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  1. Suddenly I can't upload pics. I get the error -200
  2. Small update. I am waiting for parts and paint so I did a quick mock up...again. I got the GH tanks and KH steps. Not sure if I'll swap to KH exhaust or leave the GL stacks. Also got some look-alike aluminum wheels that are similar to the old Tamiya ones. They were cheap and the quality reflects it, but, they look good sitting there...despite having only 6 bolts.
  3. It's too bad that Tamiya didn't just mold all those bends in. But if they made it easy then where's the challenge?
  4. Thought I'd start disassembley and prep the cab. Went to 3 different hobby stores that were quite a.distance from my house and none had Tamiya TS paint. Boooo...the closest hobby store that does is 45 miles away. Riding there on my motorcycle is like taking my life into my own hands, so I guess I'll resort to Amazon.
  5. So now I am thinking I'll get some Grand Hauler tanks (since it doesn't need the steps) and some king hauler front steps. It doesn't appear the tank mounts will not interfere with the tanker braces. Here's a quick mock up.
  6. My plan was to use Globeliner fuel tanks as the forwar steps. I put Globe Liner exhaust on since it is a little shorter than the King Hauler exhaust. On my last build I did this, but ended up cutting off the bottom of the exhaust. Unfortunately the shorter exhaust still didn't work
  7. Good idea. Thanks for the kind words Silver lining- i have two end caps so maybe I can sell the other half once the top rail is cut.
  8. Got it on, ugh. Not very pleased, but thats okay.
  9. Well, it is what it is. I cannot get the cap on, but I'm also exhausted from work so I'll try again in a bit.
  10. I gave it a go. Things were going great until the last second, the saw kicked back and now the cut side is out-of-round. I am optimistic it isn't as bad as it looks. Wont know until I get it home and cleaned up. I'm hoping that the end cap will smooth it out.
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