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  1. Ok, lets see if this is a option. Seems that my T-07 unit is partial bbq'ed from the Leopard 2A6 Would prefer to trade against.. say.. a build Leopard 1A4 ( as , yes.. i know the MFU also comes at a price ) Or, i still got several NIB kits laying around ( mostly TT01 i guess )
  2. Stefan(2)

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Its a bit mixed tho.. About 10-15 years ago i spend ages and piles of money to scour 1/16 tank parts from all over the world ( litterly ) Even more on buying -rare- 1/14 truck parts build in small series . Just to be able to restore them or make what i wanted to do . Nearly un-ubtanium, even with money to spend to get to your goal. Now.. i just checked.. i can buy every part tree out there ( even the insane rare one's ) who , where years ago .. - just not there anymore - Yes.. they come at a price.. but.. - its there -. There where only a few vintage part dealers , ( jr - rc ?? ) and one decent ball-bearing guy on ebay.. - that was it - Now.. click-and-get .. I never bought many cars from ebay, but .. parts.. i think ( quick look ) , the situation improved with the ability to restore cars / keep cars going.
  3. Stefan(2)

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I have a feeling that its harder to "get parts" then 10 ish years ago , that stuff must be stocked somewhere. And yes, if its out there.. its quite overpriced.
  4. Stefan(2)

    Too many controllers

    Or take a look at those trophy trucks ( really unknown in Europa, ive seen it on some youtube clips ) Absurd the beating those can take . On the other hand, all those sports.. including wrc , kind of look like watching a game of tennis if you ever took a peek at Irish roadracing. ( Isle of Man style ) . Or what those brave souls do at Icelandic hilltop racing ( nutters ! ) ... now i type this.. i so need to fix the motorbike But running into a similar issue, while i do got the Nomadio set back in working order, its seems if i want to have some fun on a track i have to ditch it. ( somehow, these sets are banned , have no idea why ) Really shameful, as with the telemetrie its quite glorious to have temp readout / and other info at your fighter tip before you nuke a cylinder head on a 2 stroke .
  5. Stefan(2)

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Today .. i waited for a buyer.. 2 tanks ( Gepard and Leopard ) where suppose to change hands today. ( allows me to fund the repairs of the others who stay ) Well, this was actually the 2e time.. as last week , a guy was also suppose to show up to pick them up. Today.. again a no show.. what is it with people, making a appointment, and not showing up.. at least the first one cancelled a few hours before.. The other one just.. well.. - nothing - Maybe i just expect a bit to much of "collectors with the same hobby" .. i do not know ...
  6. Stefan(2)

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    True, sad story is, once up a time , i actually was repairing crt monitors for my work ! And was even considered by others, good at it. ( real long story.. boring.. but.. basically, without any electronic education .. i was , in a large company, litterly, solder-repairing and repairing monitors ) In those times you just "rolled into it" and well.. somebody figured that .. ( his words ) , i had a sense for the job so .. i got it ( weard .. but ... ) Its not hard once you get your head around it and understand what the parts do , and .. should do.. and if not, fix it. Once smd really hit the market.. i litterly could just not keep up ( and.. company closing down anyway so... ) i went back to being a cook . ( no.. no joke ) But, my luck is that the MFU board in my case, is a single layer ( 2 sided however, but minimal parts. ) , and my guess ( slightly educated ) , is that a proper tech can diagnose and fix the issue . But, today did manage to find a company that want to have a go at it. Worth the 30 euro's to try it.
  7. Stefan(2)

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    Repairing stuff gets "unusual " as it usually cheaper to replace the whole thing. Funny fact out of the last few days , i got this 56020 with a mfu what got waterboarded by the wife.. ( don't ask ) Now, its a SMD board , so out of my range of repairs and diagnose ( im old school ;p ) , It is above my abilities to do it myself. So, i was looking for a company ( they use to have those tv / audio repair shops ) to take a peek at it. ( i have a idea its a easy fix , and suspect what the issue is ) I spend a long time, just finding -a shop- who still repairs at component level . These days, they replace the board or the screen.. or scrap it straight away . Shame.. i would happy pay 100,- euro to repair a board costing new 260,- euro. So much stuff you can just repair easy .. what does not need replacement ( and , new off the factory ) But then, im from the generation who repairs stuff / fixes / builds stuff when they need to.. Seems these days its the norm to replace entire units. ** feeling old ** ... and not even 40 yet ..
  8. Stefan(2)

