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  1. Iv Found one too, but sold the pack. Its nothing rare i guess
  2. W000t, close this topic. I looked better at the switch, found the spot for the spring and added the metal bars. Now its workin again. Just glue the things an RUN it
  3. Hmm, its not burnt out, I just need to put the switch back together. But how is the problem, when i made a wheelie It felt out of the car. when i connect the pins it runs. But i want it working the original way.
  4. Hey guys, Iv bought a 1987 Tamiya Clodbuster, When i made a few runs The engine stopped and the economic switch was broken. I've demontated the switch, and got all parts together. Does any1 know how to fix this? Maybe pictures will help: Regards Marvin
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