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  1. I still have them , but this forum won't allow them to upload them here. ( files to big ) edit : i hope this works : https://we.tl/t-S9I58WgV3S alternative, the one below. should last for 2 weeks there website says
  2. Do we not all ? Got a stash of NIB's still at a mate's place. Suddenly .. they will just.. - be there - .. Oh no, there always been there.. you did not notice ?
  3. Nice way to do it ! I was usually take the cheapest chassis i still had laying around, ( F103 or something in that range ) And put as much "hp" on it until something went terrible/spectacular wrong ( and then proceed to call it a victory ) You sir.. are taking a sensible approach of doing it !
  4. That happened later to ( additions or , not listed items ) When i ordered kits straight from Japan , i always took the one's without the ESC . ( with ESC, they had a decal on them , on the box ) , and i did not want that. ) And as most of those kits where for collection , not for build.. i did not want to spend the extra on a never to be used ESC. A few kits came with a stock ESC anyway, without the decal on the box. Added by the seller.. or added by Tamiya , who would know.. No, you could strap me for to a torture chair for weeks, i can't remember what kits they where. The TT-01 as it was original, was still one of the most kommen chassis to order.
  5. Good report sir ! That thing hold up way better then expected i must say ** wished we had any form of track around here ;p **
  6. Good finds ! however, nope. he had buggy wheels like the Jet Hopper "simular" rear wing, and i can't remember the front for the life of me. It did not have a "turbo" option . Think it took 8 (?) penlights / AA's for power.. or 4 .. * mutters about not remembering *.. but hey, that was over 30 years ago give me a break TImewise.. anywhere between '85 and '89 is my best guess As far i can recal, it did not have visual schock Absorbers , front was rigid ,as it would "bounce" all over the place. ( ah, now i remember.. it also did not have a "servo" for going left or right, but that "other type"
  7. That Jet hopper looks really "alike" the first rc car what was in our familie ( dad bought 1 , as well.. low funds.. ) We drove that thing to pieces over the years. Had a white abs body ,and no "spare tire" on the back. * never * found what it was.. but i assume it was a dickie or a tayco(??) as that was what we had around here.
  8. In the Flakpanzer Gepard case ( nib ) , it was a actually lucky hidden-away find at some dude's place. Nearly had one YESTERDAY... a original frog.. Story : Im a garbage dude, and one of the less fortunate jobs is doing clearings .. what means, people get -evicted- or for other reasons there house gets cleaned out by a pro team.. The entire content of a house gets dumped into a huge container.. ( here i come in ) , and i haul that off to dispose off. So i dump the container , for privacy issue's of the person , it was quite obvious that house needed a clean and "empty" , the person who owned the place, no idea what happened to him. Not something i want to know anyway. ( as its not that unusual the owner had to be taken out also with people with hazmat suits ) Well , i close the container doors after dumping.. and my eyes drop on a buggy front wheel.. * closer inspection * , with a frog "knee" on it ! * kicks aside some other misc stuff * .. frog body .. ( there was a misc lot of other rc gear in there, some boats.. planes and the odd chopper or 2 ) Well, did a quick scan.. but was not able to find back the full frog , it was 40 m3 of "waist" so .. yeah.. its a huge pile of "house content" . ( nope, did not take the stuff ) , as i could get fired on the spot for that. Its a big no-no in my work. Anyway.. when you get cought.. and ( frog ) bits are no where even near worth the risk.
  9. A original NIB flakpanzer gepard . 56003 And i build it like a boss without shame, without thinking 2x about it ( not my pic.. but , you get the idea .. )
  10. There was that buggy, what turned into a "tamiyaclub" meme , before meme's where invented. ** crushes skull about the name ** Sonic Fighter ??
  11. Usually a sign of "bad connection" I would just cut of the bad part, and put on a new plug, it will most likely fix your issue.
  12. Sir, you want getto ? .. getto you get As the original plastic is not strong enough for my driving skills Solid steel bars .. as ... yes, the original gave way due my spectacular driving style. Yes, you are looking at a welded steel roll cage .. on a rc car.. Just a McGyver mod, shed-door hinge as a body mount
  13. managed to sneak in some toy-time , FG Marder was begging for a front bumper ( mostly to protect the front suspension a bit against impacts. ( was always a better builder then a driver ) Managed to get that done. And could not resist zooming around a bit with the dji phantom 1 ( it still lives! ) Resisted this time the urge to do 1 "hold my beer and watch this" flying so , it lives to do that another time. So with that, i am improving .. a few flights without extensive repairs after !
  14. Its all ok ;p Garage / Mancave / Workshop rule number 7 : The more space you have, the more stuff you can't live without / really need, you will collect around you. There is a little hoarder in all of us hidden :p
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