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    Cars : 3xKing Backfoot,1xAnsmann Smacker,1x Lightning Strike B'less.1xBaldre B'less (in build)
  1. Cheers Biggus - more wisdom from the Master, thanks everyone, I'm learnin fast, but it's hard on the wrist stripping down all dem screws !
  2. Well ,I've finished the Baldre Brushless build, with 51018 Slipper Clutch, and it runs fine and fast 'on the bench' but I can't get it to run on the ground ! Stripped and adjusted both diffs and slipper clutch again, and again, they are all to correct tolerances, but it won't accelerate, just crawls off in forward, getting slightly better traction in reverse. Feels and sounds like it's slipping somewhere but I can't figure out where. Anyone with any ideas ? I could overtighten diffs and slipper clutch, but that's not recommended, maybe go for better diffs?? or bin the slipper clutch for now. Is the Brushless too much for stock diffs, Frustrated, because I want this to be FAST, Don't see any posts on the Baldre, is it only me who's spending silly money on this model ??
  3. HiRoller was on my wish list, but when Huxly turned up with his Slash, I was so impressed I bought a Traxxas E-Maxx, first run today, and its awesome. Between us, we also run King Blackfoots + Black Can +101BK ESC= Fun and Strong, Blackfoot Extreme +18T+101BK= Fast,fun and so stable, Ansmann Master Smacker stock, breaks steering knuckles every trip, Nitrotek Lightning Strike B/less, Cheap,fast but liable to Bend, Clod stock, Tamiya HiLux, and Baldre B/Less, in build now. Oh, and Huxleys super quick Brat, which looses steering axles every time ! The elusive perfect Buggy/Truck/Car, super fast and bulletproof, is probably unachievable, but Traxxas go a long way towards that goal. Can't wait for next NorthWestNutters Bash, to show of me new EMaxx....
  4. I'm building the Brushless Baldre - with Carson 10T motor - this comes without any pre-wired terminals, and the Carson Dragster Sport ESC has 3 Black motor cables. The instructions with ESC say wire cables 1-1,2-2,3-3, to the motor, but swap 2 of 3 cables if motor rotation is reversed. All a bit confusing. Anyone done this ? Can I solder to ring teminals, and screw these to motor plate without current loss, at least to get polarity right, Should I hard solder ESC to Motor for ultimate performance ? And finally, all you Brushless DB-01 builders, from a Newbie of ancient years, please tell me this thing is worth the effort.... I hope it's sooo fast, and relatively maintenance free, and it doesn't break too easy. ( When you go out with the NorthWest Nutters everything seems to break ! ) AndyP2
  5. andyp2

    North West

    Hi Guys - Thought Huxly would have reported in, but we will both be there, with more metal than at NB Beach Bash, so the issue will now be Xtals ! Still only running 27's + 40 mhz on Smacker, should really bite the bullit and get 2.4Ghz set. Where did u get that weather report ? Met Office says SNOW. See ya there, ( if Huxly's Navigation is up to it ! ) Andy P 2.
  6. King Blacky is Solid Truck, and needs 101BK ESC as 1st Mod, then a Black Can Sports Motor, then buy some spare C Parts, cause you will bust some suspension, and of course don't forget 1st Rule - steel bearings set. = Result - A lot of Fun. Shockers come later. Send ya some photo's later - AndyP - Liverpool
  7. VWNut - Must admit,went thru same research and liked the look of Dark Impact, but for some reason Baldre beckoned, So, I did it, bashed the BUY button and am building the Baldy Brushless right now, and it feels kinda right, but realise I need slipper clutch> It never ends, You always need that next bit !!
  8. andyp2

    North West

    Hi Guys - met at last New Brighton sandbash with Huxly - we've speeded up the Blackfoots a bit and I,ve gotta new Smacker to wreck, but what's the terrain like, is it worth bringing Brushless Acme Lightning ( No ground clearance ! ) ? and may possibly have finished New Baldre Brushless by then. Does it suit faster kit ?? (Sensible replies only Biggus !) regards to all , Newbie Andyp2
  9. Well People - excuse the novice post, but just gotta say don't give up in NiMh Cells - just got some new packs and a new charger - totally revitalised my basher fun - Motorsport Orion 4k 7.2v + Vapex VP 4.6k Ex, plus Prolux GoPeak Predict Charger - WOW - everything goes much faster, Wondered why my new 18T + ESC in King Blacky wasn't doin' it, and needed Max Speed for new Anselmann Smacker, how pleased I am I , But What should I use to power new Baldre Brushless - which is goin to arrive very soon, and where do I go to unleash this new Power, Bashin is fun,but feel the need for Speed.. Is Chester ? Wrexham Circuit fun ? Totally Sold on this RC Thing - Thanks for all the info. Andyp2 - Wirral, UK.
  10. If u run 2.2" rims,then Motorsport offer some nice Mashers, but avoid Moabs, as they are so out of balance, perhaps I should bin the foam. King Blackfoots are the Best..
  11. Doing a Non-Stock upgrade of an old KB 58192 Chassis - arrived off EBay missing parts. Need a B10 Chassis Cover, the black plastic cover over the servos and ESC, as planning to hopefully make this quicker than my stock KB Basher. If anyone has one or even two of these covers, or knows of a supplier, I would be most grateful, otherwise it's a fabrication job.
  12. Thats fine, but ya betta upgrade those front axle pins - or stop hitting the scenery !
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