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  1. Selling off some of my collection... NIB / built chassis 58278 TA03R-S Lancia 037 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TA03R-S-TA03RS-Lancia-037-Rally-58278-boxed-/261531701123?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item3ce4810f83 Shelf queen 58307 M04M Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA club racer style http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-M-04M-M04-Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-Sprint-GTA-58307-boxed-shelf-queen-/261531699095?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item3ce4810797
  2. Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who managed to get down today and yesterday (and even some the day before!) to make this a great event that it was, despite the rain and wind. Special thanks have to go out to Jonny Retro and also Radshape for the excellent prizes. Can't believe I got best AND worst cars! I asked my missus if I could display the trophies before I showed her the Golden Turd trophy... My only regret is lack of preparation time led to me spending half the day in the pit cabin when I really wanted to be out there driving. Lesson for next time. Still well worth the 4 hour journey down. Maybe a late Spring rerun would be a good idea?? Anyway, top day cheers. Tynhead.
  3. 19T suits me if it suits others. Just bought one and was wondering where to put it. I'm looking at various TA01s, TA03F, M04 or FF01. I can't drive any of them so I guess it doesn't matter really
  4. Well done Swarm. A deserved win for sure Martyn
  5. Definitely. I would have thought there'd be plenty of interest in a tourer race. Like you state, loads of chassis types to choose from. Motor limit sounds right too to keep it fun and fairer. Have to have a think which of my cars strikes the best balance between performance and expendability Martyn
  6. That's a shame, but there's always the Sunday after up at the lead mines in Minera, just outside Wrexham. There's a good variety of areas suitable for any off-roaders and a purpose built crawler course. You can even run tourers in the car park. I should be up there late morning, James (crawl_before_walking) says he'll be there 10.30-11ish too. But, as it's Father's Day too, I will be leaving early/mid-afternoon for a family meal. Check out the thread on NWN anyway. Good luck with your road rally, fella. Martyn
  7. Has gone quiet again hasn't it? How about a beach meet next weekend (13th June) at Talacre, North Wales? Short notice, but if you're free and bored... So far it's Quincey and me, so any others are more than welcome. There are hopefully going to be meets this weekend coming and the next, albeit both in North Wales. It's easy to get to both though. Details on the Northwest Nutters forum I for one would be happy to see a few more faces so if you can, please come along... Martyn
  8. Since you're lucky enough to have the Thorp hopup you've got that area sorted already. I've had to make do with the beefed up crp dogbones and standard cups, although I haven't lost one yet. There are a few hopups available on teamcrp's website, one of which is probably the front brace you've seen. It's well known that the Falcon's biggest Achilles heel is the front end of the chassis, so the brace is a must in my opinion. It has certainly saved my Falcon from some serious damage. 100% recommended. There are a few modified Falcons, including mine, in this recent thread - www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56126 Martyn
  9. Stick me down too. I'll be sharing Quincey's mobile pit garage, cheers Ade Martyn
  10. Oh yeah, I'm using standard drive cups with CRP hopup dogbones. Haven't seen a Thorp axle end but if you can run standard Falcon wheels I would say you should be able to fit these adapters. The sleeve nuts just screw on the standard axle thread. HTH
  11. That's the one OSR Or if you've some spare standard 5-point hubs already, say from a Hornet or GH, you just need the threaded sleeve nuts 1565 or 1569. I bought a set of the 1565s for spares too. If you haven't one already, definately get yourself the front brace too Martyn
  12. Hey OSR, thanks for the compliments As you may know, the problem with the SRB wheels is that they are too wide to fit on the Falcon axles. So I used Blackfoot axle adapters I found when buying my CRP front brace and dogbones. Go to TeamCRP and look under the Futaba FX10 section. Here's the gubbins fitted to my Falcon. Martyn.
  13. Well if nothing else Biggus, shows what people can do with the remains once they've sheared the front ends off their Falcon chassis Pics of mine as it is now
  14. SteelRat your Falcon looks great, espacially with those wheels This chassis lends itself to the beetle shape so well, with the motor hanging out back. OldSchoolRunner, I too started in RC with a Falcon back in the late 80's. Racing against lightweight Mardaves and Schumacher Cats it was never competitive but always fun. Sadly I had to sell it to buy my first mountain bike, so when I spotted this one on ebay I had to snap it up. That's pretty much as it arrived. Cut down Blitzer shell, ballraced, with black CVAs on the back and grasshopper rear shocks on the front. A GM Racing Apollo IV forwards only ESC (anybody know anything about these?) hardwired to a Paradox 27T single motor. I didn't run it until a few weeks ago and this thing really flies! I've since added CRP's front brace, dogbones and Blackfoot wheel adapters/axle extenders so I can fit Scorcher wheels. Swapped the Grasshopper shocks for Hornet rears, with front and rear springs together to firm it up a bit. The one upgrade I can wholeheartedly recommend is the front brace. Survived a full speed impact into a stone that threw it into a double forward somersault. Without the brace it would have been going home in a bin bag I think I've just bought a second resto project Falcon off ebay too Martyn
  15. Northwest Nutters are having a meet up Moel Famau near Mold/Ruthin TOMORROW Sunday 28th March. We're meeting from about 10:30 onwards. Anyone's welcome, check the thread on Northwest Nutters for more info
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