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  1. Unusual for a Sports Tuned to take out a spur in a TT-01, we've run all sorts of things in these cars and I've only done a spur once, when I ran it through a lot of soft sand and the sand got into the gear mesh. Get some bearings, keep with the Sports Tuned while you learn, maybe get some Oil shocks (CVA Mini's if $$ is tight, TRF shocks if you can afford them) After that get some decent batteries, change out the Tamiya plugs for deans and then buy decent wheels and tyres. Don't get caught up with needless hop ups, get the basics done first.
  2. Just thought I'd share some pics of my DF-03RA and how I am keeping things cool especially the esc and motor. (Running a Hobbywing 60 Amp ESC and a Traxxas VXL motor) Standard Kit with Street Tyres. Keen Hawk Shell works as a good inner shell to keep dirt out. Next to the TA-05 IFS-R racer (chassis pic) Note this is before I put the BL set up in. Hole cut in the inner shell for the esc fan to get some air, note the fan guard as well. Another hole on inner shell to allow air onto the fan above the motor Hole in bonnet Scoop on outer shell to allow air in.
  3. It does but it's 95 degrees celcius which is stupid high!
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    Lol Honda NSX rally car.......
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    The stock mounting points on the DF-03RA were identical to that on my TA-05IFSR
  6. Looks identical to my DF03RA, I even put my leds in the same spot although mine didn't come with the car. Only diff is, you went Solberg, bein an Aussie Boy I had to give some love to Atkinson!! I dare say mine's a bit dirtier than urs now haha
  7. What turn ezyrun motor is in there, I learnt the hard way they get UBER hot! The VXL motor seems to run heaps cooler
  8. On a track the DF03RA can be set up to be competitive in a stock or mod class for sure, all the adjustments are there, Camber, Toe, Ride Height etc but you can't adjust Droop. I'd place it ahead of a TT-01 for onroad racing, but not up with the TA-05's (which I can run with most of the X-Ray's and be competitive) Perhaps a DB-01 chassis which encloses the belts, and then TA-05 arms etc? Would that work? Sorta a Durga / TA05 hybrid. Not sure if it's workable though. ....just get a DF03RA, all problems fixed, next race I'll be the only onroad stock guy with a slipper!
  9. Yeah the car has had a few goes on an offroad track, the shell does hit at the front on a jump but nowhere near as bad as a TT-01, might try to firm up the front suspension, only reason I ran brushless on this is that I kept burning brushed motors in this thing as there is ****** all airflow, the VXL motor has monster torque so isn't really challenged by a touring car sized RC. I wouldn't dare put one of the Ezy-run brushless motors in here, their baby sized 380 rotors would burn up fairly quickly. Hoping to do some You Tube stuff for it over the next weekend, will post links when I do. Curious as to what I can do to help the steering, I have put 850 bearings in instead of those bushings, any other ideas?
  10. I tried the TA05 Rally thing a while ago, it was a monumental failure, I'd be going through a spur a race and that was when the belts didn't skip or twist. The car is great for the smooth stuff, or club racing etc, but it's simply too open a design to go anywhere near dirt.
  11. Just about finished my DF-03RA build, with some upgrades over the kit. Started as a kit stock DF-03RA Remove the kit motor and ESC also the dodgey CVA mini shocks, and throw it all on Ebay Added a nice set of TRF shocks, some TT-01 Universals, DF-03 Slipper Set and Ceramic Diff balls, also an extra set of front outdrives for the rear diff. Dremel out some room in the motor area to fit a VXL motor, end cap has to go, had to take off a lot of material to get it to mount in, also dremel away some room for the battery plugs to come through, install front buggy shell mounts Electrics: Hobbywing 60 Amp ESC (Splashproof)(Switch Siliconed in place) Spektrum radio from a Losi Speed T Traxxas Waterproof Digital Servo Traxxas VXL Motor Geared 32/75 30mm fan siliconed on top of motor mount (heatsink bars won't fit!) Venom Temperature monitor. Now the inner shell goes on, standard DF-03 Keen Hawk Shell, note the brushless wires won't fit under this thing, also fit the rear win, for speed runs I'll just have this inner shell and wing on. Note the cut out on the shell which at speed forces air right onto the fan above the motor. Then the WRX shell sits over the top nicely, also fitted some 3 racing headlights just because I can! Fitted some Jaco slicks on for now (for car park speed runs) the Rally Blocks serve the duty off road. Using an Intellect 2s Lipo the car is good for a 60kph sprint and motor temp stays under 140 farenheight. ESC stays cool as well. Hoping if I can find a 3s Lipo to fit I can crack the 90-100kph mark. With the inner shell it makes a VERY solid basher, fast and very little dirt finds it's way inside.
  12. Nice! Just finished my DF03RA myself. Will have to make a thread for it.
  13. I ran an Ansmann 15 turn in a DF03RA at the lowest gearing I could and it was fast to start with but just got uber hot and burnt out after 2-3 runs. They aren't made to last.
  14. Hey guys, am putting a Traxxas VXL motor in my DF-03RA so wondering if anyone has any gearing ideas. It's a 3500kv motor so similar top end to an Ezy-run 12 but with more torque. How do you guys run these in the DF-03 (gearing wise)?? Will be using a Hobbywing 60A esc as the Traxxas VXL simply won't fit. Also have a fan above the motor area (siliconed in) At present I have been running a Trinity Monster Stock geared 25/78 and temps have been around 45 celcius coming off. Thats after 10-15 minutes of hard bashing. Would appreciate some input. Oh and hop ups I have are the slipper clutch (essential!) and ball raced the steering as well as universals. I rebuild the diffs every month whether they need it or not.
  15. Took it out with the Monster Stock, I think progress is being made, motor came off at 45-50ish celcius which is acceptable. Hope to improve that with some new brushes and a com clean as this motor hasn't been touched in about a year. I figure a CO27 should run cooler, we gear them a bit harder in onroad racing and they definately run cooler than the Monster Stock in TC racing. Just wondering if there is anyway to get a fan to force some air into this thing.
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