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  1. Thought they came out with phillips around the the time of the grasshopper. be interesting for people to check thier originals and find out when the change over was. may be a late model s.s.. skip
  2. There is a reason why. you would have to check the rest of the website.
  3. on another note check out this website www.marwencol.com, check out the video,it about a guy from our town, it also has a few clips in there of our local hobby shop. skipp
  4. Just a thought but you might try a blackfoot motor mount.Thats how Tamiya changed the gear ratio for larger wheels on the orv chassis. might not be perfect but you could experiment with it than make your own slightly modified unit out of aluminum. I,ve done it to change a wild willy to a willies wheeler conversion,but just the opposite. to use a larger pinion.(with smaller wheels) just throwing out ideas. Don't have a tl01 so not sure if its similar set up to wr02 chassis. forgot to mention might have done some creative dremeling. not sure was quite awhile ago. also larger motor depth might cause it to hit larger tires ?
  5. could be paragu2000,but not positive. don't have one to compare.
  6. Thanks Beef muffin, its hard to tell with such a small picture.
  7. Hard to tell because that's an old picture I think. because it shows resisters on there, still trying to find it on Tamiya website. where are you guys looking? Tamiya japan
  8. Thanks for the replies. skip
  9. new lipo pack out by racers edge called short lipo for losi tlr22. dimensions are: 95.5x47x25 60c/4000mah. 214 grams racers-edge.com dimensions look like a perfect fit for sand scorcher battery box and 4000mah would make long run times. I'm not an srb expert so please check the dimensions on your battery box. skip
  10. other than color are there any other difference between original and rerelease mechanism box? thanks, skip
  11. I've read articles where high speed guys run foam tires like jaco.I think there lighter and don't ballon up as much. taller ones(truck tiers and rims) might give you the additional ground clearance that might help on rough tarmac. might help skip
  12. The red is definatly closer to the original from what I remember from kyosho kits from the early 80's,if thats what your trying to achieve. I don't remember them having that pinkish,purplish color.I think thats just what they fade down to. I like the results. skip
  13. thought it was discontinued,but know i see tower hobbies have it on order. just to let people know. skip
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