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  1. Hi there Firstly apologies for asking a question which has probably been asked loads of times but after having read posts, reviews and watched stuff on eBay I am still at a bit of a loss. I have a 25+ year old monster beetle and lunchbox which I have got back in running order for my son with the addition of a couple of new ESCs tble02s's to replace the old mechanical ones and a couple of new batteries (3300 nimh) He has got good use of the cars over the last year but the motors which are also 25+ years old (an old stock silver can and a sport tuned) are running a bit hot now and are a bit temperamental. To make things a bit safer for him to use them on his own and prolong the battery life/ run time a bit I was looking to go brushless on the cars but I don't want anything too insane as I will only spend more time fixing them than he does running them, although to be fair I do enjoy tinkering with them. My question therefore is what do you recommend, I would like something as fast as a sport tuned or a little faster but don't know whether I am better going for one of the tamiya motors since I already have the ESCs or go with one of the cheaper motor ESC combos such as the leopard 3930kv or similar. With the non tamiya motors is there anything you need to look out for, do they fit the same to the motor mounts on the cars or do you need adapters etc? Do the pin ions fit? Lastly is there a way of taming the motors down a bit so that initially they are a bit slower for my son but as he progresses I can dial the up a bit. Is this possible via the programming card? Is this what the motor timing option is on the set up? Thanks for your patience Mark
  2. Went in to my parents loft today to get my kids twin pram out for my sister in law. Then couldn't find the wheels, argh wife is going to kill me. Then checked my loft as well and still no joy so I return to my parents and proceeded to tear theirs apart and not only found prams wheels but more importantly these gems. Sod's law though, a few hours earlier I had ordered a set of spikes from time tunnel for the basher beetle I am restoring for my son. Ying and yang and all that.
  3. I like them both. I recently bought a Carson stick for my son to use and in comparison it seems so flimsy, in fact the first time I opened it to put batteries in the nut at the back of the screw fell out so now the battery cover is held on by scotch tape till I am brave enough to open it up and see if I can secure it back on. I might just stick with them for nostalgia.
  4. Hi all You have all been great over the last few weeks with help and advice as I try to get my son hooked on RC and also try to rein myself in as the bug bites again after 20+ years. My new question is are these controllers worth anything? I particularly like the wheel one and haven't seen one like it elsewhere. They are Acoms Techniplus AP 27 and AW 27 controllers, both are **** near Immaculate and I have the servos and receivers also (oh they also work). Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Mark
  5. I've also seen a website pop up a lot Asiatees.com Has anyone used that?
  6. I have checked with Amazon and the have definitively confirmed the price includes VAT, I asked again and they confirmed again. I am now waiting to see from the seller if it definitely includes the ESC. This is because as is states above it starts to say this item does not include........... What might it not include? The answers to the inner workings of a woman's mind, I was really hoping that WOULD be included.
  7. This was the link, it was a new in box kit on Amazon UK but sent from Japan, seems oddly cheap. I am waiting on Amazon letting me know the price includes VAT etc. don't want to get stung with that further down the line. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000GPP4M8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1&smid=A3B83K0DRVHFU2
  8. Right I have spent the last few days pouring over what to do and need one final bit of advice. I had settled on a mad bull but then got tempted into looking at some dt02 chassis and for about the same money as I would spend on a mad bull and then putting oil shocks and bearings on it I can get a desert gator. Is there any difference between the gator and the viper, I am just wondering cause it seems to be a good bit cheaper where I am looking and it still comes with the esc which was my first query. Also would the dt02 still take monster wheels, would it overwhelm the gearbox, from all accounts it seems to be a pretty tough set up. I am keen to put monster wheels on it initially to make it a bit more rugged and forgiving for my son but afterwards I think it is the best option for then hopping up and growing with him as he gets older and better. What are your guys opinion?
  9. I'm selling some old MB parts just now and I think the proceeds are going to go to a mad bull, but it won't be my last purchase just need to make sure my son gets bitten by the bug. The mad bull in buggy form looked quite good, was there many mods required?
  10. before I launch my next question, I'd like to say thanks for your advice so far, much appreciated. Is there an easy way or deciphering the chassis you are quoting? DF, DB, TT, DT? Do they stand for something, is there a social hierarchy, who's the rich uncle and who's the cousin always borrowing money? My thinking just now is that the mad bull looks a good option for letting a 7 year old loose on it, I've got an old old old sport tuned motor in a box somewhere that I bet would be fun in it. Although I am liking the look of the mad hornet, it would offer flexibility as it could return to a true buggy with ease. Nitomor - what wheel and tyres are those on your hornet? I was looking for spikes for my monster beetle and I bet they would be good fun on it, the extra width would make it almost in rollable.
  11. Just looked at the mad bull on eBay and spotted a set of shocks, red. Does anyone know if these would fit the old monster beetle? I'm just try to make a runner not trying to keep it vintage but the ly would be a good match for the red chassis. I also saw some silver re re frog ones, those should fit shouldn't they?
  12. Just looked at the mad bull on eBay and spotted a set of shocks, red. Does anyone know if these would fit the old monster beetle? I'm just try to make a runner not trying to keep it vintage but the ly would be a good match for the red chassis. I also saw some silver re re frog ones, those should fit shouldn't they?
  13. Don't go backwards? This is making my pennies burn a hole in my pocket. I like the look of the DT02 it fits with the style of buggies I remember, flat handling, sharp turns, nice and crisp. The mad bull I was not familiar with and looks plenty fun and very robust, maybe more up to giving the control over to a 7 year old for a while. Plus with the bigger tyres etc it's maybe more flexible terrains wise. Are the builds of these new cars similar to the old ones where you need to build everything including the gearbox etc, what are parts like for these newer models? Easy to find, cheap, interchangeable, easy to hop up? Hmmmm, getting the bug again.
  14. I have been away from RC for a long while and used of my old lunchbox and monster beetle for my son. Back when I got the Lunchbox I really wanted a buggy at the time (manta ray if I remember correctly it was about the same price back then). Anyway to get the the point if I was to get a buggy now for my son (and me) what would be a good purchase as I'm not familiar with all the new models DT, TT loadsa letters. I like what I know so grasshopper, hornet, frog or if I can hide it from the missus a hotshot but how do the new models compare for fun driving and building? It will be mostly used on the standard street, car park, grass and beach bashing. I know this is a personal thing so I am likely to get a few differing views but it will maybe help me make up for 20+ years of missing developments. Thanks Mark
  15. I ended up getting a 45 turn from the eBay link above and it worked at treat with the esc configuration and my son is now bashing away quite happily. Now on to the monster beetle and try to get that going smoothly again.
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