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  1. I wonder if we will ever get to see a Blazing Blazer re-release. Shouldn't be such big of a problem for Tamiya, as the chassis has already been re-released with the Bruiser and Mountaineer. What do you think, how probable is a BB re-re in the near future? Any rumours?
  2. OMG, I'm so going to buy two of this. And the Black Special Avante is also again released.
  3. I wish for a Blazing Blazer, Dyna Storm, Porsche 959, Super Astute
  4. I could grab one a few weeks ago for $270 on local trade site. They already sell for 400 up on the bay. Crazy.
  5. The only reason I can see why Tamiya is not re-issuing kits at the same pace it used to, is because sales must have dropped significantly. The last two re-res we were given are the BF an MB. Mostly just a lousy reconfiguration of existing parts in a new box. And their 2016 Tamiya Fair portfolio is the most pathetic I have seen in years. Ah yeah, and the latest Tamiyablog entry right now is a video showing a 1:1 new Honda NSX leaving Tamiya Fair. Are they for real?
  6. Doubt they will throw 2 re-res at the same time at us....
  7. Haha, more copyright kindergarten. Thank you Kyosho.
  8. As much as I'm excited about the Optima, what I really really want is this:
  9. Let me know when you find such a combo for $299.
  10. Actually, that's the part I like the most! So hopefully no pre-build shocks
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