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I used for most old blackfoot style tires for stands , with added benefit, due the "fly" i could put longer cars on a more narrow shelf ( make the front wheels hover over the edge ) Kind of looked "in style" also , using rc tires as stands
  9. Stefan(2)

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    Mad Ax actually has a good point ( thats, how i read it anyway ) I would love to have solar panels on my roof ( to reduce electricity cost ) , bonus.. better for the flowers and animals. .. but i can't afford them.. I would love to drive a tesla , or a cheaper electric car. no more gas to pay, and the government pays my road tax.. and cheap insurance ( also government pays a bit for that ) Not to mention ,they pay a large chunk of the actual buy price of it ! Hey, i could even charge them with my wished for solar panels ! .. but i can't afford it... I would love to buy free-range meat , it taste's better anyway .. but i can't afford it.. Same as the bio foods.. yep, it actually taste better.. however .. .. i can't afford it .. ect.. What they did do around here, is increase the house-hold-gas price, ( for that co2 story ) , as a tax .. Also they increased the tax on electricity .. to .. motivate people to put solar panels up... What prevents me from saving any money for.. say.. solar panels.. as i got to pay up the extra tax .. ( can only spend it 1x .. right ? ) And sad joke is, im considered having a medium income.. nearly 2x as the minimal wage. Imagine the real low income people trying to do it..
  10. Yep, i noticed, a tad bit over hobby budget atm ( mostly also as the dude who today should pick up some stuff with me, was a no-show ) ... * shakes fist * Baghdad Basher got waterboarded .. how.. ironical ;p * added, ordered a small esc for -cheap- .. ( 8 euro or something ).. See if i can "fix" it with that.. * just got to remember to shut down the bec, else im going to have another intrestring day ;p * On the other hand.. 6v and 6v is still.. 6v ..
  11. Follow up.. Considering .. well, guess so.. the part of the mfu is -dead - .. i still have the sound effect and a working motor. The motor works like .. a regular rc car motor ( its just .. really tiny ;p ) If i could find.. a real small car esc , i COULD just attempt to wire it in between ( oh badword , space is already so limited ) , and have a esc control the turret motor... ( and got to live with the fact that the recoil just won't work anymore )
  12. Tested.. good news.. motors work ( 7.2V ) Bad news. think i found something .. and im now official over my head with it My best guess is, water came in ( thanks wife.. ) , and fried the part of the board.. What, could be possible, as thats the part the cable's come out for the .. yes, turret rotation and recoil motor. As its SMD .. im way in over my head , im old school ( can fix the bigger stuff )
  13. Any idea what voltage there rated ? 5v ? ( i learned ;p ) Added.. im slightly afraid for the mfu unit, as i can't get any voltage reading on the plug going to the motors ( like.. none .. )
  14. Stefan(2)

    How has the hobby affected your relationships?

    In truth, would love it.. Im the only -person- into rc into a very large radius.. kind of .. always -play- alone .. Would love to bash with a few. ( there is a club a good drive away, however they "don't want me" so.. yeah.. ) ( having the wrong brand of car and tx sets or some bla bla bla )
  15. IT LIVES.. ok.. partial .. So far, cleaned, did some battle damage repairs , and installed a fresh battery ( the old one was really.. unrecoverable ) So far so good.. that thing is noisy ! forgot about that ;p * rrooaaarrr * But.. now i ran into a dual-issue ( who, i think are related ) Even after recalibration , the turret rotation motor, and the recoil motor won't work. ( i do get the sound effect, so the "control" should work good ) So far cleaned the inside of the tank out, checked the connectors.. still no-show Any suggestion where to look ? Before it went into hibernation it was working fine.