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  1. Awesome! When was the last time you saw a someone smoking and a rifle in a car ad?! So un-PC
  2. This is what is making me drool. RC4WD's scale V8 looks right at home. Pair that with RC4wd's K44 axles and super scale leafs... THat would all cost a more than my 1:1 vehicle
  3. So I bit on some black friday deals from Tower Hobbies. I snagged a Lunchbox for $81 shipped w/ a free battery (for the boy) and a MF JImny for $113 shipped w/ free battery (for me). Any who, I was wondering what Tamiya Hop-ups from other M chassis cars could work for the MF chassis. I see some specific MF chassis hop-ups and i know some things like dampers and CVDs are cross compatible, but I am wondering if there is anything else-specifically that shiney, blue aluminum I am not normally into bling at all, but I've never optioned out an RC before and I thought i'd try it as long as I can keep it tasteful.
  4. When I read Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Pickup i instantly thought the GF-01 would be a new scale chassis. That being said, that thing looks awesome! Iv'e been waiting for a TLT-1 sized 4wd.
  5. I think this is great news! I'm glad the big T keeps investing/developing the 1/14 line, buuuuuuuut I would to see more support for the American style rigs or even an Australian offering.
  6. As unsightly as the FJ is, the 1:1 is quite capable. I have seen many, almost as much as Wranglers, in Moab and other off road areas.
  7. WOW! If you would have added the caption: "Spy pics form Tamiya's booth at _____ toy show" I would be totally convinced that this is an upcoming release. The proportions look very good. Great work!
  8. That FJ will be a definite get. i just wish Tamiya would do something with the Toyota LC70 or Lexus LFA.
  9. I really liked the 1:1 when it came out because it sold me on the premise of an inexpensive, no nonsense off-roader. You could actually get it with steel wheels and a manual! (I guess you still can). Best of all they're based on the SWB LC120 platform. Only problem is now they've become really expensive and, at least around here, so many are not fulling the measure of they're creation. They've been turned into commuter glam-mobiles owned by folks who treat them as fashion accessories....sorry for the rant Still though,i'm glad to see a modern bodied CC01 with accurate suspension. i.e. IFS on the FJ40, Bronco, etc.
  10. Sweet Clod! The pics remind me of the (very old) 'Cars 'n Cookers' thread
  11. I think this would be a neat option: http://www.rcchannel.com.tw/product_info.php?products_id=409&osCsid=dc1a6db5f9275ffe398f4bc4eb21282c It's all metal with a single speed. It's made for the 1/14 semis but I think could be easily adapted to a high-Lift since they share some similar dimensions. I sure like the High-Lift. I built one with the MFC02. I really wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of it. I thought about another full option one again, but opted for the Bruiser, but I kinda wish I got another High-Lift. Oh well
  12. This looks great! Junfac/GMade makes quality stuff. Does the Sawback sport a new axle design or is it the current portal style? I see some U-bolts on the axles which I like.I like the shiny frame, is it chromed steel or alloy? I assume it will feature standard measurements for frame width and wheelbase etc. If the price form RPP is accurate there will be one at my house
  13. Tamiya should do this. Virtually build, add accessories, and race other Tamiya enthusiasts. Since a lot of Tamiya kits are not cheap it could really help someone pining for a new kit tide them over until they can purchase it (like me for example ). I'd love to virtually build a a King Hauler and trailer...then TRF it out and race some buggies lol!
  14. Excuse me if I get reminiscent for a minute. It's slow at work today and I was just perusing photobucket and was reminded of some long, lost RC's that I haven't seen for a bit. I guess I should have named the thread: "Why the #@$%* did I sell these?!" Traded my 'Jero with tail light mod for a pretty nice motorcycle....miss that too I really do enjoy building scale, but not driving it so much. Many projects were sold to fund another, but I really wish I could have kept them. Oh well. Keeping this for sure through. So, any regrets?
  15. You could add one of these beauties. Not cheap, but very nice.
  16. Got me a new aluminum ( 'al-you-min-ee-um' for you in the UK ) bumper for the Brutus.
  17. Got these beauties the other day. I think RC4WD quality is in decline. I was a little sad to see that there are some blemishes due to poor machining. Oh well, they still look good. They make the front wiiiiide! I had to ditch the Tamiya bearing and spacer set up in favor of some skateboard bearings due to the added weight.
  18. I think Taliesin nailed it. looks like an early '90's Ranger. I personally think it looks great. They should slap a real low MSRP on it since it doesn't even have light buckets so I would assume no TLU-01. Unless that light bar lights up.
  19. So I realized a long time dream this spring and got a Bruiser, albeit a re-release. It took a lot of saving, that being said I had nothing left over for the custom parts I wanted. The build was awesome, wish it could have lasted longer. The thing about the Bruiser is I never actually saw one in person until I got mine. I was aware of the different widths of the axles, but I didn't foresee that it would bug me so much. I know it's part of the quirky charm of the Bruiser, but alas I had to find a solution to either widen the front or narrow the rear. I didn't want cut up the rear axle so much. I really wanted to get the Rc4wd Bruiser Truescale wheels especially since they correct the narrow front axle issue. I don't have and extra $130 to unload I started to look around my house and found an unlikely source for some front spacers I got the black spacers form this flexi pipe. This pipe was left over from when I redid my water heater. The spacers are almost perfect. And by perfect I mean I had to stretch the shizam out of them to get them to fit. Had to use some longer wheel screws, they were actually too long. Drilled out the center so I could attach the diecast hub to the wheel and then attach the whole wheel at once. I had to "true" the wheels. I'm not sure this mod would handle heavy use, but for the shelf looks just fine. My Disney jack Nice ad wide. I think it's about 1mm off Not bad for free.
  20. Let there be light! Lighting is the Rc4wd Mojave basic lighting kit. Can't go wrong for $17. The pics make it look way crummy, in person they really look good.
  21. Went ahead and rotated the axle so now it's only at about 1 degree. Looks much better and no rubbing. Now my question is: How can I increase the track width in the front axle so that the front and rear axle are the same? I saw RC4WD has some beadlock wheels that correct the width issue, but I don't want to spend $130. Any suggestions?
  22. I set the axle so the knuckles are at 90 degrees since they are clocked about 5 degrees from the output shaft. But I think i'll rotate the axle back a few degrees. Thanks for the input!
  23. Not to hijack this thread...but, ive got a couple questions about Senior Bruiser. On mine the front drive shaft is real close to the trans. It actually strikes the trans when you compress the front suspension. I's doen't really matter because it will be on display for a while, but it just bugs me. Also, the traction bars. Do they just kinda float there and rattle around?
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