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  1. Not sure that any kind of glue/bond would give you much durability, I've added a pic for the way i would tackle this problem, easier than explaining, hope its of any use, Matt.
  2. Hi all, have 2 quick queries regarding my rebuild, the first is: I can't seem to line the body up with the roll bar, the body is fixed at the 3 points + the roof clip, any ideas as to why this might be? the second is: There doesn't seem to be a hole in the front body mount, is this correct? cheers Matt
  3. I have 4 Willies in total..... 2 mk1's, 1 mk2 and a re-re, thing is i have 1 original that is in near mint condition with an unbroken front grill, the other 2 have been repaired and the re-re grill just annoys me, anyhoo i know trying to find another unbroken grill is like rocking horse doo, so i've started to produce my own repros as replacements for my other 3 willies. This got me thinking that there must be others who use this site in the same predicament and wondered if i could get my grills to a decent standard would any body else on here like 1??? Im only in the early stages of doing these and there are a few issues that i need to look into but its taking shape, there also made in a more flexible plastic, so ideal for a runner....... cheers Matt
  4. I have been using caustic soda to remove paint for quite some time now, its stripped many Willies... a Lancia, scorcher, porsche 935, and more all with great success. On my latest resto a Super Champ, it's stripped the body clean and the driver too, the prievious owner had painted the roof, so i thought i'd chuck it in the bucket aswell thinking it strips off plastic it won't harm the metal parts, how wrong was I...... Whoops.... So I am now in the hunt for replacement part, any help.....
  5. Dunno if this is anything to go by, but my recent purchase of a super champ came with a box of spares, within this i found a red rubber bag, looks original... matt
  6. I recently bought a Super Champ from the bay, its complete all bar the motor cover, i remember a post a while back where someone described the difference's between covers for the srb's but can't remember wether it was for the motor cover or gear cover, i've looked for the post but can't seem to locate it, Was wondering as the bay has recently been flooded with buggy champ parts if one from one of these would do the job? cheers Matt
  7. Hi, you could try some fine wet and dry, only problem you may have is if there are any areas you cant get at with the paper, i would go on with the black and then apply a coat of matt clear spray, matt
  8. Sound, at least i know what im looking for, knew somebody here would know.... cheers twinset
  9. The fronts are bfg's also?
  10. Hi wondered if anybody could help me... recently bought these from the bay and am after another set but can't find any reference as to where they might have originated, any ideas...... thanks Matt
  11. Hi, do you still have the: acoms 4 channel radio comes with 5 channel receiver (no crystals )£15 ono, for sale? am interested and can pay via paypal as a gift, im in the uk to. Cheers Matt
  12. Hi all, went to see the new Transformers last night, Awsome film with the added bonus of a little F350 Tamiya running around and Transforming, a must see....... Matt couldn't get any images copyrights and all.... can't find any reference to it on the net either?
  13. I know these items are rare but how much? (UK eBay)
  14. Thanks for all of your comments and most of all your votes, sorry for the slow reply as i've only just found out that I'd won, been away from the computer all this weekend due to the arrival of my daughter 'Lilly' Chuffed to win as i never win anything..... thanks again, Matt
  15. Hi, just thought id post a thread to show my appriciation for this site and the people who use it , I recently purchased a 935 shell from the bay and have been scatching my head ever since trying to work out how to remove a nasty layer of red paint, i noticed the search feature and looked for ways to remove old paint, many people seem to use various methods, i tried a few and the caustic soda idea seemed to be the best, image below, I have a question though, would it be advised to use this method with my audi quattro lexan shell as the break fluid doesn't even make a dent and am worried about melting the plastic, cheers Matt
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