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  1. Luckily my gold has about disappeared. Mind you I've really took notice of the wheels being gold!!!
  2. Excellent cheers for that. The CRP rear shock mountings are a must, as you mentioned about the self tappers ruining the plastic I have one screw mounting that the hole has bored out the standard shock mounting black plastic and was going to temporarly put a bolt in. Also the way yours is braced to the front shock tower seems a good mod it does seem to twist and they always did. I am fitting a 27turn motor at the moment as I have a spare 27t limit ESC and as my daughter will be using it as well it will still be to fast for her. Watch this space, all being well I'll be starting this at the weekend once the bearings turn up. Just need to decide on what to do with the body as its not in the best of conditions but could be repaired.
  3. Hmm maybe if it was going to be a shelf queen but as its never going to look that good I don't think gold is my colour!!!
  4. Hello, I'm about to finally start tearing down my MB that I am refurbing with my eldest daugther. I have most of the new parts to replace the broken parts or parts I wish to replace. I have also ordered a bearing set and a new (more spritely) motor. I will be replacing the original mechanical speed controller with a spare electronic one I have. What I'm after really is anything else that is worth doing to the MB mechanically or set up wise that will make it a nicer drive and more fun. Obviously don't want to steer away from its originality too much but would like to hear what other MB owners have done to theirs whilst its being stripped and rebuilt. Cheers Simon
  5. This little car is what started it all off for me! This was the first R/c I had. It was a birthday present and then for Christmas I upgraded to a Monster beetle! Brings a tear to my eye, all the memories. I think I ended up taking it all to pieces and then painted it like my brothers old Rough Rider in box art livery! Sorry got all nostalgic, as you were!
  6. Hello, Not under compression they are 6.5cm. Regards Simon
  7. Many thanks to Tamiyabigstuff! Parts arrived yesterday and I can now get Sonic Fighter stripped, repainted and out on the street!
  8. Yep they're the ones. I'll be in touch!
  9. Hello, I've been slowly rebuilding all my Tamiya kits back up to a usable condition, but I am missing just two little pieces to get my Sonic Fighter finished before I can move on to my next build. I'm after the little white cups that go in the black squareish boxes that holds the rear lower suspension arms in place to the chassis. (Hope that makes sense!) Please let me know if any body has some spare that we can do a deal on or if somebody knows some where I could get them. I've tried all the usual Ebay sources but to no avail. Cheers all Simon
  10. I'll have to give it a try! I was told that they are very thick but should be Ok! I've got a cheap air brush so acetone would probably melt my airbrush!!!
  11. Can anyone tell me what the best mix of paint to thinner to use in an airbrush when using Tamiya Polycarbonate paint and thinners. Cheers
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