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    Kick Boxing, Snowboarding, Shooting, drinking, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Driving, Golf (12 Handicap, now I am playing 3 times a week!)) more drinking, walking the dogs on the beach (particularly when one of the dogs happens to poop right in front of a group of hotties Aarrghhh) buying wholesale vintage parts and selling retail on both ebay and our own website and at cheaper prices than competitors ;-)

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  1. Hi, Can I buy the Kyosho Porsche Superten Bodyset ?  Thx.

  2. Based on other re-re's by kyosho would not be surprised to see either a Turbo optima or a Javelin ;-)
  3. ON the pictures I have been sent by kyosho, it shows chain drive and belt drive options, you choose which you fit, Ball-races and gear diffs. Also looks like the tyres have changed a bit, look a little more "Balloon" that they did before? Decals have changed a little too, Slipper clutch included too and 2 different style bumpers (original and Smaller version)
  4. I believe they were used on the Optima Mid Custom along with W5075 or W5076 as Option tyres, should fit ok.
  5. Original Optima (OT3 wheels plus OT30 tyres), Javelin is OT62 wheels and OT30 tyres. Turbo Optima/Salute/Optima pro is OT67 wheels with OT66 tyres. Ultima depends on which model:- Original Ultima Wheels are UM-17 (Front and Rear) and Tyres are SC26 front and OT66 Rears as std, Option tyres are SC90 for front and Either W5031 or W5032 for Rears. Turbo Ultima is SC26 front tyres and front wheels are UM33, Rear Wheels are UM32 and Rear tyres are W5032 Ultima pro wheels are MA17 for rears and UM39 fronts, tyres are OT66 rears and W5074 fronts. Ultima II wheels are same as Ultima Pro and Tyres are also the same ;-) The nosebleeders in there are the SC-26/SC-90 front tyres and OT-66 rears Good luck
  6. You might be right, but those ones i posted link to are basically mini versions of Optima OT-30 Tyres and have bridgestone and Tyres sizes on the sidewalls, gotta be better than "Tamiya" or "Rally special" on the sidewalls LMAO
  7. Yes will be good comparison between the Kyosho Honda CRX from 87, that came with Moulded wing parts and mirrors (Tamiya fans think H parts tree lol), decals were pretty plain (suits the plain car)
  8. These ones are Identical and cheaper 300509555850 Thanks
  9. Well i clicked the link and got advertisements, sat thru the 1st one about Newcastle college, and thats promptly where it ended for me, i dont do adverts!!
  10. Just had an engineer round fixing the braodband, so sick of it breaking down i bought a back up Wi-Be system in case it fails again lol. While he was doing that i found time to fit a new spur gear to my Kyosho Stinger MKII (it eats them like i eat weetabix!) so hopefully this one will last another 6 runs, must get time to speak to my mate about getting him to cut some steel ones for me.
  11. I replied to him with totals, hopefully he will sort it soon and i can get ot shipped. Thanks
  12. I always knew poorer countries as 3rd world countries (what we were taught at school), i think these days certain people prefer it to be called developing countries, it is what it is, to me its 3rd world to others its developing countries, as stated already a window cleaner is still a window cleaner (and i aint knocking it coz my mates window cleaner and he drives a Porsche 911 LMAO)
  13. We had problems with many african countries and basically blacklisted them carte blanche, its only South Africa we have had no issues with thus far, as mentioned no offense we only go with what We see/hear and what we are told by Royal mail business centre. I understand now the term is "developing countries" hopefully it will be 20 years before i need to use the term again lol.
  14. Sorry mate (Tonguetied), 3rd world/developing world countries, its the same thing i thought and was not aware that 3rd world was not actively used (to be honest i think its only come up in conversation twice in 20 years!), I say it how i see it and how i was taught years ago, all this Political correctness or fancy titles really is not me lol, maybe im old fashioned? (a Window cleaner is just that, not a "Glass technician" LOL), at least i did not say any country where there is a dictatorship, communist regime, active terrorism or where mail is delivered by donkey/mule/camel or whoever happens to be in the village that day, even i know better than that! lol. No offense is meant to any country or folk from those countries mentioned in the list above, its just based on previous postal problems, known poor postal systems or countries with high postal theft. And yes perhaps we should also (along with canada) say the UK as Royal mail have a habit of strikes and losing items too! hence the moniker "Royal Fail"
  15. For future reference we do not ship to the following countries:- Any African state except for South Africa and then only via Registered mail. Latin America we only post to via registered mail Phillipines/Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia/Taiwan/South Korea only registsred mail Italy only registsred mail. We do not ship to Afghanistan/Tajikistan (however its spelt), Krygistan (however its spelt), pakistan, North Korea etc etc, im sure there are a few others too. Basically we dont ship to any 3rd world country or countries with history of poor postal systems or postal theft, most sellers wont ship to the majority of these countries at all, but we try to help by offering Reh=gistsred mail options. We only ever ship to address provided on paypal, any paypal payments sent to us with a note saying ship to.... which differs from address shown on paypal will be refunded as this is against paypal policy. Hope that clears it up for future reference. Thanks
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