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  1. Just recently got back into my R/C car. However, I have lost the instructions on how to set up my Viper speed controler. Does anybody have them and able to email me a copy of them? thanks, Dan dannyjhunter@hotmail.com
  2. Whats the best offset to go for to have the wheels sitting flush with the body?
  3. Thats great, but I am struggling to find suitable hex spacers, can anybody point me in the right direction?
  4. I have a tt-01 chassis and want to put a 200mm body onto it. What exactly do I need to bring the wheels out flush with the body so it looks right??? Thanks guys, Dan
  5. The 27mhz reciever on my car has broken, can I replace it with a 40mhz reciever? What are the main differences/advantages? Also, will I have to change my crystals? Thanks, Dan
  6. I have a Viper ECO27, it is powered by the sperate 4xaa power supply. Yesterday it was working fine until my touring car tt01 rolled over and lost the power supply box ripping a cable from it. I then powered the viper speed controller from the main battery. However, after I set it up correctly several time the same problem persists: Very, very poor signal as it only functions correctly up to about 15 ft away, also it has very unpredictable throttle response and cuts out uncosistantly causing the two red and green lights to flash on the esc for a couple of seconds, leaving it with no forward or reverse drive. However, throughout all this, the steering still operates... Please help, thanks, Dan
  7. Ok, am in the process of upgrading the spurs and bearings in my tt01 chassis, however, I also want to upgrade the motor... I have been looking at brushless ones and want to know what turn motor is safe to go for... I have also noticed some have three wires coming from them, what is the third for? I know this probably sounds silly, but am still very new to this! Thanks guys, Dan
  8. I have not long built my brand new Tamiya TT-01 chassis. To start with the car ran perfectly smooth and quiet, one week on and its sounds very rough. I have located the noise to be coming from the pinion / spur between the motor (metal) and the larger plastic one. However I have made sure they are well oiled but they are still noisey. I cant seem to adjust the position of the motor (???) to make the cogs rotate more freely. Or, could the noise be due to the plastic bearings being worn already and ready to be replaced with metal ones? thanks, Dan
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