolute pain to do and I hate it, but it sure is rewarding when it's done
  12. Hate this job... been putting it off for 2 years, but today was the day :)
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